Up for revamping your backyard? This makeover doesn’t have to be costly to look good. You can always hire backyard patio builders, but there are a handful of ideas to try on a low budget. Let’s check them out:

Place an Outdoor Rug

This might sound weird but a rug can jazz up your backyard. You don’t have to go through the process of staining or painting the deck, just place a nice rug to transform your patio space.

Install a Tree Wall

This is ideal if you want to create a high-end look for your backyard. Get a fence and install small trees on it. It’s easier than it looks. You have to plant a tree and train it to make it grow in a pattern. Once you are done with this DIY project, you will create a custom look.

Repurpose Old Tires

If you have old tires in your house, you might find them too hard to get rid of, right? The good news is you can put them to use. Even if you don’t have them, you can buy recycled tires at an inexpensive cost.

  • There are a couple of ideas for using old tires:
  • Use the tire as the base for creating a garden pond
  • Create decorative planters by stacking tires
  • Use it as a swing by tying a rope around

Get a Fountain

Here’s another cool idea. Get a fountain. Water features like these don’t take much room and they don’t cost that much either. You can keep it hidden somewhere between the plants in the garden or install it in a place where it’s visible.

Add Lighting

There is no better way of transforming a space than adding more lights. String lights, fairy lights or even lanterns add so much spark to a boring place. Investing in outdoor lighting is always worthwhile.

Plant Bright Flowers

Flowers are a natural way of adding color that pops out on your landscape. Can’t decide which flowers to plant? Head to the local plant nursery and buy the flowers you like the most. Grab a few pots and spread them around your backyard for a colorful look.

Display a Collection

By collection, we don’t mean something expensive. If you have a love for gardening, use pots as your focal point. Add a plain shelf and place cactus and other succulents there. This would add a pop of color to your backyard.

Pick a Plant Palette

Use plants as a color palette. Be highly selective in the plants you choose. You will be surprised to see how creative you can get with different plant varieties. Take this as an opportunity to cover more ground with growing material.

Pave It Up

Paving doesn’t have to expensive. There are so many economical hardscaping options like crushed rock and gravel. This is ideal for those who are into backyard ideas without grass. An added advantage is that gravel will offer you a casual surface for installing outdoor seating. On the other hand, you can also use large stones in between the grass.

Get Annuals

We hear you, annuals can be expensive as compared to shrubs and perennials but they are a handy way of adding color and impact to your backyard. You can arrange them in containers for a bolder look. You can create a color palette using matching vessels.

Add Landscaping Line

If you have a small backyard, you can still make it attractive by adding a strong landscaped line. Create interlocking zones using different materials like wood stained decking or stones. Create a unique pattern to make your garden stylish.

Use Ceramic Tiles

Instead of using natural stone, why not use ceramic tiles on the deck? They are economical. Shop around and explore your options.

Invest in Patio Furniture

Once you are done designing your backyard, don’t forget to add one important item – patio furniture. There should be a place to sit and enjoy the weather and of course, the view. Outdoor furniture is not limited to chairs and barstools. You can get a bench and even create a bonfire section. Furniture would play the role of icing on the cake.

There you go! You are all set with a handful of backyard décor ideas to try without spending a fortune. If you want to get stone or brickwork done, it’s best to take suggestions from masonry contractors. They can offer good advice. Lagras