Getting engaged is so overwhelming, but it is the first event of many to come. And new couples usually find themselves confused with a lot of questions. Who to invite? When to book tent rentals?

Congratulations! To you, if you’re the newly engaged couple or someone close, you know. But what knows? How you’re supposed to break the news and throw a party to your friends and family. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here’s a complete guide of engagement party do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Rush Into Planning

This is the most common mistake many couples make. But, there’s no need for you to plan and throw a party right after you get engaged. According to the experts, the couple needs to give themselves some time and enjoy each other’s company.

It would be a better idea to relax and take a break. Maybe go for a vacation together. And then, come back with new energy to plan an engagement party. Also, do know, your upcoming months can be hectic.

Don’t Expect Gifts

Engagement parties are meant to be informal. So, many people don’t bring gifts to engagement parties. You can expect gifts on your wedding day, though. But it will be more than convenient to reserve the table for the cards and presents, just in case.

Also, if you’re not comfortable about accepting gifts at your engagement party. You can ask your host to mention “No Gifts” on your invitations. Or else, you can ask the guests to bring you some cause. That will be the beautiful start of a new life.

Do Choose A Host

It’s your day, and you’ll surely be busy enjoying yourself or maybe indulging in photography. Therefore, it would be best if you choose someone to host the party. So you could have control over everything.

Usually, the bride’s parents host an engagement party. But it is more than ok to break the norm. Like a friend or a fellow couple, anyone close to you can host the party for you.

Let Them Know Your Story

It is a beautiful idea to add the story of your proposal into the element of your party. Your guests will feel valued and more than happy to know one of you proposed or when you said yes.

For instance, if the proposal was on the beach. You can arrange your party at some nearby beach. Or else, you can customize your invitation cards with your names written on the ocean sand.

Customize The Menu

Engagement parties are meant to be casual. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about setting some formal, fancy party menu. Even the best idea is to customize the menu and add an element of you in it.

For instance, you can add two or more items of your partner’s choice; something they love to eat or something you ate on your first date. And name that food item as “his favorite” or “her favorite.” Go out of the box and show your love by putting in a little effort.

Let The Families Engage

Instead of making your guests sit on a single, large table, like some formal lunch, opt for cocktail style and end it with a buffet or self-serve finger food. This will help your guests to have fun and engage at the moment.

Also, this is probably the first time the bride’s and groom’s families are meeting. So, there’s no need to let them sit separately. You can arrange a combined sitting for them. And setting some fun activities for the families will be a cherry on the top. It’ll help break the ice between them.

Don’t Forget The Thank You Notes

Being a responsible host, you need to appreciate your guests. And thank you notes will be more than enough for that.

You can ask the host or a close friend of yours to keep a record of who’s leaving. And make sure they leave with the thank you card and party favor. For a party favor, you can use some chocolates or cupcakes.

Don’t Spend A Lot

No doubt it’s your first announced celebration. But you need to keep a record of your spending on decoration, food, and party rentals Maryland, regardless of who is hosting the party. Save the bulk for the big day, the wedding.