You might have come across several slate patios over your lifetime. While patios are built using a variety of materials such as limestone but slate patios keep some homeowners lingering in confusion. There are some questions regarding slate patios and that too valid ones that they want to ask outdoor kitchen builders to make the right decision. So, let’s take a look at some of the common questions about slate patios and try answering them.

What is slate paving?

Slate paving or slate patio is a process that utilizes flat slate tiles or flagstone laid over a base or subsoil to provide a hard-wearing surface. Slates can be used for both paving and building patios. At the same time, slate paving can also be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. For outdoor purposes, slates are used to build a walkway, path, or patio.

Not only does it provide a hard surface to walk on but allows the water to drain off easily as well. You can place your furniture and other decorative items without having to worry about the tiles cracking or being damaged. However, slate pavers are not suitable for driveways.

Are slate patios any good?

Slate pavers or patios are non-porous, which means they do not allow water to pass through them. Even though slates are man-made as well, the natural stone itself is relatively more environmentally friendly. Man-made slates produce a lot of carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment. This makes slates a very good choice for backyard patios.

Are slates more expensive than pavers?

The price of slates depends on the quality. Natural stones tend to be comparatively more expensive than man-made stones. The reason is that natural stones are far harder to cut into shape, which requires immense labor and time. However, man-made stones are made in factories where machines cut them into the preferred shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, the Brazilian slate is more expensive than the Spanish or Indian slate as it is superior in quality. These types of slates are mostly used in outdoor areas such as patios, which adds to their price. On the other hand, Indian Limestone tends to be the most preferred option in the UK and comes in a variety of different color options and sizes.

Back in the day, concrete paving slabs were fairly popular due to being cheap and durable. However, today, natural stone products have grown in popularity since they offer more unique and diverse colors along with durability and strength.

Should I opt for a slate patio?

Even though you can choose Indian Limestone to build your patio, slate is going to be a great choice as well. The basic difference between the two is the color.

Slates usually come in dark colors such as dark blue or grey, whereas natural stones offer a much lighter shade. In addition to being one of the most popular stones for patios for a long time, slates are very easy to clean and maintain and resistant to water. This means slate patios are meant to last for decades before you have to replace them.

Do slate patio slabs scratch?

Yes and No. Slate patio slabs do scratch but won’t at the same time if the quality is good. For example, Welsh and Brazilian slates tend to be very dense and hard-wearing, which means a scratch will most probably go away with a single wet cloth wipe. This makes such types of slates a preferable option for areas that experience a lot of human traffic.

Meanwhile, softer and lower-density slates will chip and scratch fairly easily, which is common in Chinese slates. As a result, you will end up spending more money and time replacing the slates after a few years as scratches will ruin the visual appeal.  Therefore, Brazilian slates are going to be a bit pricey but offer much better quality and other features that prolong their lifespan.

Final Word

That was all about slate patios. If you intend to use slates for building your patio, know that it is going to be a great choice that will surely make your investment worth it. Consult hardscaping contractors Port Jefferson to know more about which paving material is right for you.