Cleaning Your Ice Maker

When you have a lot of appliances at home, it can be easy to forget about them and neglect their cleaning. Ice makers are not exempted from this because they get overlooked a lot in terms of regular cleaning and other tasks for maintenance. When you have to go get some ice from the machine, you might not wonder about the last time you cleaned, and you may even not realize that the quality and taste of your ice has decreased. If in case you need to get it fixed, there is a commercial ice maker repair company that you can call to get it running smoothly again. Before you result to this, here are tips on how to clean it:

All you need to know about commercial ice maker repair

You do not want to see scaly deposits coming out of your ice machine because that would be gross. Having that stuff or anything else on your ice is unappetizing that is why you have to clean it once a year or more than that if you are in an area that has hard water. Moreover, you should dump out the ice bin every several months to throw out the cubes with unwanted odors.

You need to use warm water and detergent or soap to wash the exterior enamel surfaces and gaskets, then, wipe it dry. It is recommended that you use a clean or micro fiber cloth to get it polished and dried. If you use paper towels, you might scratch or make the painted color become dull. Using a good appliance polish and cleaner is helpful for protecting the finish of the ice maker.

Type of Ice Maker it is

Some ice makers may require you to do manual cleaning, while there are those that have a built-in automated system. A unit that’s portable is different from a built-in, and this is why reading the owner’s manual that came with the ice maker is a wise thing to do. Each type of machine will call for different steps during cleaning. The manual should give you information about whether your machine comes with an automated system or not, which can make the process change. If you are in doubt, just follow what it says in the manual’s instructions in terms of cleaning recommendations.

To avoid damaging the finish of the refrigerator, do not clean it with a scouring pad, harsh cleaners, or abrasive ones. Any cleaning product that has chlorine bleach, was cloths, steel-wool pads, or particular paper towels should not be used for cleaning any stainless-steel surface.

Do no worry because you do not have to unplug the freezer for too long, and the contents will not spoil. This is crucial because it means that while you are cleaning it, the machine will not produce ice and this keeps dirt from entering places.

Gather things that you will need to clean the ice maker. In a lot of cases, all you need to have is a good ice maker cleaner and a soft rag. Regardless if the machine is built with an automated system because the manual may tell you which ice machine cleaner to use. Nickel-free cleaners work well for a lot of machines. The variety of accessories and cleaners available is big and they are helpful in getting your ice maker get back to its original condition.

If you decided to follow the manual, you will know how much solution to use for cleaning. You should see a chart that gives you the right ratio for every product line there is. Generally, the ratio would be 1 gallon is to 16 oz. of cleaner. This could depend on the buildup of mineral in the ice maker and how much needs to be cleaned.

Remember that an ice maker is also an investment. Cleaning and maintaining it will keep you from calling the commercial ice machine repair Falls Church company to fix your machine all the time. You will also save on repair costs and having to buy a new 1 so soon.

Top 5 Things Mercedes Owners Should Know

It is not uncommon for you to look for fix my Mercedes Benz car services if you own one of the auto cars! But how much do you know your car so far?

All you need to know about Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car and of course everyone dreams to get behind the wheel of this lush vehicle. But how much are you familiar with the car? Read ahead in this article to explore.

Paying for Car and Luxury Benefits

When you purchase the Mercedes Benz on full cash down payment, you are not only investing in the car but are also getting access to the follow up luxury services like free car washes and vehicle parts such as for the tires. It is important to remember that this benefit is only for the people who buy the car on full cash payment and is not valid for lease of installment buyers.

Loyalty to Mercedes Brand for Car Parts

Once you buy a Mercedes Benz, you are bound to stay loyal to the brand to. Experiencing car problems is common but the only way to fix my Mercedes Benz when something breaks or damages in your car is to exclusively get the original part of the car from Mercedes itself. You can surely get spare parts for easy purchases from the brand but the sad part is that this can be a very pricy fix. Unfortunately, you not get just ‘any’ ordinary car part for your Mercedes as it won’t be able to serve the purpose.

Mercedes Car Maintenance Is Crucial

Mercedes is a very pricey car to buy and even pricier car to maintain. In fact, it is repeatedly said on multiple occasions that buying a Mercedes car is easier than maintaining it (and this is huge since buying is not exactly a piece of cake as well). So, it is ideal to never push maintenance to the last extent where you will actually either have to pay a fortune for car fixes or say goodbye to the Mercedes. You don’t want it to seriously mess up. Hence, the ideal time duration you should wait to get your car serviced by a good independent Mercedes Benz service till your Mercedes completes drive on 10,000 miles.

