How to get relief from seasonal allergies?

There is no doubt that spring is the most pleasant month out there. It brings with it blooming trees, flower buds, and a lot more. With that, this season also comes with some wonderful fruits for you to eat. However, with that comes the problem of seasonal allergies. While not everybody suffers from seasonal flu and allergies, a big number of people actually do. Such people find it increasingly difficult to manage their symptoms during this season. As a result of this, they suffer from issues such as allergic rhinitis and hay fever. These can make on feel extremely miserable, indeed. Ultimately, the final solution is to go to an allergy physician for proper medical treatment.

In fact, proper medical treatment is something that one should get beforehand. Before your symptoms get worse, you should see a doctor as it will keep any possible complications at bay. This is the prime reason why seeing a doctor is highly recommended as your very first step.

Now, while you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment, how do you get relief from the seasonal allergies? In this article, we put together a number of ideas that you can use in this regard. These include the following:

Reduce your exposure

Seasonal allergy symptoms tend to flare up when a person comes in contact with the allergies. As a result of this, their symptoms of allergies get triggered. So, the best way is to stay inside especially on windy days. This is because on windy days in specific, chances of pollen flying inside your nose are huge. Similarly, you are also likely to swallow them.

Furthermore, make sure that you are not hanging your laundry outside for drying. This is because your clothes may end up catching the pollen, which will stick to them. As soon as you come in contact with the pollen, your allergy symptoms will flare up.

At the same time, make sure that you are wearing a pollen mask when you are outside your house for chores.

Extra precautions to take for high pollen

Symptoms of seasonal allergies basically flare up due to a high amount of pollen grains in the air. In this regard, it is important to take certain steps for the reduction of your exposure. Firstly, make sure that you are checking your radio and television ads frequently.

In case a high amount of pollen grains in the air are forecasted, then it is much better for you to stay indoors rather than walking out. Also, keep all windows and doors closed at the time of night especially when there is a high pollen count in the air.

Keeping indoors clean

Yet another important thing is to keep your indoors clean. In this regard, make sure of air conditioning in your car and the house. Furthermore, if you have air conditioning in the house, make use of high efficiency filters and clean the filters regularly. Otherwise, pollens are also likely to enter your house via air conditioning units. So, this is something that you need to take care of in specific. Otherwise, you are a high risk of pollen allergy triggering.

Ending note

The above mentioned ideas will help you find relief from seasonal allergies in case you follow them correctly. Still, if you feel like your allergy symptoms keep flaring up, it is time to get professional medical help from an allergist Manassas. This is something that you should never delay in specific, because allergists are trained to help you out. Sometimes, it is impossible for you to get relief from symptoms on your own, especially when they are severe.

What Are The Types Of White Marble Countertops

Marble countertops may seem pretty easy to classify, right? But there are so many different types of white marble countertops you can chsoose from. Here is a list of some white marble options that you will love in your bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms as well.

Carrara Marble

This marble material is very common among people, because the design is simple and doesn’t clash with changing interior. This marble kitchen worktop is also very minimalistic, and it can go with any type of room color, décor and design. When you look at a Carrara marble, you can see a basic white background. The color of white can be super white, off-white, dirty white or bluish- white as well.

Now, coming to the marble design on Carrara marble, it’s very sporadic and subtle. It is not very distinct and dark. It is very muted, neutral and almost seamless. The marble effect is very diffused, and it looks almost invisible. The marble effect can be in various colors, like grey, light black, or other darker but neutral hues. This type of marble looks amazing on kitchen countertops, or even in bathrooms, because it is very subtle, and it looks classic and timeless.

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is a darker and more defined version of Carrara marble. The foundation of the marble is white. It can also be in various other neutral tones. The veining of the marble is more stronger and darker than Carrara marble. It is thick, dark and defined, unlike Carrara marble, in which the veining is soft and diffused. Because of this reason, the Calacatta marble is a more expensive white marble, and it is loved by people too, because it reflects a real marble-like appearance on the counters, which looks extremely beautiful.

The Calacatta marble is not only used for countertops, but it is also used in flooring and firewood places as well, because of its distinct and beautiful design and it adds a lot of character and style to the room.

