Marble countertops may seem pretty easy to classify, right? But there are so many different types of white marble countertops you can chsoose from. Here is a list of some white marble options that you will love in your bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms as well.

Carrara Marble

This marble material is very common among people, because the design is simple and doesn’t clash with changing interior. This marble kitchen worktop is also very minimalistic, and it can go with any type of room color, décor and design. When you look at a Carrara marble, you can see a basic white background. The color of white can be super white, off-white, dirty white or bluish- white as well.

Now, coming to the marble design on Carrara marble, it’s very sporadic and subtle. It is not very distinct and dark. It is very muted, neutral and almost seamless. The marble effect is very diffused, and it looks almost invisible. The marble effect can be in various colors, like grey, light black, or other darker but neutral hues. This type of marble looks amazing on kitchen countertops, or even in bathrooms, because it is very subtle, and it looks classic and timeless.

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is a darker and more defined version of Carrara marble. The foundation of the marble is white. It can also be in various other neutral tones. The veining of the marble is more stronger and darker than Carrara marble. It is thick, dark and defined, unlike Carrara marble, in which the veining is soft and diffused. Because of this reason, the Calacatta marble is a more expensive white marble, and it is loved by people too, because it reflects a real marble-like appearance on the counters, which looks extremely beautiful.

The Calacatta marble is not only used for countertops, but it is also used in flooring and firewood places as well, because of its distinct and beautiful design and it adds a lot of character and style to the room.

Statuario Marble

Statuario marble is very similar to Calacatta marble, in the sense that it has dark and defining veining on the surface. It is also quite similar to Carrara marble, because of its neutral and muted undertones, but it is also available in brighter variants of white as well. The main difference between Statuario marble and Calacatta marble is that the veining in Statuario marble is very linear and less random. It almost looks predefined and perfect, whereas, in other marbles, the veining is very random and sporadic, and no such pattern is formed.

Because of the perfectly linear veining on statuario marble, this type of marble is used in a lot of corporate offices and commercial buildings, because it reflects perfection and cleanliness. This marble is also very common and famous in Italy for making statues, hence the name “Statuario”. This marble also works great as flooring or an accent wall panel for a beautiful appearance as well.

Mystery White Marble

This marble is very similar to Carrara marble, because the veining in it is very diffused and it almost looks invisible, which is why it got the name “Mystery White”. This marble has a white undertone with different varieties of white, off-white and neutral colors. The main difference between Mystery White and Carrara marble is the color of veining.

In Carrara marble, the veining is mostly grey or some sort of dark color. In Mystery White marble, the veining is more of a cream or neutral color, which makes it almost invisible unless you look closely at it. This combination is a winner among a lot of people and it is hugely used as a material for countertops.

White Himalaya Marble

The white Himalaya marble is also similar to Carrara marble stone, but the only difference is that the veining, although it is subtle and muted, it has hues of blue and purple in it, which compliments the strong white background. It looks very stunning on as kitchen counter and even in bathrooms. The veining is also spider-web-like, so it looks unique every time you look at it.

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