Discuss the Car with Experts in Showroom

It is always best to talk to the showroom and discuss the car you buy at time of the purchase. The people at the showroom are the car experts who are always there to help you in the best possible way. They are known as ‘experts’ because they know more about the car than you and I would. Hence it is best to discuss the car and ask all basic things at time of purchase. This saves you from a lot of trouble in the future to come.

Value Your Car Battery

Your car battery is a prized asset because Mercedes car batteries are much exclusive. You need to realize that getting a new battery is almost like paying for an open-heart surgery. So, you should never let that point come. According to an independent Mercedes Benz service center alexandria va, the average time duration a Mercedes battery lives is 5 years. You need to get the battery tuned.

Hair Transplant Procedures – Choose the Best Option for Your Needs

Different hair transplant procedures are now introduced in the market to help people address their hair loss concerns. Hair loss is a very natural and common process that a person goes through at least one point in his or her lifetime. This is often the result several factors like aging, family history, hormonal changes, and others.

Hair transplant procedures

There are a few medical procedures to help you get your hair back, with the most common one involving the transplant of hair. This kind of surgery is being performed and supervised by plastic surgeons. This is also considered as an effective tool to restore a youthful look.

Types of hair transplant surgeries

Here are several procedures to transplant hair which are available through surgery:


The transplant surgeries of hair are done once the recipient is put under local anesthesia. Graft procedure is mainly composed of removal of a part of the scalp as well as the insertion of thousands of strands of hair into this section of the scalp. These strands are then kept healthy during the session with the help of periodic saline injections. After the transplant is finished, the part of scalp with healthy hair attached to it will be reattached through surgery and given enough time for self-healing. Several sessions of the medical procedure for getting hair back is needed so that the scalp will heal completely.

Tissue Expansion

In tissue expansion, a tissue expander that resembles a balloon is placed below the scalp area which grows healthy hair. In a span of several weeks, the tissue expander will then be filled with salt water to allow the expansion and stretching of the tissue. The result is the expansion of the hair bearing tissue which can be grafted with ease once an adequate amount of stretching has taken place.


Flaps are considered as a much better procedure for hair transplant bethesda md compared to grafts or other kinds of procedures since these can cover a bigger area on the scalp, not to mention that this is also faster. Through this particular procedure, the bald spot on the scalp is removed through surgery and followed by the stretching and tethering of healthy hair on the spot where the bald scalp has been removed. However, there could be some scarring involved with flaps unlike with grafts wherein most bald scalp areas are covered with the healthy hair. Thus, there is a more decent chance that hair will cover obvious scarring.

How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are the perfect example of life’s unpredictability i.e. you never know when you might crash and acquire a shoulder surgery because of one stupid hot-headed moment. Now doctors can help you sure, but if you’re not careful you might have to get yourself a shoulder replacement after all!

Prevention of Sports Injuries

An injury can occur anywhere, your hands, arms, feet, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, muscles etc. but the danger is that your entire sports career can affected by one simple fall hence if not more, at least try to take some precautionary measures before you run off to the field. Some of those measures are listed below:

Gear Up

Make sure you wear all your gear properly. Do not ditch your helmet or your pads or gloves and whatever else you’ve been given. Sport equipment includes your gear so before you go for the battle, make sure your armor is at the top. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a shoulder surgery!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated at all costs. It has been noticed that players who drink water before the game are said to be fresh and levelled as compared to those who don’t. Hence keep yourself hydrated no matter what.

Warm Ups

Warm ups before your match starts, is a good way of avoiding a shoulder replacement. Warm ups ease up your body and releases the tension you feel, making you more in tune with your surroundings after all. Keep in mind that some people do vigorous activities before their match starts, others start stretching. Both are wrong because stretching and other activities make you tired. Your strength loses after you’re done with them and hence during the match, you acquire a perfect a shape for an injury. Try the casual warm ups, make it enough to pump your body and that’s it.

Be Cautious

Although during a game, one can hardly himself or herself but it is essential to do so. If you lose your calm, you start losing your ability to pay attention and let’s just say a single shove is all that’s needed for you to fall down, cause harm to your legs but mostly shoulder and end up getting a shoulder surgery. Be cautious on the field, know your rights and wrongs and look out for yourself and your teammates.

Follow the Rules

Follow the rules of the game. This is the most important step because if you fail to follow the rules then that could subject to mistreat which in turn leads to fights or aggressive games which eventually ends up in injuries. So, play fair and lets others play too.

