How To Keep Your Wedding On Budget

Being within the budget while planning a wedding may seem like an improbable task as wedding party rentals expenses just keeps piling up. However, it is not that difficult to actually make it happen. Here are some tips that can guide you on how to keep your wedding on a budget.

Don’t Invite Too Many Guests

The more guests you invite, the more additional cost you are to have at your wedding. A tight budget means that you cannot have everyone you know to attend your wedding. You will have to narrow down the guest list and invite people who are close family and friends. You can make a list of people who you know and then cut off at least 40% of the people who you may not know well or hasn’t been in contact for a while. Only the people who matter must be invited when you are on a budget.

Deciding the Venue

Deciding the venue for a wedding that is on a budget is a very daunting task and you may be sacrificing a little. Renting a venue like a function hall can prove to be very expensive and it can make your budget a little out of balance.

You can have your wedding at your own home or home of a close friend or relative and even in a public park that has a nice view and since you will be inviting selected guests, it wouldn’t be a problem. It can cut down the cost of the venue and you can spend more on other stuff like food and decorations. If you are renting a venue then you may want to choose days other than weekends or a venue outside the city premises.

Don’t Rush Things

You will have to think things through multiple times before going ahead with the plan. When on a budget, your wedding must not be rushed and it is recommended that you plan your wedding one year in advance. A wedding management plan will help you with your budgeting problems. It is even easier to save up and think your plans through. A rushed wedding will not be perfect or cheaper in any way.

Provide With Your Own Catering

A great way of saving up on the food is to provide the catering yourself. you can ask your family or your spouse’s family to help out. It will help you cut down the costs of the food exponentially. After asking about the wedding party rentals, ask the venue owner if you can bring your own drinks to put in the bar.

Ask Your Friends to Help Out

Close friends or relatives can help you out in many ways. You just need to ask them. Instead of giving you a wedding gift, they can help you out with their talents. Have them provide you with services as their wedding gifts. If someone in your family is a great photographer, have them cover the event so it can save up your costs of a professional photographer. You can have many services like music and catering for free at your wedding.

Minimal Décor

Decorations can add up to the cost of your wedding to quite some extent. Minimal decorations that look simple and elegant will be the best thing to have at your wedding. The main areas must be covered rather than putting up wedding flowers everywhere. A single rose with each bridesmaid rather than the whole bouquet is better.

Buy Off the Rack Dresses

If you’re going for a budget wedding, you can’t spend too much money on custom made bridesmaids’ dresses. The best option for you is to buy readymade dresses that are on sale. Try to visit multiple stores, you might find something matching.

If you can’t, you can also do some change of plans. Have all of your bridesmaids wear a specific colored dress that they already own.

Rent Tuxedo in Group

Most people rent tuxedos, understandably, and there are only a few people who would want to buy a tuxedo. If you are one of those who rent, you should rent in group for groomsmen tuxedos. This will give you a good chance of getting a discount.

Plan your wedding including wedding tent rentals Rockland NY beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about them on the wedding day.

Wedding Management Tips For Grooms

If you and your partner are thinking of planning and organizing the whole wedding all by yourselves, it is imminent that you start your days early on. Starting your days early will leave a lot of time in your hands to do things like checking out the wedding tent rental designs and wedding tent rental packages.

Do not, at any time think that you have a lot of time to spare as wedding planning requires a lot of work and effort. And if start early on, you can avoid the feeling of being rushed for things as your wedding day nears. Besides, who can sleep when have so much resting on your plate, right?

Wedding planning tips for grooms

As much as we all would like it to be, planning a wedding day is anything but relaxing. There is plenty that needs to be done and you only have so much time in your hands, hence our advice to start your planning days early on. Starting your days early can actually provide you with extra time which can be to your advantage.

Use that time to make a list of everything that needs to be done. Create a schedule of your time and allocate time to perform all the pending tasks. These could include renting the tux, checking out different venues, practicing your dance moves, searching for wedding tent rental packages, researching caterers etc.

Always remember that you are just one person and there is only so much that you can do by yourself. Never, at any point while organizing the whole thing, act like a superman and try to nail everything by yourself. You would only be tiring yourself out before the wedding and making mess of things. If your partner is helping you plan and organize the wedding, divide tasks among yourselves.

