Induction cooktops are rising in demand. There was a time when they used to be expensive. However, things have changed today. Induction cooktops are now affordable and there is every reason you should consider installing them in your kitchen. Moreover, if you need cooktops repair and considering to replace it, you need to be aware of its pros and cons.

What Is An Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops are quite similar to ceramic cooktops but there is a slight difference. Induction cooktops have defined circles that guide you to the perfect position to place your pans and pots. However, unlike electric cooktops, the induction cooktops do not glow red once they are turned on. The reason being that induction cooktop technology only heats the pot and not the stove surface.

As a result, if you were or someone in your family happens to accidentally turn on the induction without placing a pot, the burner will not heat up. This is a great safety feature if you have kids in the house.

How Is It Different From An Electric Or Gas Burner?

Induction cooktops utilize electromagnetism to heat the burner. These cooktops have coils installed inside that produce a magnetic field when the power is turned on. Therefore, upon placing a pan or pot, an electromagnetic current is produced enabling the cooking vessel to heat up.

And since induction cooktops use electromagnetic current, you can’t use the regular pots and pans for preparing meals. Induction cooktops only work with pans and pots that are compatible with such systems. Steel, enameled cast iron, and cast iron all tend to work.

Benefits Of Induction Cooktops

The biggest advantage of using induction cooktops is that they heat pretty quickly. Since there is no fire and heat escaping during the process, meals are prepared far more quickly. If you plan on boiling the water or preparing dinner for friends and family members, an induction cooktop will get several things done in half the time.

Additionally, induction cooktops provide consistent heat. You do not have to adjust the heat every now and then to cook perfect meals. Induction cooktops maintain steady heat until your turn them off. And since the heat comes in direct contact with the pot or pan instead of passing through the element, it is equally distributed resulting in well-cooked meals.

Finally, induction cooktops are relatively safer and allow easy cleanup. Neither will your kids be in danger from getting burnt nor will you need to put in all your efforts to clean the grime and grease. A simple wipe will clean the appliance.

Disadvantages Of Induction Cooktops

As mentioned earlier, induction cooktops will not work with all your dishware or cookware. As a result, if you are planning to install an induction cooktop, your present cookware will no longer work. Instead, you should purchase cookware with a magnetic base.

If you are new to the concept of induction cooktops, you might find it a bit tricky to operate. Since it is totally different as compared to regular gas stove top, figuring out the right adjustments can take time. However, once you grab a hold of the process, you will find it easier to prepare meals.

Should I Buy An Induction Cooktop?

Buying an induction cooktop depends on your preferences and needs. If you have a hard time cleaning your existing burner cooktop, you can consider installing an induction cooktop. Similarly, if you have a large family to feed, an induction cooktop will get things done within a few minutes.

Are Induction Cooktops Expensive?

Then again, the price of induction cooktops depends on your cooking needs. Even though there are affordable options out there, you need to determine your needs. Plus, induction cooktops come in different sizes and shapes, etc. The price may go up and down depending on what you prefer.

Final Word

Considering the advantages of induction cooktops, it is no surprise that their demand is increasing each year. And since they are easy to maintain as well, there is no reason that you should not be considering them. However, appliance repair services Springfield recommend that you only use compatible cookware. Otherwise, it won’t be able to cook or heat up the food.