Look Out

Sometimes the game isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about teamwork, appreciation, hard work and effort. If you feel that running more or doing whatever will cost you the hospital then refrain from doing so. Similarly do the same for your teammate out there. Prevent him/her from getting a shoulder replacement. Work together and hopefully on every occasion, win together!

What to Know about Interior House Painting Estimates

If you’re deciding to upgrade your home’s look, it’s best to get interior house painting estimates so you can save time and money. Adding new paint to the interior of your home will transform the feel and look of your house and will definitely make a difference to the home’s value. Interior house painting estimates can be acquired over the internet or through a local painting company or professional.

When understanding interior house painting estimates, it’s essential to know a bit about the costs of the materials required. For beginners, interior paint could cost you about $12-$50 per gallon and it depends on the paint’s quality. With the best professional painter, you can be assured that the paint they’ll use is from quality brands.

Interior House Painting Estimates

Every interior house painting estimate must allow you to know the kind of quality to be used in pain and the prep work associated with the painting job like moving some of your things and taping. The reasons why you should purchase quality paint over less costly ones is that they last for a long period of time and only need a single coat rather than 2 or more. Understand that if you’re painting over the dark colors, it’ll typically takes more paint coats than if the walls were painted with light color before.

Interior House Painting

Interior house painting estimates will include the costs including the needed prep work to start painting. Getting rid of heavy furniture from a room isn’t often covered in interior house painting estimates you’ll receive. Make sure to talk with painters and review the costs if heavy furniture should be moved. There are particular things you have to consider when reviewing estimates and these include the kind of brush or roller painters will use. More often than not, it pays more in the end to purchase brushes and rollers as the cheap ones leave fuzz on the walls. Extra cost that should be considered if the contractor has to paint crown molding, baseboards, wainscoting, and so on will add to the estimates.

It’s a good idea to contract an interior painting company with a proven track record. Ask for some references from their previous work. Make sure that the paint color is exactly what you prefer. You do not want to paint it again because of choosing wrong paint color.

The Right Drain Cleaning Tool

It is important to know that what you use for cleaning the kitchen sink is unlike the one for main drain. Although, are you aware that even if a tool is useful for sink cleaning, toilet and bathtub, there is a different in every case? While there are a lot of drain cleaning services that use the main tool for clogged lines because of debris and grease. They should be using a different tool for every task. If in case you are using the same tool for all jobs, take note of the tips in this article and find out why you should use the best tool for each specific job.

What you need to know about drain cleaning

Where are you going to use it?

The most significant thing to think about before choosing drain cleaning tools is what are you going to do with them. You may opt for a drain cleaner for effective clog cleaning or to prevent choked drains. A strong drain cleaner is what you need to buy if your task is to solve a clogged drain problem. For daily cleaning maintenance, go for a mild cleaner.

What kind of drain is it?

  • Bathroom drains – if you have a clogged drain, one of the biggest causes is hair. Most of the time, hair can mix with soap scum, body washes, shampoo, and other products that buildup that form a clog. Having hair clogs is common, but they are also simple to fix. There is no need to use heavy equipment of chemicals. You can get rid of hair clog with a plastic tool. You can use a drain claw or zip-it tool.
  • Kitchen drains – Most of the time, kitchen drains are because of food particles, soap residue and grease. If this is the type of clog you are trying to resolve, it is best to use a drain cleaner with chemicals. It is easy to buy any of these in local stores, in the bathroom products section. The purpose of these chemicals is to clear the pipe buildups and dissolve them, which clears the drain so that water can freely flow. If the clog is tough, you might have to use the drain cleaner a few times before getting the results you want.
  • Toilets – Toilet clogs are normally because of human waste. Before you begin to add chemicals in the toilet, find out if your toilet is linked to a city sewer system or septic system. In case it is a septic system, a toilet drain cleaner will be enough. If it is a city sewer system, using those products is not advised. Regardless of what sewer system your toilet is connected to, you can use products that have bacteria and enzymes that are intended for clearing out toilet clogs. These products are going to dissolve organic components without putting harmful chemicals into the water supply and earth.

Your budget

Drain cleaners range in prices and can either be cheap or expensive, depends on the type and brand of the drain cleaner that you purchase. You should know that the expensive one is not necessarily the best. A cheap drain cleaner does not always have ineffective chemicals in them. Your prime motive should be efficient drain cleaning. Do not choose a drain cleaner because it is inexpensive. You can purchase an expensive and powerful drain cleaner for resolving a clog. Getting a drain cleaner that can be used regularly is for every day cleaning.