Think about wedding rentals and save money

This will help you two to get more done in less time. If you already have taken on the whole thing yourself, and do not wish to disturb the bride with menial tasks, ask your friends and family members to help you out with them. Send them out for tasks like getting wedding tent rental packages from different vendors, locate certain caterers or anything that you need them to do. If you divide the tasks, you have to face less hassle and can get more work done in little time.4

Sit with your partner for this one. Creating a guest list is probably the most crucial task for any wedding, even more crucial than getting wedding tent rentals. Since it takes two people to get married, it also takes two guest lists, one from each of those two people in wedding rituals. If you and your partner work on the list together, you can quickly decide on the number of people you wish to invite on your big day depending on the size of the venue and your budget. Doing this alone can take some time to get it right as your partner might not agree to inviting certain people that you wish to have present.

Manage the groomsmen yourself to lift some burden off of the bride’s plate. Tuxedo fittings are long and hectic. While the whole process isn’t the culprit in all this, all the back and forth coordination can mess it up real bad. Give your groomsmen a heads up for the fitting so that you are all there at the tuxedo shop on time.6

If you are planning to present your groomsmen with gifts like engraved cuff links or flasks, make sure you order them in advance. Such unique and personalized gifts products take time make. So, order them at least a month in advance to keep your anxiety levels low and yourself relaxed.

Keeping things organized is just as important as the presence of bride and groom at a wedding. Keep all the records of vendors like wedding tent rental packages DC, caterers, band etc. organized and always accessible. Creating a binder to carry all the receipts of any advance payments that you may have made is a good idea. Also create a file on services like Google Drive to share with your partner online, just in case she needs access to them.

Important things which one needs to know before going to arrange a tent wedding

Most brides, grooms and wedding planners alike love weddings events arranged in tents because of its cozy intimate air, the ambience and the weeding decor that provides an atmosphere of pomp and revelry. It is important to opt for the best wedding rental company.

Selecting the best wedding tents

But erecting a wedding tent is not an easy affair as you and your partner would have enjoyed when you go camping.  Erection of wedding tents require a lot of planning,  lots of preparation and a  lot of work have to be completed to enjoy the required facilities.   One may   love the look of a see-through structure or a great tent planned by the famous Mindy Weiss wherein outdoors are drawn into your event, acting equivalent to a greenhouse.  Or sometimes you may be worried whether your tent will be too big.

Wedding tent rental tips

In this article i am going to state exactly 10 points which  can help one to arrange a very good and suitable wedding tent rentals for the wedding function which was awaited anxiously for many years in your entire life.

Before deciding to rent a tent for wedding ceremony one should be aware of the fact that it is going to cost around $1500 for hundred guests. In addition to this you will have to pay for decoration, and other rentals like tables, chairs, linen etc. Only then the room will turn to be an inviting room.

  • Pick a model:

There are different models from which the program co-ordinator will have to pick one suitable for his function. Peak created by the pole in the middle is the characteristic feature of pole tents. Frame tents have open steel shell capable of supporting big speakers and other heavy equipments. Clear tops are modern and sleek.

  • Find the right place

Before selecting the spot for erecting the wedding tent focus on the scale of the tent and the view of the area in relations to the paraphernalia of the location. It should not cover the entire land. There should be flat surface at least 10 feet apart and from the nearby buildings for placing the stakes

  • Understand the venue rules

There may be special restrictions like the level of noise that can be produced during the function/ celebration or the date from which and up to which the venue can be used etc. These restrictions have to be understood in advance before starting to plan the activities schedule.

  • Reserve it early

As most of the rental companies have limited supply of facilities and styles it is better to reserve them soon after fixing of the wedding date.  Any how it should not be more than six months ahead of the scheduled date of wedding.

  • Estimate the proper size

Making the tent too small or too large can adversely affect the vibe and flow of your party. As a general rule it can be considered that around 1200 sq feet is needed for 100 guests attending a wedding function.

  • Make a rain plan

Generally there will not be any rain and the wedding function will wind up as an unforgettable event.  But if rain comes, everything will be shattered. So, you should be prepared to face it also. For this you need to have wall panelling and a plan to act upon in case the rain showers.

  • Consider flooring

Grass on floor is the cheapest option. If you want to protect the heels of the ladies then you should cover the floor with sisal carpet or wood flooring or AstroTurf which is affordable in neutral hue.

  • Temperature problem

In August getting trapped in a hall where there is no air conditioner is unthinkable to an average man. So do not hesitate to arrange air conditioners or room heaters depending upon the date so that everyone feels comfortable.

Loud music is unavoidable in a dance floor. So arrange a good sound system in advance so that the young couple and the guests can dance and enjoy according to their tastes and temperaments.

Do not forget to include essentials like air conditioners or room heaters or sound system etc in the agreement you make with wedding party rentals ny in the initial stages of drafting the agreement itself so that no problem arises later.