Many people plan and save money for a long time to hire a pool contractor and get a swimming pool built in their house. While concrete pools are durable and long lasting, many people cannot simply afford to make them since they cost a lot of money. Moreover, concrete pools are known to have heavy installation and maintenance costs in the long run.

This is where prefabricated pools come in. These pools are usually more affordable as compared to other options like concrete pools, and can save the average homeowner a lot of money. However, since this is still a considerable investment, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of prefabricated Pools before investing in one yourself.

Benefits Of Prefabricated Pools

Here are some of the benefits of prefabricated pools you can enjoy.

They Are Easy And Quick To Install

If you are looking to make a concrete pool, it might take you around 3 to 4 months to complete the whole project. This is not feasible if you are looking to quickly add the pool before summertime. That is why many people choose prefabricated pools, which can be completed in only 3 to 4 weeks.

Prefabricated pools can be completed way quicker as compared to other types of pools, and are fully ready to use in around a month.

Since it takes less time to complete, this ultimately means that you will save a lot of money in terms of labor and material costs. So, if you are looking for an affordable and quick to install option, you should choose a prefabricated pool.

They Are Durable As Well

Prefabricated pools are estimated to last around 4 decades, or even more depending on the quality of maintenance they receive during their lifetime. This is a lot of time for any type of pool out there. Additionally, prefabricated pools can also resist algae development better than any other type of pools. A specific type of gel is used in making prefabricated pools which is responsible for their algae resistance.

Even if the pool surface gets damaged over time, you can easily send it to restore its shine and beauty.

The Maintenance Costs Are Low

Since fiberglass used in the production of prefabricated Pools is really hard, it requires less maintenance, and the maintenance costs are usually lower as compared to other types of pools out there.

So, the lifetime maintenance costs of prefabricated pools are lower as compared to other types of pools, and that is the main reason why many homeowners choose fabricated pools over others for their house.

Drawbacks Of Prefabricated Pools

Alongside their benefits, prefabricated pools also come with their own drawbacks. Here are some of the drawbacks of prefabricated pools which you can consider before installing one in your house.

They Are Prone To Leakingpol

One of the biggest drawbacks of prefabricated pools is that they are prone to leaking overtime. That is because these bowls are pre-made, and the materials used in them are usually not suitable for the land the pool is used on. This mismatch between materials of your prefabricated pool and your land can cause the plumbing to leak overtime. The leaks can cause the sand beneath the pool to move, which can eventually cause cracks in the pool.

Leaks can cause the water level to decrease in your pool, which will eventually cause your water bills to increase.

They Can Become Dirty Quickly

Fiberglass can start showing its age quickly if you do not detect the problems on time. While fiberglass is usually known to be durable, it does not look as attractive as concrete and vinyl. There is a coat of paint to make the fiberglass pools look beautiful, and this coat can show signs of aging rather quickly because of its exposure to sun. It can ruin the overall beauty of your backyard.

You’ll Need To Hire Heavy Duty Equipment For Its Installation

Since prefabricated pools are shipped to your house after being completely built in a factory, your contractor will have to use heavy duty equipment to ship and install your prefabricated pool in place.

Since various types of heavy duty equipment might be used to install your prefabricated pool, you might have to apply for and secure various permits before you can start the project. Talk with swimming pool builders if you can get a budget pool built in the same price of a prefab pool. Lagras