Tree removal may look as a process that is simple but in some cases it may take a turn for the worst and you might want to consider hiring a professional tree removal service. Therefore, we would like to share a few things for you to consider before tree removal. Follow us!

Seek Permission

In some states or countries tree removal first require permission from the local council. It is not as simple as calling someone for the job and putting it down. There are certain rules & regulations that you will need to follow and therefore seek permission. Countries are now more ecofriendly than ever. Hence, it is the duty of every citizen to seek permission before they proceed with removing a tree or trees.

Take Extra Precaution

Tree removal process differs for trees in different conditions. Professional arborists first observe the tree and proceed further based on the condition of the tree. If in case the tree that needs to be removed is unhealthy, dead or decaying, it would be first of all difficult for a layman to assess but will need to be handled differently. In some cases a tree may look sturdy from the outside but from the inside it may be rotting and decaying. Since, such type of trees make tree removal process hazardous, it is important to discuss safety aspects with professionals to make sure everything goes safe and smooth.

Watch Out For Possible Damage

Watching out for possible damage especially to the property is very important. If it’s a tree stump, you don’t need to worry that much, but for a tree you should be careful. Things that are of significant value in the surrounding should be removed prior to the process begins. If you happen to have neighbors, considering their safety is going to be important as well. Call them and request to move anything, which may potentially come in danger upon removing the tree.

Consider Safety

Considering the safety of yourself and the people working on the tree should be the highest priority. Make sure that the company has brought in their appropriate safety tools and are extra careful while working at heights. Working at such scales can sometimes result in miscalculations that can result in life threatening injuries. Make sure that there are no children playing in the area and keep your family inside the house until the process is finished.

Electric Hazards

Electrocution or a fire starting are one of the major hazards when it comes to tree removal. Being unaware, the trees could come in contact with the wires and result in electrocution. If the weather has been wet for a while, consider dropping the idea for a moment, you would want things to settle down and the sun to come out so that the water can dry properly. It is very hard to judge whether the tree has properly dried or not. In such cases, only one mistake can cause loss of life and it is definitely not a risk worth taking for. It can wait.

Consider Other Options

Besides tree removal, you might want to consider other options as well. It is not necessary that every case will require removing a tree. Sometimes the problem can also be solved by pruning. Then again, it would be hard for a layman to assess the situation, it could be better understood if a professional is consulted. Since they are professionals at what they do, arborists will be able to inform you of the alternatives if tree removal is something you really do not want.

Quality of Work

You can become confused amongst different options and in that case you might want to get a word from your friends, neighbors, relatives or someone who had gone through the process before. That way you will be sure of the quality of work. Good companies and services will consider environment safety, possess proper insurance and work putting in respect both safety and professionalism.

Tree Disposal

After the tree has been removed, you simply cannot leave it on the ground. You will need to organize its disposal as well. Tree removal companies Montgomery County could also do the same for you but if they do not, you can consult the local council and ask them to manage the leftovers. Ignoring and leaving the tree on the side is simply not going to cut it and can also result in a hefty fine.