Diagnosing an HVAC unit for problems is never fun. While some issues might seem easy to fix, you never know what is actually causing the problem. An HVAC shutting down after a few minutes of operation is a common problem. However, there are several reasons contributing to that. If you are someone who is trying to figure out the same problem without an HVAC repair service, give these tips a careful read.

The Thermostat Is Located In A Bad Place

Your HVAC turning off after a few minutes of operation might be due to your thermostat located in the wrong place. Sometimes the installers tend to install the thermostats in places that trick the air conditioning unit by prematurely turning them off. Since thermostats have everything to do with the temperature, they need to be installed in the right place. Therefore, call a technician and ask them to install the thermostat at a better location.

The Air Filter Is Too Dirty

No matter how much you stress this but homeowners tend to still ignore this fact. Air filters are lungs to the HVAC units. They perform the same job in vehicles as well. If you were to leave them dirty and not change when it is due, it will negatively affect the lifespan of the unit. This is why you need to inspect the air filters now and then and clean them. A dirty or clogged air filter will restrict airflow and put your unit under extreme stress. As a result, your system will shut off prematurely as well. Therefore, make sure that the air filter is clean at all times and replace it when a replacement is due.

Your AC Has A Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak might also be the culprit behind your HVAC shutting off prematurely. At the same time, refrigerant leaks can be a bit dangerous for you as well as your loved ones. If you suspect that the compressor is constantly turning on and off or the unit is not throwing cool air, then you might want to call the professionals before it is too late. The reason being that low refrigerant levels tend to put the compressor under unnecessary stress and you would want to avoid this if you wish to protect the health of your HVAC.

The Air Conditioner Is Oversized

Most people believe that purchasing and installing oversized air conditioners tend to cool the rooms relatively quicker than small or average-sized units. The fact of the matter is that if the AC system is not of the appropriate size, it will not be able to efficiently cool your living area. If the air conditioner happens to be huge as compared to the room, it will shut off very quickly. It might seem a good thing but it is associated with higher energy bills. Air conditioners will save money if they are working under normal conditions and do not have to adjust the temperature every single time to make the area comfortable.

If they are running smoothly and without any adjustments to the temperature, the voltage utilization will reduce. An oversized unit will detect that the temperature required is being achieved in a few minutes, therefore, it will shut off. This is why you need to install a system that is in accordance with your living area.

Failing Parts

Air conditioners have different components that work together to produce cool air and distribute it inside the house. Not only that, components such as the condenser coils are responsible for removing heat from the air as well and expelling it outside. Therefore, if the air conditioner is shutting off prematurely, it might be a safety feature too that is causing the air conditioner to shut off. It might also be that an AC component is overheating or is not communicating with the entire unit. In such a case, you will have to call a professional to help you sort out the issue.

Final Word

As this blog reaches its conclusion, we are sure to have shared everything you need to know about your HVAC system shutting off prematurely. If a problem is difficult to diagnose, consult and call air conditioning companies Fairfax who can run a thorough inspection to determine and solve the problem.