Statuario Marble

Statuario marble is very similar to Calacatta marble, in the sense that it has dark and defining veining on the surface. It is also quite similar to Carrara marble, because of its neutral and muted undertones, but it is also available in brighter variants of white as well. The main difference between Statuario marble and Calacatta marble is that the veining in Statuario marble is very linear and less random. It almost looks predefined and perfect, whereas, in other marbles, the veining is very random and sporadic, and no such pattern is formed.

Because of the perfectly linear veining on statuario marble, this type of marble is used in a lot of corporate offices and commercial buildings, because it reflects perfection and cleanliness. This marble is also very common and famous in Italy for making statues, hence the name “Statuario”. This marble also works great as flooring or an accent wall panel for a beautiful appearance as well.

Mystery White Marble

This marble is very similar to Carrara marble, because the veining in it is very diffused and it almost looks invisible, which is why it got the name “Mystery White”. This marble has a white undertone with different varieties of white, off-white and neutral colors. The main difference between Mystery White and Carrara marble is the color of veining.

In Carrara marble, the veining is mostly grey or some sort of dark color. In Mystery White marble, the veining is more of a cream or neutral color, which makes it almost invisible unless you look closely at it. This combination is a winner among a lot of people and it is hugely used as a material for countertops.

White Himalaya Marble

The white Himalaya marble is also similar to Carrara marble stone, but the only difference is that the veining, although it is subtle and muted, it has hues of blue and purple in it, which compliments the strong white background. It looks very stunning on as kitchen counter and even in bathrooms. The veining is also spider-web-like, so it looks unique every time you look at it.

Lastly, make sure to find a good fabricator for countertop replacement NC to get a flawless countertop.

Taking care of your car’s body paint

When you get a new car, you certainly do not want to get the paint scratched or faded away. So, you will want to do everything to protect it. Among all the things that you must do, the most important is installing a car bodywork protection film. Such a film on your car’s body will prevent the paint from scratches and discoloration over-time. However, even with a protection film, you will have to take a number of precautions to ensure that the paint is long-lasting.

Since cars are a big investment, and you do not buy a car every month, unless you’re a multi-millionaire, it is natural for you to be conscious about your car. We get it. This is why we are writing this article to help you out.

How to take care of your car’s body paint?

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to take care of your car’s body paint. By using these tips, you will be able to ensure that it stays long-lasting. Consequently, your car will keep on shining and glimmering for long! These tips include:

Bird droppings

While it may sound funny, bird droppings and other animal excrement on your car’s body can cause corrosion very quickly. And quite unfortunately, birds tend to target some specific colors for excretion more often than others. However, if you have protection film installed on your car, you will not have to deal with the corrosion.

Such a damage to your car would otherwise be irreversible. In that case, you will need a professional to repair the damage. This is something that most car paint experts will warn you about. This is the same that applies to insects.


Sometimes, insects end up getting stuck to the automotive paint. As a result of this, corrosion occurs on the places where their body starts to rot away. In this regard, if you have a protection film on your car, the insects will not stick on it. Consequently, you can simply wash the insects using water.


Are you someone who washes his car? If yes, then you are quite fortunate because washing by hand is considered to be a kind method. This way, the car’s body paint does not suffer and discoloration can be slowed down. In comparison, if you take the car to get washed at a wash shop, chances are that your car’s paint may suffer.

On the brighter side, though, car wash shops can wash the car quite fast and hence, you will not have to wait a lot. But on the downside, the water pressure in car body wash shops tends to be very high. As a result of this, there is a chance that the car’s paint will be stripped off in the process.

While this will not happen in a single go, it can happen if you continue doing this. Overtime, the color will start to fade away and your car will not look as new as it once was.

Ending note

If you want your car to look as new as it was throughout its lifetime, reach out to clear car protection film installers Springfield right away. By getting a film protection, most of your worries regarding your car’s looks and paint will go away. This is because film protection is quite strong in nature and will protect the car from most of the things that will otherwise damage its paint. Hence, they are of extremely importance. With that, always reach out to professional film installers and avoid getting help from rookies who don’t do a great job.

6 Hair Straightening Mistakes People Commonly Make

Hair straightening is a diligent process that has no room for teeny-weeny mistakes. A few minor mistakes can get it all wrong, hence, you should be careful beforehand or visit hair straightening salons to get your hair done by professionals.