Types of available drain cleaners

  • Video technology – If the drain is being cleaned, the technician may see pipes that have rust, corrosion, dirt, or breaks. When this happens, the technician will use a video equipment to find problems and tell you what needs to be fixed.
  • Electric drain snake -Even if there is a manual one in stores, an electric one goes deep into the pipe to get rid of any problems.
  • Hydrojetting- This is a service that uses power in its hoses to give a rush of water that effectively clears pipes.

The kind of clog you are dealing with requires different tools and chemicals. If you have done everything and nothing is working, contact a drain contractor manhattan ny now.

5 Reasons You Need To Remove Tree Stump

Tree removal is imperative in any garden, backyard or front lawn that has trees and plantation. Every tree has a lifespan and can live only that much longer. It is important to remember that tree removal is important when the tree is making the scenery ugly or less appealing, it has become too old or big and is unsafe to be around the residence or maybe only because it is becoming the cause of spread of infections around. Whatever the reason might be, tree removal is important and what is even more important is tree stump removal.

What Are Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps are the last block of the tree wood that are left standing on the grounds after the rest of the tree has been cut down. This means that the wooden bark over the land and its roots under the ground are left intact.

Should the Tree Stump Be Left Standing or Removed?

Now the important question at this point is whether the tree stump should be left as it is or should it be removed from the property. This is a very important decision to make. In most cases, it is ideal to work for the tree stump removal after you cut down the tree. There is no reason for the tree stump to be left when the tree is cut down but of course there are many reasons for the tree stump to be removed. In this article ahead, we explore a few reasons for tree stump removal.

Reason # 1 – It is aesthetically unappealing

The first reason to get the tree stump removed from the vicinity is because it only makes your yard (front or back) look simply very ugly and unattractive. Nobody wants a garden or yard in their house that is not pretty and groomed.

Reason # 2 – It lowers property value

This does not exactly mean the ‘cost’ of your property because a tree stump can have little impact on the price of your house but it definitely lowers the number of people who would be interested in buying the home. At first glance, a large tree stump right in the middle of the yard does not make it a house people would want to buy.

Reason # 3 – Tree stumps are unsafe for children

If you have children in the house, particularly younger ones, you would want to get the tree stump removed sooner than later. These stumps can become a big reason for unpleasant accidents because they do not make the house child-friendly.

Reason # 4 – Garden maintenance becomes harder

When you maintain a garden such as mown the grass or trip the plants, it becomes difficult to do all these garden maintenance tasks when there are large tree stumps blocking or covering the ground here and there.

Reason # 5 – It can cause spread of pests and infections

If the tree removal service bethesda you did was for a tree that was infected, it is highly likely that the tree stump will spread pests and infections in your garden nonetheless. So, in order to prevent bigger damage, you should get the tree removed along with the stump.

Tips from the Experts to Help You Avoid Common Sports Injuries

It doesn’t matter if you are just a casual player or an experienced athlete, sports injuries can happen in whatever sport you choose to play. While it is not possible to avoid all injuries, there are some techniques to help you save yourself from harm when you engage in physical games.

Determine Your Fitness Before You Play

Prior to engaging in any type of activity, see to it that you are aware of your physical strength as well as how you are going to react to specific difficulties when you play a certain sport. Before you do any kind of activity, make sure you consult first with your physician to know your status physically and if your body can really do the type of sport you plan to play.


You can reduce the risks of suffering from injuries when you do stretches before and after your game or workout. Stretching helps prevent damages to your ligaments and muscles in different body parts, and can also help you be more flexible. If you don’t do stretches, your body will be vulnerable and can incur damages easily which can result to joint pain or knee pain. If you are unsure how to do stretches, you can ask a trainer from a sports clinic or fitness center and ask him to offer tips on how to perform the right stretches.

Exercise on a Regular Basis  

After determining your status, see to it you exercise on a regular basis for your body to become more familiar with physical contact that comes with the sport. Engaging in regular exercise routine featuring strength conditioning can be a great way to keep your body energize and fit. Many sports or strength conditioning programs can be easily found at a sports clinic. Through a conditioning program, you can learn the right methods for training and exercise through performance testing together with dietary and nutrition advice.

Get Some Rest

Even the most professional of athletes always need it. Rest is a crucial thing for someone and has to be taken seriously to retain the stamina required to continue with the game. Rest also helps prevent injuries that come with fatigue and overuse of the body.

