Patio gardens are the thing that never stops being cool, just because more and more people are opting for smaller spaces and hire local patio contractors. People do not want to live in large houses when they are all open to traveling frequently.

Backyard landscaping ideas

That makes patio gardens amazing because all of the smaller dwellings have patios with help of outdoor fireplace builders. Just because you live on the tenth floor does not mean that you do not want greenery and wouldn’t like gardening.

Backyard landscaping

If you are browsing the internet about patio gardens and patio companies, let us share a couple of facts with you to ponder. Trust us; they will help you decide on your course of action.

1. Your environment decides your gardening plan

When you are planting pots and making plans for your patio garden; your choices will depend on your patio. The kind and intensity of sunlight that it receives, the kind of temperature in your patio and the air circulation all decide how you will choose your plants. The climate of your region will also be a huge factor; that is why you should consider that as well.

2. What kind of vegetables can I grow in my patio garden?

Good question! You can plant what we call the fancy stuff in your garden. Olives, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, turnips, parsnips, carrots, pumpkins, broad beans, peas, courgettis, sprouts, auberges, mushrooms, peas, radishes, chili peppers, leeks, cabbages, celery, and leeks are some of the things that can be grown. You should look up the plant that you want to develop individually if it is not in this list.

3. What kind of herbs can I grow in my patio garden?

We can name a few, but herbs can virtually be grown in patio garden easily. You should look up the herb you want to grow but mostly; they grow well in patio gardens. Parsley, marjoram, rocket, tarragon, sage, sorrel, basil, dill, chives, thyme, mint, and chamomile; are all possibilities and many more!

4. Pest Problem?

Like any other place where plants are being grown; you will also have issues with pest infestations, Birds and butterflies will frequent your patio. Hypothetically it’s great to have those two, but birds eat seeds, throw bird turd and will also nibble at the food that you may be sitting with. Not to mention, it can be noisier than you may enjoy. It is not dangerous but not too insignificant either, using outdoor fireplace builders helps.

5. How important is planning?

Planning your patio garden is significant with your patio contractors. Learn to evaluate you your plants will look once they are fully grown. Once they grow, you will need to take some of them out if they are potted too closely, so make sure that you pot all the plants at the reasonable distance.


It’s fun to have a patio garden; you can have a wide variety of accessories for your patio. Picture and art of course, but also ironwork, potting racks, awning, shades, hanging baskets, fire pits, sundials and BBQs and even water features if you like.

6. How to clean patio garden?

Cleaning your patio is one experience to another when you have plants. When a person has plants, they need to have a more vigorous cleaning schedule for the patio. One simple tip; clean and prune your plants before you clean your patio and not afterward. Your gardening will always make your patio in need of a cleanup. All the plants need to be cleaned and pruned every week and twice a week if you are ready to put in the hours. They are watered every day; that will lead to some water spills and a quick mop of the patio. So this is your patio maintenance future!

Electricity is your friend!

You are developing this beautiful sitting space; it will be useless at night without proper lighting. Patios are usually not well lit by default. You should get some extra lighting systems that you put in place so that your patio is an excellent place to hang out for friends and family. Also think about outdoor fireplace builders.

Don’t try to be different

Try and make a patio with your local patio builders that blend with the neighborhood. It looks beautiful from outside!

Best of luck with patio contractors! Lagras