Planning to get an abortion needs a lot of thought, especially if it is your first time. You must know when to have it done. Read more about it from this article

The time you can get an abortion depends on the state laws. There are abortion clinics you can call anytime, but the timing is essential. You might find it challenging to find a doctor who performs an abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy, so you must have it as soon as possible.

You should not wait too long to get an abortion, and the earlier it is done the better. You will find out more about the right timing here.

The Right Time

If you got pregnant and thinking about your options, you must know the time limits of abortion. You most likely not want to stay pregnant and have the abortion as soon as possible. It is important for you to know the time limits for different kinds of abortion. You cannot have a termination in the latter part of your pregnancy.

In Case You Do Not Know How Long You’ve Been Pregnant

The steps you must take to determine when you got pregnant is quite complicated. You must know when your last menstrual period was to get the right calculation of when you got pregnant. Even if you are unaware of when exactly you got pregnant, your healthcare professional will calculate your last menstrual period gestational age.

If you have regular periods, you should count by week, from your first day up to today. The answer will tell you how long you have been pregnant.

If you have irregular periods or can’t recall when had your last period, it becomes more complicated. In case you experience this, you might want to talk to a medical professional right away.

The doctor can give you an ultrasound to see how far along you are already before telling you more about abortion.

When Can Should You Have it?

Normally, the earliest you can have an abortion is between 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it could vary depending on the state.

Even if abortion can be done earlier, 4 to 6 weeks is when women start to feel pregnancy symptoms. The first sign is a missed period. After that, you can confirm the pregnancy by getting a pregnancy test and ultrasound. If your pregnancy is under 10 weeks, you will most likely have a medical abortion.

The latest you can get an abortion is up to 24 weeks, and it is illegal to perform it later than that. The only exception is if the mother is in danger or the fetus has complications or deformation.

You should keep in mind that complications depend on when you have an abortion, so ask your doctor.

Early pregnancy abortion dc is the safest option to do, and if you want to avoid more complications, get it as early as you can.