Bricks are everything you if you want to build a brick patio. This is why we are bringing you exclusive brick patio designs that most local patio builders recommend.

Bricks have been used for the past many decades to make and decorate houses and buildings. Patterns made with bricks have a particular class and elegance that can’t be matched by any other design or pattern. Some brick patterns look good on some buildings or houses, while others don’t look so good. Most of the time, people use brick patterns on their patio to make it look beautiful and pretty. The best thing about bricks is that you can make a pattern out as best as you can with the use of your imagination.

So here are a few great brick pattern ideas that can make your house (especially the patio area) look out of this world.

Best Brick Patio Ideas

Herringbone Pattern

In this pattern, the bricks are laid in the 50- or 95- degree angle. However, creating this pattern requires a lot of precision and patience because even if one brick is out of line or not set in a correct angle, then the whole pattern can be disrupted and look bad instead of looking good. The bricklaying starts from the middle of the area, so the perimeters need to be cut.

Pinwheel Pattern

A brick pinwheel is nothing like the traditional pinwheel. This pattern requires exact brick cutting skills because a small piece of brick is placed in the middle of four bricks to give it the pinwheel’s shape. The specific geometric pinwheel pattern in brick looks good on most patios.

Basket Weave Pattern

As the name suggests, the basket weave pattern looks as if someone has weaved a jute basket on your patio – stylish woven basket just under your feet. Classy yet traditional! This is one of those patterns which are famous for being used on pavers and patios.

Half Basket Weave

The half basket weave is a variation of the basket weave pattern. But, the only difference is that in it, two vertical bricks are put together in either a horizontal or vertical setting. However, the important thing is to keep the bricks that have a strong base; otherwise, they can get loose from the floor. If the bricks are put on loose dirt, then the bottom should be trampled and well wet.

Grid Patter

This pattern consists of an essential vertical and horizontal grid. The patio design includes two bricks placed vertically and two placed horizontally –this way, the pattern continues until the end of the project. The grid pattern is the one pattern that looks good on almost all patios because this is the classiest and the best brick pattern available.

Jack On Jack

This patio pattern of bricks is ideal for all those places, especially the patios, which are small in size or which have less space. This pattern makes the area look and feels bigger. However, when you chose this design, ensure that you hire an expert to do the job because if the design gets messed up, then your place won’t look nice. Creating this specific pattern requires accuracy and good cutting skills. There are two options for people who want to choose this pattern –they can either be decided for a closed joint (placed together) or open joint (spaced between bricks).

Running Bond

The running bond patio pattern is one of the most famous patterns for backyard patios. Some people use this pattern for their walls, and some use it for their patio floor. This design gives a look of old age and heritage to the place. This is the only pattern that is relatively easy to lay and requires little experience in brick work.


This is the most confusing and complicated and requires an expert. This pattern has some serious cutting jobs, which can’t be done in a matter of hours as it requires a few days to plan so that you can cut the bricks in the right way. Even though it is the most challenging design, it is also one of the most beautiful ones who make any place look like royalty.

With these great brick patterns, you can get up your patio game in no time. Apart from looking great, the bricks are long lasting and are great for an outdoor setting. Head to a patio contractor Long Island to crate the project budget and timeline.