Whether you are planning your own or your parents’ silver jubilee, it should be celebrated lavishly. So, involving your loved ones and the right party rentals is important. Here are some planning tips that will make the anniversary a whole lot better.

Make It A Surprise

Surprises – everyone loves them and why not give your parents or your spouse a banger for the 25th year, because there is a guarantee that they will be surprised beyond measure. This is one of the things that make the celebration a hundred times better and here is how you can be a pro at throwing surprises. Now, since anniversaries are not something people forget, it is good to stay lowkey about the preparation, until it’s time.

Get in sync with the routine of who you’re throwing the party for and plan around that. This is a great way to keep things cloaked and the surprise will be just as awesome and heart-stopping. Keeping surprises can be hard because all you want to do is spill the beans, but keep the thoughts bottled up for now.

After all, when the moment happens, it will be all the more joyous and memorable for both of you. Plan a party, get some good gifts, and wait for the whole thing to unravel in the best possible way.

25 Is The Theme

If you are confused about the theme, then why not make the 25th anniversary your theme for the party? This is the most underrated theme and a lot of people can forget about it. Since it’s 25 years, which is also synonymous with a silver jubilee, you want to make your theme around these two specific things.

Silver décor is going to look beautiful and something about the color is mature and kid-friendly in the best way, so there’s no need to change things up. If you want to go all-out, then get 25-shaped candles or individual candles that count up to 25. Also, go for 25 shaped balloons and base activities of the 25 theme as well, like 25 clues for a treasure hunt, 25 rounds of dancing, 25 songs, and so on.

Don’t Forget The Décor

You can’t forget about the most important part of any party and that’s the décor. It’s best to leave the décor for the day of the party because you want everything to look fresh and neat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t search for ideas and inspiration in the meantime.

So, hop on the internet and find amazing 25th-anniversary décor inspirations and narrow down the ones that resonate with you the most. Then, ask party tent rentals Damascus MD for that design or if they have something close to or better than that.

Who Can Say No To Cake?

No anniversary is complete without a good ole cake. Who says cakes are just for the kids? You can certainly celebrate your or your parent’s silver jubilee with a beautiful cake and even serve it to the guests as dessert. The cake needs to be the center of attention, so go for something that has a bit of height and is beautifully decorated per the theme.

You can certainly go for a silver fondant cake with 25 candles on it or you can also write a fun and quirky quote that is the symbolism of your relationship or your parents’ relationship. This adds that wonderful personalized touch.

Choose A Special Date

When thinking about the actual day on which you want to host the party, there are a lot of options. The ideal one would be to hold the party on the date of your anniversary, but sometimes, that’s not always possible, because it might be a weekday, you guys might be busy and not a lot of guests will show up either.

So, the next best option would be the coming weekend. Saturday or Sunday is great because there’s no work, you guys can have a fun time and the guests will also be able to make it, just in time for the party to start.

Make Beautiful Invitations

Invitations are just as important as décor and food and if you want people to remember your anniversary party, then you need to think out of the box. Get creative and find beautiful invitation samples that you can custom-design to your liking.

This is super easy and if you’re someone who loves to play with graphic design software, then this will be a piece of cake for you the best part is that it won’t cost you a lot either. Mention the dress code so the guests choose their party dresses accordingly.

The Silver Jubilee Music Playlist

Songs are very nostalgic and they can transport you back in time. What better way to add some beats to the party than with a playlist that is the perfect embodiment of the relationship you’ve been cherishing for the last 25 years?

Play the songs that bring back beautiful memories like the ones you guys danced at prom, or the song that reminds you of your first date together, the wedding song, the song you blast in the car and sing together. The options are endless with this idea.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Pictures are moments frozen in time and they can bring back joy and memories in the most beautiful way. The anniversary party can also consist of 25 pictures that remind you guys of the time you spent.

If you’re throwing a party for your parent’s anniversary, then you can display their pictures of their wedding, their dates, and them having you on trips that meant a lot to them. This is a heartfelt gesture and the guests will also appreciate your effort. No one loves anything more than a personalized trip down the beautiful memory lane.

The Most Important Part – Food

You can’t forget about the food, right? Well, the menu of the spectacular 25th-anniversary party needs to be just as show-stopping. It’s the silver jubilee and you want the menu to make stomachs grumble in the best way.

Appetizers, finger foods, comforting dishes, and foods personalized to your and your spouse’s liking are a must. Alternatively, if you are throwing a silver jubilee party for your parents, then you can cater the menu to the foods that they love and enjoy. That will make the whole experience so much better and everyone will remember the small details that you’ve scattered throughout the party.

Anniversary Speeches

Last but not least, you need to make the party memorable with some soulful and tear-jerking speeches and toasts. If it’s your parents’ anniversary, then they will love this beautiful gesture. You can be certain that tissues will be needed.

Regardless, there is no need for perfection. Just say the words that come out of your heart and soul. This is the truest form of love that you can express for the people you care for and if you’re afraid of jumbling up your words, then write it all down and pour your emotional heart out.


The 25-year mark is a very important milestone in any anniversary and with these planning tips, you will surely remember this anniversary celebration for years to come. Just make sure you plan it correctly so you can communicate your vision with tent rentals Clarksburg and other vendors.