Once the rock is placed on the ring finger, it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family. An engagement party is a small and intimate gathering of the ones you love, and it’s done to cheer on the soon-to-be-married couple. But who manages it, when to hire party tent rentals, who to invite? Here are the basics of engagement party etiquettes that you should know.

Who Hosts The Party?

First things first, you need to find out who will host the engagement party. The normal tradition is that an engagement party is thrown by the bride’s parents, so it’s essentially an event on the bride’s side of the family and they bear all of the expenses. But traditions do change and now there is no rhyme or reason as to who throws the party. It can be thrown by anyone now, but it is mainly the event of the bride’s parents.

Is Gift Giving A Thing?

This can be a major problem if you don’t figure it out. It’s important to know whether the engagement party will involve gift-giving or not. It’s better to establish this before the party so that people can be mentally prepared. It’s not a good thing to thrust into the tradition of gift-giving in the midst of the event.

Let people know before the event whether gift-giving will be a thing or not. You can make it super casual and have people not bring gifts at all, or you can leave it up to the guests.

What Guests Are To Be Invited?

This is also a very important thing to know. The guest list made for the engagement party has to be the same as the wedding guest list. You don’t want to invite people only to the engagement party and not invite them to the wedding. If there are some people whose presence makes you wary, then it’s better not to invite them to both events. Either, invite them to both events or to none at all. This is going to save you from unwanted guest drama and unpleasant situations. Try not to deal with them at all, by taking precautions first.

Make Sure The Families Know Each Other

An engagement party is not a good place for the couple’s parents to meet for the first time. If you and your partner’s parents have not met yet, then the right time to introduce them to each other is before the engagement party. There could be a lot of things that could go south if the parents meet for the first time during the engagement party. It’s better to take this leap before the engagement party and even before you guys commit to each other for marriage. This will warm up the parents to each other in a better way.

Being Cordial

It’s important to take time out for your guests and meet and greet them personally. This will leave a lasting impression on the guests and they will remember you for going out of your way to come and greet them and make them feel welcomed. It’s all about the small things and you need to prioritize things in order to make the event look more organized than it really is. This means greeting the guests as soon as they come, asking them if they’re comfortable or if they need anything, is an important yet pleasant gesture.

Is It Formal Or Casual?

Engagement parties are supposed to be casual. There is no need to pull out the formal gowns and dresses and treat it like a ball. It’s more like an intimate gathering where people and loved ones come and celebrate the union of two people, taking a step towards a bigger commitment, that is marriage. So, try to keep things casual and comfortable. It will put less pressure on you and the guests to make the party look glamorous and everyone can enjoy a good time getting together and having loads of fun.


There you have it! These things will help you in making sure that your engagement party goes smoothly and without any problems at the end of the day. For better management, form a team of your friends and family and also book party rentals Rockland NY.