Following are the hair straightening mistakes that you need to acknowledge and try your best to avoid:

Moving the Flat-Iron on Your Wet Hair

You are strictly forbidden to straighten your hair when they are wet. Your hair has to be consummately and meticulously dried before embarking on the process. No matter how much late you have gotten for an important meeting, no matter how quickly time is slipping through your fingers, you can never afford to move the flat-iron on your wet hair. In an otherwise scenario, you can get your hair eaten up by the flat-iron. Your hair can be burnt in no time.

Not Knowing the Temperature of Your Flat-Iron

If you are aware of the right temperature, your hair is most likely to be untroubled by anything. In case, you iron your hair at a wrong temperature, your hair can be bearing severe consequences.

When you go to the market to purchase a flat-iron, make sure, it doesn’t have only an on-off button. This way you never know what amount of heat your hair will be absorbing. Hence, be very watchful of the product you are buying for your hair.

To be concise, you better be knowing the temperature that is apt for your hair. Temperature of flat-iron is not an Einstein theory which will remain fixed for anyone and everyone; it varies from person to person; hence, you are suggested to consult your stylist or do a patch test to know the temperature at which you should be ironing.

Not Using a Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is a very important ingredient which you need to buy for yourself. This very product has the tendency to rescue your hair from getting susceptible to heat of the sun. It is apparently a very minor mistake but it can cost you huge. Hair that is accustomed to straightening has to be protected from the natural heat. Therefore, do not be careless with these seemingly small things.

Not Being Able to Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Every hair product has a variety of ingredients, and every ingredient may or may not be suitable for your hair skin and hair type. Please do not dabble into anything and be extremely vigilant while picking up something for you.

The duo of shampoo and conditioner should be compatible with each other as well. The ingredients present in both the things should not be contrary to each other. Your shampoo and conditioner should be like two peas in a pod — not very dissimilar to each other.

Some people for the sake of saving a few bucks end up getting their hair spoilt. The conditioner and shampoo you are using should be bought at a reasonable price. Do not opt for less than what your hair deserve.

Selecting the Wrong Flat Iron

When buying a flat iron, google a few things and make sure to have these materials inculcated in your flat-iron: ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. These materials are highly recommended by the biggies of this business.

Flat iron plates have to give off heat more evenly, and ceramic-made plates make it possible. Titanium tends to glide smoothly and is more durable than the rest of the materials. Tourmaline emits negative ions which give the hair a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Note to yourself: sleek and straight hair begin with the right flat iron.

Ironing It Upwards Instead of Downwards

As it is pretty much obvious that you do not move it upwards, it always works in an otherwise direction. It is a mistake very few people tend to make but we still feel like asking you to steer clear of this ridiculous mistake. Believe you us, your hair can get more frizzy and crimpy if you choose to move the flat-iron in an upward direction. Do not mess it up as it is the question of your much-loved and much-cared for hair.

Making mistakes is a human attribute but some mistakes can be a lifelong regret, therefore, be watchful of every step you take regarding a feature as important as hair. If you put a stop to these mistakes once and for all, visit a keratin treatment salon Rockville for permanent hair straightening.

Burning wood safely for good chimney health

Every fall season, the leaves start changing colours and the day becomes shorter and shorter. This is when people love to sit in front of the fire and turn their fireplaces on. Indeed, the tranquillity and peace that a fireplace brings is unmatched. However, the problem is that a big number of people do not employ good chimney practices. For instance, they do not reach out to chimney relining services until the damage becomes irreversible or a tragedy occurs.

In case you own a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, make sure that you are maintaining it properly before starting a fire. There are a number of reasons for this. According to a number of surveys, each year in the United States, there is a fire in about 26000 residential properties due to fireplaces or chimneys. This is primarily because many people are unaware with good chimney cleaning and health practices.

Good chimney practices

In order to help you out with this and to keep you safe, we include a number of chimney practices in this article. By employing these, you will be able to ensure safe working of your chimneys. These include:

Maintain the stove or fireplace

Make sure that you are cleaning your fireplace interior by vacuuming all the ashes up. However, while you are doing this, make sure that your hands and lungs are fully protected. In this regard, consider wearing gloves or a dust mask. Furthermore, while you are inside, remove all the soot build-up and creosote that you can see.

Though, in this regard, we recommend you to take help from a professional chimney cleaning service. Otherwise, you may end up missing something out that can start a fire later.