Don’t Play Something is Wrong

It is a very simple but effective gesture. If you feel any pain, don’t play or the physical pain will just get worse, which can result to an actual injury. It means that your body is already tired. See to it that you get the right attention if your problem continues.

Immunotherapy, your sure answer to allergens

Immunotherapy is fast evolving as a modifying therapy effective for the treatment of different problems like allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma etc. In spite of its proven efficacy, it still remains underutilized in countries like Canada. The decision to go for allergy shots is taken considering the individual patient matters, like degree up to which symptoms can be avoided by pharmacological therapy, adverse effects of such  therapy, patient preferences etc. As this treatment option carries the risk of anaphylactic reactions, only certified physicians are expected  to practice it.

All you need to know about Immunotherapy

Allergies are one of the most common diseases encountered in clinical practice. Food allergy, drug allergy, fall allergy,  insect sting allergy etc are some of the common allergies that we hear about daily. Successful treatments can be chalked out by a fall allergy doctor only after identifying the exact allergen for the symptoms of allergy shown by the patient.

The aim of allergy treatment is the avoidance of allergens or the elimination of them. With animal or occupational allergens, complete elimination of allergens is possible, while it is not possible with other allergens. Though anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids offer some relief, their therapeutic benefits are not long lasting as they are not capable of altering the natural course. Immunotherapy also known as allergy shots have been found to be affective alternative with therapeutic benefits. Recent studies have shown that this kind of treatment can stall the progression of allergic rhinitis to asthma.

History of fall allergy

Use of allergen extracts for treating fall allergy reactions was originally tested and confirmed in the year 1911. Grass pollen was injected in incremental measures into hay fever patients by English physician named Noon.  In allergy shots small quantities of allergen are injected to the patient on regular intervals say daily in the beginning slowly increasing the interval by a fall allergy doctor.  The quantity of allergen injected is increased in small quantities. This is continued for six months, two years or more years depending on the condition of the patient. It has been found that such injections are capable of producing immunity in the patient and this eventually leads to no symptoms on contact with the allergens.

Allergy shots for rhinitis

Allergies shots have been found to be an effective method for treatment of rhinitis particularly for patient whose rhinitis is caused by pollen. Patients who do not respond to conventional therapy have been found to be getting good relief by following this treatment option. Studies show that for best results in fall allergy three years treatment will be needed

Allergy shots for asthma

Asthma is caused as a result of allergy to grass, house dust mites, ragweed and can be controlled by allergy shots in allergy clinic Manassas VA. Studies show that only 26 % of asthma patients are treated with allergy shots. A study conducted in 1960s has shown that 70% of the patients who underwent this method have been cured permanently.

Immediate iPhone Screen Repair Tips

The main question is why actually the iPhone 4 screen repair is required and why is it a must for the future of your iPhone? There are different types of mishaps that may cause iPhone screen damage. That would need quick repair of the broken or smashed iPhone screen by professional iPhone expert who is certified to handle iPhone repairs.

iPhone screen repair

In largely of cases, people break the glass screen of the mobile by dropping it on another solid surface by error. In such a case, the display develops either web-like cracks on its surface or gets smashed fully. The little pieces of broken glass, if ignored, generally get inside the gadget and cause damage to the full internal circuitry of the phone. This may lead to actual damage in the long run. Thus, when the display of your iPhone gets destroyed due to any reason, it becomes very important to always contact with local iPhone repair expert quickly for fast cracked iPhone screen repair.

In another similar accidental event, if your Phone happens to drop on the concrete or the road while walking and get stamped by a pedestrian or run over by a car, its delicate glass display will definitely get smashed fully. As an outcome, while your broken iPhone might continue to function, you definitely would not be capable of using the home screen or any your costly iPhone apps.  To keep away such kind of problems, it is sensible to get your iPhone protected by a best standard crystal film. The film would save the iPhone inner glass undamaged in case any such problems take place. However, if the issue has already been caused, the top key is to go for broken iPhone display repair that is nowadays provided at almost all the verified iPhone fix shops in the city.

Repair iPhone screen

As previously described, your iPhone screen is very brittle. It, actually, serves as the control board for the pretty gadget. For that reason, if your iPhone display gets smashed to an extent where you are not capable of using it anymore, your iPhone would become almost useless. Even in the case of the smallest amount of crack on your iPhone display, the gadget might lose its capability to work at the best level. This is mere because dust and dirt enter the gadget through the crack and mess up the gadget internal circuits in the long run. This is the reason why quick cracked iPhone screen repair is so vital.