Sometimes, rugs tend to have a bad reputation. This happens when they have been stained or damaged. Sometimes, due to prolonged usage, the texture of a rug can also get rugged. So let go of the old ones. In case you are buying new tribal rugs for your house, then rugs can be a very economical and attractive option. They tend to be great for playrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

However, before you go ahead and install a carpet in your house, you must know about the options that you have. Apart from the types of carpet, there are a number of other things that you need to consider. Among these, the texture of the carpet is a big factor.

A quick rug textures guide

Now, carpets come in a wide variety of textures. Each texture has its own unique vibe and presence. The type of texture that you choose simply depends on your needs and preferences. Here, your visual preference will also come into play. Do note that there are many different textures available in the market.

So, it is not practically possible for us to even discuss all of these. So, in this article, we have picked out the most common textures. These include the following:

Level loop pile

The level loop pile texture features consistent arrays of uncut loop piles. As a result of this, these rugs create a very tight texture and do not have a distinct pattern. Usually, such a pattern is seen in wool rugs and is often a result of hand-weaving. So, you can also see the same pattern in other hand woven rugs and carpets.

Because of the tightness, the carpet tends to be less soft. But with that, it is also less likely to get footprints. This makes carpets with a level loop pile texture the best options for high traffic rooms such as the living room.


Traditionally speaking, berber pattern is basically the same as a level loop. The only difference is the berber texture is made using thicker yarn with neutral shades. Such a pattern is extra durable, which makes it wonderful for areas that have a high amount of traffic. Furthermore, the neutral shade also hides the dirt.

 Cut loop pile

The cut loop pile texture is also quite commonly used, and is very durable. It is a middle-end option for those areas which have a mix of high and low traffic. In this type of texture, there are evenly cut loops at shorter height. This gives a very soft texture to the area rug. Further, you can find velvet and plush textures within this option. His depends on the density of twist and the pile.


Saxony is a type of pattern that feature a long pile length, which results in a soft and deep feeling. This texture is made using twisted and densely packed piles standing up straight. However, since these piles have an almost uniform length and direction, they show footprints very clearly. Hence, carpets with Saxony pattern are much suitable for areas where there is a low foot traffic.

Ending note

All of the above mentioned carpet patterns are incredibly common, and you will see them in every household. Furthermore, each of these has a unique look and feel. So before you head out to buy area oriental rugs Northern VA, make sure that you have done enough research on the patterns/textures. If not, then perhaps your rugs and carpet dealer will be able to guide you further regarding the textures. Just make sure that your decision is an informed one, otherwise you will end up with the wrong purchase.