In order to look up in the flue, you can use a mirror coupled with a flashlight. This is a practice that we also recommend you to do in the heating season.

Hire chimney sweeping services

It is important for your chimneys to be inspected by a professional at least once in a year. So, whenever it is time to turn the fireplace on, make sure that you have called in a professional chimney cleaning service. This is because these companies are highly experienced at cleaning the creosote. Since creosote is primarily responsible for chimney fires, cleaning this substance away will reduce the risk of your house having a fire.

Use high quality wood

We cannot also stress enough on how important it is to use high quality wood to burn in your chimneys. Make sure that you are using a properly cured and split wood. This type of wood has the best performance. As a result of this, the build-up or soot and creosote in the chimneys is reduced significantly. Since these are the main components that start a chimney fire, using high quality food is a good practice. So you cannot just remove tree from your backyard and use as fireplace wood.

Know all the warning signs

It is also important to be fully aware of all the warning signs in your chimneys. These warning signs are the primarily reason why a fire may start in your house. By knowing when and if anything is wrong with your chimneys, you will be able to take steps before things go wrong.

Ending note

By using all the above mentioned chimney tips, you will be able to improve the working of your chimney and also keep your house safe from a chimney fire. At the same time, despite that, get your chimneys inspected by chimney sweep services Bowie at least once in a year. This way, you will be able to improve the condition of your chimney and prevent your house from a tragic event.

How To Make Your Backyard Beautiful On Low Budget

Up for revamping your backyard? This makeover doesn’t have to be costly to look good. You can always hire backyard patio builders, but there are a handful of ideas to try on a low budget. Let’s check them out:

Place an Outdoor Rug

This might sound weird but a rug can jazz up your backyard. You don’t have to go through the process of staining or painting the deck, just place a nice rug to transform your patio space.

Install a Tree Wall

This is ideal if you want to create a high-end look for your backyard. Get a fence and install small trees on it. It’s easier than it looks. You have to plant a tree and train it to make it grow in a pattern. Once you are done with this DIY project, you will create a custom look.

Repurpose Old Tires

If you have old tires in your house, you might find them too hard to get rid of, right? The good news is you can put them to use. Even if you don’t have them, you can buy recycled tires at an inexpensive cost.

  • There are a couple of ideas for using old tires:
  • Use the tire as the base for creating a garden pond
  • Create decorative planters by stacking tires
  • Use it as a swing by tying a rope around

Get a Fountain

Here’s another cool idea. Get a fountain. Water features like these don’t take much room and they don’t cost that much either. You can keep it hidden somewhere between the plants in the garden or install it in a place where it’s visible.

Add Lighting

There is no better way of transforming a space than adding more lights. String lights, fairy lights or even lanterns add so much spark to a boring place. Investing in outdoor lighting is always worthwhile.

Plant Bright Flowers

Flowers are a natural way of adding color that pops out on your landscape. Can’t decide which flowers to plant? Head to the local plant nursery and buy the flowers you like the most. Grab a few pots and spread them around your backyard for a colorful look.

Display a Collection

By collection, we don’t mean something expensive. If you have a love for gardening, use pots as your focal point. Add a plain shelf and place cactus and other succulents there. This would add a pop of color to your backyard.

Pick a Plant Palette

Use plants as a color palette. Be highly selective in the plants you choose. You will be surprised to see how creative you can get with different plant varieties. Take this as an opportunity to cover more ground with growing material.

Pave It Up

Paving doesn’t have to expensive. There are so many economical hardscaping options like crushed rock and gravel. This is ideal for those who are into backyard ideas without grass. An added advantage is that gravel will offer you a casual surface for installing outdoor seating. On the other hand, you can also use large stones in between the grass.

Get Annuals

We hear you, annuals can be expensive as compared to shrubs and perennials but they are a handy way of adding color and impact to your backyard. You can arrange them in containers for a bolder look. You can create a color palette using matching vessels.

Add Landscaping Line

If you have a small backyard, you can still make it attractive by adding a strong landscaped line. Create interlocking zones using different materials like wood stained decking or stones. Create a unique pattern to make your garden stylish.

Use Ceramic Tiles

Instead of using natural stone, why not use ceramic tiles on the deck? They are economical. Shop around and explore your options.

