Having trees in your back or front yard is a blessing especially if you like to spend some time outdoors. While trees have several benefits, there are some risks too. Trees need a lot of care and maintenance to help them withstand extreme conditions. Otherwise, the trees might weaken and pose a risk of falling over. We will help you understand the signs, how you can prevent the trees from threatening you and your loved ones, and when it’s time to call in tree removal services.

Your Tree Has Dead Branches

The first tell-tale sign of your tree that might fall over in the future is dead branches. Although dead branches could be a result of a variety of reasons, root rot happens to be the most common. If there is a root rot, the tree will not be able to nourish its leaves and branches.

This means, the leaves and branches will not be able to receive any food supply and will eventually dry and die. Sooner or later, the tree sheds its branches to prevent damage to the other branches. This also allows the tree to survive on fewer nutrients since it sheds its branches.

Dead and falling branches tend to be very dangerous. If the tree happens to be in your front yard and the kids are cycling or playing in the street, the dead branches can easily fall on them and result in serious injuries. Plus, these dead branches can also come in contact with nearby properties during thunderstorms and extreme winds.

This is why, if you spot dead branches on your tree, make sure to chop them off. You should not wait for it to take care of itself.

Hollow Spots In The Trunk

One of the biggest problems faced by trees is decaying. In some cases, the decay is hard to spot and you won’t be able to unless there are some signs & symptoms. Such tree cavities if left ignored or unnoticed can spread all over inside the tree and result in its death. In most cases, the main reason behind tree cavities is improper pruning.

A tree with a cavity or cavities will slowly grow in size and weaken. At some point, the tree will not be able to support itself. This could result in dead branches flying everywhere in the air once strong winds hit. Plus, if the tree is weak, there is a chance the entire tree comes down.

To fix the issue, you should consult an expert as soon as you spot unusual signs and symptoms. Tree decays and cavities might look normal but can be life-threatening as well. Therefore, make sure you get it fixed before it spreads to other trees as well or have an expert safely cut down the tree.

The Roots Are Raising Up

As mentioned earlier, root rotting is a condition some trees experience during their lifetime. Spotting root rotting is a relatively difficult task as the roots tend to be in the soil and not outside. A tree with rotten roots is at a high risk of tipping over.

The best way to ensure the tree is not going to fall or is about to fall is by inspecting the branches, leaves, etc. If you find fungus at the base of the trunk or some other important area, it means the tree is in danger. Furthermore, if you find mushrooms around the base of your tree, you should immediately call an arborist.

The Tree Has Fungus Growing On It

Fungus is one of the biggest enemies of trees that find their way inside the tree through cavities, cracks, and decay. These cavities can be caused by lack of maintenance, extreme weather conditions, or simply birds and other animals relying on the tree for food.

With time, tree fungus begins to spread quickly throughout the tree. Unfortunately, trees with fungus growth tend to fall relatively sooner than trees with other conditions. This means that you should cut down the tree before it tips over.

If you notice that the tree has yellowing and browning leaves, it most likely means the growth has become slower as well. Overall, the tree will look as if it does not have any strength or life left. That said, get it removed to prevent any serious situations.

Exposed Roots

Tree roots are supposed to be in the soil and not visible above the surface. If the roots are exposed to the air, they will die. This is why, when planting a tree or a plant, it should be made sure to cover the roots with a proper amount of soil to prevent air from entering.

However, exposed roots are not only due to improper planting techniques but also due to landscaping equipment. Some people tend to hire a team that looks after their front or backyards using lawnmowers or string trimmers. As a result, the machines might end up exposing the roots or cutting them causing the tree to fall.

The length and size of the roots depend on the age of the tree. The older the tree, the bigger the roots. So, you might have kids and the elderly tripping over them if not maintained properly.

If the roots of your tree are exposed and you think that it might fall over during strong winds or a storm, have an expert inspect the condition of the tree. In case it’s needs to be removed, consult tree cutting services Kensington.

Which Trees Are Most Likely To Fall In The Wind?

However, trees tend to be strong and able to withstand extreme weather conditions if their roots are healthy and settled. But some trees can be ripped from the ground if their health is compromised. This is why, if you live in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions regularly, you should avoid planting trees such as cedar, water oaks, willow oaks, etc.

Apart from that, trees with shallow and damaged roots can easily fall over due to strong winds. The roots play an integral part in the strength and stability of the tree. Damaged roots will not provide the much-needed strength and cause the tree to fall over. Unfortunately, there is no other way but to ensure the roots are taken care of.

Furthermore, trees with uneven canopies are also at risk of falling over. Poor and improper pruning can lead to uneven tree canopy and growth. They don’t only look bad as they increase the risk of the trees falling over. This issue is called crown twisting.

The strong winds can put the uneven parts under extreme stress causing a destructive twist on the stem and branches of the tree. Soon, the tree will crack and split ending with it falling over.


You must keep in mind that trees need to be looked after. You should hire arborist services Chevy Chase to ensure the tree or trees are in perfect shape and health. Improper techniques or chemicals can harm the tree. At the same time, you should also look out for any unusual signs & symptoms that might indicate a disease or infection. Such combined efforts will keep you out of harm’s way and strengthen the trees that will protect you instead of threatening you.