There is no question about it, marriages are usually incredibly costly. You have to manage the dressing, rings, venue, and have to deal with wedding tent rentals and other vendors. Thankfully, if you want to get married, you don’t have to sacrifice your major financial plans. There are several ways of lowering wedding costs a little or a lot. Below are some interesting ways to save your money for the future.

Pick An Off-Peak Date

Not all wedding dates are similar. Use a wedding date calendar to find out which ones are the most common. You will typically pay a higher price for a venue if there is more competition for a given date. You may earn a discount to pick a less common month, like March or April as these months are not seasonal for weddings which makes them best for a cheap wedding.

Skip Weekends Dates

Saturday is a common wedding day but getting married on Saturday is also usually the most expensive. Whether you are having your wedding on a Saturday, or even a weekday, you can possibly book your venue at a lower price.

Try A Nontraditional Venue

A simple restaurant. A bruise. A holiday-house. Each of these options are possible wedding venues. Choosing a place that normally doesn’t cater for weddings will help you save money — and add a special feel to your nuptials.

For example: Restaurants usually don’t charge a fee for the location. You bill for the food (and even the booze), instead. Pick one with stellar furnishings and you can also shave the expense off your budget.

Be sure the venue is ready to accommodate a large event, and don’t forget to include rental costs for items like tents, lighting or toilets, if necessary. If an expense seems excessive, please politely request removal of it.

Negotiate Unexpected Costs

Lots of unforeseen costs, including cake-cutting and corkage charges or electricity for your DJ and a photo booth, will pop up during preparation. You don’t need to undoubtedly consider them. When an expense is excessive, inquire politely to have it excluded.

Use The Venue’s Resources

Check what is included in the rental fee for each spot. Others can have items like tables, chairs or linens that can turn into savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Beware of charges on top-quality products. You will have to buy or rent everything from flatware, to dishes for lighting if you want to take a DIY place or backyard wedding.

Design Invitation

Wedding invitations are easy to do-it-yourself. Ask a graphic designer friend and find someone online, and print them at home. In any case, you’ll save a few hundred bucks with a written invitation package.

Online Invitation

By ditching physical wedding invitations and embracing digital invites you can save money on cards printing and distribution.

Spend Less on Dressing

These days Brides don’t consider dresses in the bridal shop alone. In the promo or party robe section of any department store you can pick up a white dress. Formal dresses are a nice addition for the popularity of colorful dresses or you can rent them out for your wedding.

Consider Bridal Consignment

A second hand wedding outfit isn’t available to everyone, but for brides who step out of the box it’s a budget-friendly option. Find bridal businesses that specialize in previously owned marriage products, or check out websites with tens of thousands of wedding tokens once worn. After the wedding you can sell your clothes on these sites.

Cutout Guest List

While you may be tempted to place everybody on the guest list you know, this isn’t necessarily an excellent idea. You add additional costs with each extra you make while reducing the intimacy of your wedding.

This was to some extent a pit into which we fell for your own wedding – your guest list expanded and expanded, and you invited people you didn’t even meet, simply because you felt obliged.

Try to invite fewer people, make the wedding more intimate, and hire affordable wedding party rentals Rockland NY in order to save as much as possible. Start by reducing your list by 20%, and again by 20%. See if you’re happy about it, then.