Most of the families are forced to move out of their house when the size of their family becomes larger and the house becomes small from them. But you don’t have to move out if you don’t want to, as you can always consider affordable home additions and add an extra bedroom to your existing house in order to accommodate the extra family members.

However, before you invest in making a new bedroom in your house, you should do enough research, and should weigh all the pros and cons before starting the project. This way, you’ll be able to see which options work the best for you, and which ones aren’t so interesting and practical for you.

Here are some things to consider when adding a bedroom to your house.

Bedroom Type

There isn’t any specific template to follow when adding a bedroom to your house. You have to consider the existing layout of your house. You also have to consider a lot of other things when doing home renovation. However, here are some of the different types of bedrooms you can consider adding to your house.

  • One of the best and cost-effective ways of making a bedroom is remodeling an existing room and converting it into a bedroom. For projects like these, you can use spaces like basements and attics. You can also remodel a room that is used for something else not so important.
  • Bum out bedroom can be considered when there isn’t much space in your house to do the remodel. In this scenario, you’ll have no option but to break open a wall of your house and make a bump out bedroom in that area. You can either add just enough area to place a bed, or make a full-fledged bedroom. Either way, you aren’t usually required to add additional HVAC.
  • Finally, there are detached bedrooms which you can make to use as a separate apartment. However, areas with HOA might restrict your ability of making a detached bedroom.

In many cases you might get limited by the local laws, and might only have one of these three options available to you, in which case you’ll have to go for the allowed option. If, however, you have creative liberty of pursuing your choices, you should consider your choices carefully before starting to work on them.

Factor In The Cost As Well

Cost of the overall project is certainly a factor that you’ll need to consider. While adding a bedroom to your house might prove to be costly, the increase in your house’s value usually justifies the money spent.

Moreover, if you decide to finish an attic or basement, you can complete the project in just a few thousand bucks. But for bump-out and detached type of bedrooms, you might have to stand tens of thousands of dollars.

What Does The Law Say

Before adding a bedroom to your house, you should check with your local laws. You should meet all the building codes that apply to your bedroom addition project to stay compliant with law.

Every state might have its very own building codes, and you can get in contact with a lawyer to understand the legalities of the whole project. Usually, hiring a licensed and experienced contractor is all you need to get tips about local laws, and to stay compliant with them.

Your Tax Might Increase

You might only see your new bedroom as an extra room for guests or children, but many areas will see it has an additional value added into your house. So, while you can benefit from the I creased value of your house, your property tax might get increased by the authorities.

While the increase in property tax likely won’t be much, you should still consider this factor when getting a new bedroom added to your house. You should also get the right construction permits when adding a new bedroom to your house. This will help you keep compliant with the law.

So, these were some complications that you might have to encounter when you’re looking to add a new bedroom to your house. Going ahead with home remodeling knowledge and a trusted home addition builder DC always proves to be beneficial for you.