When looking for natural fiber and wool rugs, you may also find synthetic rugs. Are they the same as wool rugs? Can you get traditional rugs made of synthetic fibers? To learn about synthetic rugs, read their pros and cons below.

Pros Of Synthetic Rugs

They Are Cheap

The primary benefit of getting synthetic rugs is the lower price. They are made using machines so there is no labor cost involved. Moreover, the fibers are not natural and are made using machines as well. Therefore, the cost of synthetic area rugs is low.

You may find a bit of difference in the price of different types of synthetic materials like polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, and nylon. However, the price of any of these materials is much lower than a natural fiber rug.

Easy To Clean

Synthetic rugs are basically made of plastic. This enables these rugs to be water and stain-resistant. You can vacuum them and clean the spots as needed. Moreover, many types of synthetic rugs like polyester rugs are washable. You can put them in a washer for a swing when they need cleaning and be done with the cleaning process quickly.

They Are Durable For Their Cost

If you compare the cost of synthetic rugs with woolen rugs, synthetic rugs are durable for their cost. They can withstand high traffic and can last for 3-5 years. We know that wool rugs can easily last for decades, but the 5-year lifespan of synthetic rugs is decent for their price tag.

Best For Outdoors And Moist Areas

Synthetic rugs are the best choice if you want a rug for outdoors or for moist places in your home or office. You can place them in your backyard, near a pool, in a bathroom, and kitchen. Synthetic rugs are water-resistant so they don’t get damaged by water. On the other hand, using wool rugs in outdoors and moist areas will reduce their lifespan.

Cons Of Synthetic Rugs

They May Require Frequent Cleaning

It was mentioned earlier that synthetic rugs are easy to clean, but the downside of these area rugs is that they require frequent cleaning. The reason is that the synthetic fibers don’t hold dust and dirt in so the rug appears dirty much more quickly.

However, cleaning synthetic rugs is easy. Some types of synthetic fibers are even washable so you won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning synthetic rugs.

If you ask the question of why wool rugs don’t require cleaning this often, then it’s because the wool fibers allow the dust to settle in. Therefore, the rug doesn’t appear too dirty. However, this quality can make wool rugs difficult to clean because there may be a lot of dirt hidden inside the wool fibers.

They Fade Within A Few Years

A big drawback of synthetic rugs is that they wear quickly and also discolor with use. They last for a few years only and after that, you must replace them. You will notice a fade in their appearance even after the first wash.

Oil-Based Stains

Synthetic rugs are easy to clean and stain-resistant because if the stain has oil in it, it can be a problem. Oil-based stains on synthetic rugs don’t damage much if you clean them quickly, but if the stains are left to dry, they will become difficult to remove.


Synthetic rugs may be water-resistant, but they don’t stand well against friction. For instance, if you move furniture and a synthetic rug is underneath the furniture, the rug may sustain abrasion that can’t be fixed.

They Are Not Eco-Friendly

Synthetic rugs are made of plastic which is not biodegradable. The plastic won’t go away easily affecting the environment. So, if you don’t want to own a product that is not environmentally friendly, you should choose natural fiber rugs that are renewable.

They Can Create Static Charges

Synthetic rugs can create static charges if they touch or rub on something. You should consider this aspect if you live in a region that has a dry climate.


Synthetic rugs offer the appearance of wool rugs at a fraction of their price. However, they will wear much more quickly and require frequent cleaning. If you’re looking for rugs that last for decades, look into whole Persian rugs Virginia.