Invest in Patio Furniture

Once you are done designing your backyard, don’t forget to add one important item – patio furniture. There should be a place to sit and enjoy the weather and of course, the view. Outdoor furniture is not limited to chairs and barstools. You can get a bench and even create a bonfire section. Furniture would play the role of icing on the cake.

There you go! You are all set with a handful of backyard décor ideas to try without spending a fortune. If you want to get stone or brickwork done, it’s best to take suggestions from masonry contractors Long Island. They can offer good advice.

Different types of house additions for more space

House additions come in a number of different types that address the needs of homeowners differently, based on the style, cost, and amount of space that they are after. Home additions can be low-cost, expensive, DIY projects, or heavy projects. Some of these can actually break your bank while other may not cost more than a few dollars. Some types of additions actually be called conversions, since they totally transform your area. Simply put, additions in house can cost as less as you want and as more as you need. Some additions may even be more expensive than that cost of the house itself.

Types of home additions

In this article, we put together the major type of house additions that you can include in your house. This will guide you in figuring out what you need and what you don’t. These include:

Conventional house additions

Simply put, conventional house additions involve building a new structure that is multi-room along the house side. This is open permanently to the house. When built properly, a conventional house addition will blend within the house.

There are a number of areas that a house addition can have. These include the master bedroom, dining room, guest room, family room, living area, bathroom, and the great room. It is quite rare for house owners to add kitchens in their addition.

While this type of addition is quite expensive, they have a high value of return as compared to the building cost. So, you may get a good price in case you sell your house in the future. Though, do remember that this process is complex, time-taking, uncomfortable, and expensive.

Room addition

A room addition, as its name implies, involves building a single structure alongside the house which functions as an independent room. Usually, these types of structures are built for guests or paying guests as they provide a lot of privacy to the family. The structures will normally blend with the house. However, they may or may not be connected internally with the main house itself.

In this, a new roofline is often laid down. These additions are relatively cheaper as compared to the conventional house addition. However, still we cannot say that they are cheap enough even if they are relatively cheap. Furthermore, they are also subject to permits, inspectors, and the building codes of the area.


Sunrooms are built on the side of a house and offer a supplemental living place to the family. They are closed off from the main house part using doors. These are not a conventional addition. Usually, smaller sunrooms are built of materials such as thermal-resistant glass and aluminum.

Sometimes, other materials are also used in their building that include concrete, lumber, and bricks. Visually, these are solid house additions that match the aesthetics and vibes of the original house.

Do note that sunrooms cannot be used as permanent sleeping places. Moreover, you cannot install bathrooms and kitchens inside sunrooms. This is because they are not designed to work as a permanent living structure. In this regard, they are limited in their functionality and are hence, just supplemental areas.


Regardless of the type of house addition you are getting, it is important to consider whether the addition will even add value in your house. If you feel like it will add no value, then perhaps you should pass. If it may add value, talk to home remodeling architects DC and figure out how the value can be maximized. This is the only way through which you can get the most value out of such additions in your house.


An Easy Guide On How To Hold A Conference

Conferences play a very vital role in successful businesses which must follow the basics of successful conferences that may include tent and round table rentals, a patterned way of presentations and so on. Below are a few tips for to hold such successful conferences

Decide the Main Theme of Conference

The theme of the conference is very important as it decides the final key takeaways for your audience so make sure you have decided that before arranging one. Also, a good theme for any successful conference should trigger the emotions of the audience so they can relate their working with what is being said by the speaker. This makes the conferences inspiring for others which seem to stimulate conversation among different individuals at different levels. And also, the theme helps a lot in branding, logo designing and promotions to bring up your cause to a bigger level.

Plan All Possible Small Details

Bigger details are obviously always taken care of but smaller details are what which can help you greatly in making your conference successful. so, management of small details is important. Be clear about the goal of your conference and what do you want to achieve from this conference. Another important prospect could be the location of your conference which should be feasible for your targeted audience.

Same goes for the speaker you will choose for this conference which holds a great importance as it will decide how many guests are actually going to attend this conference. Also, make sure you have invited the correct audience for your conference which should not include any irrelevant people. And lastly, your budget should be affordable enough for people to attend this conference by keeping the ticket price to the least.

Consider Correct Timing of Conference

Correct timing for any conference corresponds to both; the time you take to plan and execute it and the time you have planned for the whole conference itself. Both timings matters a lot for a successful conference as planning phase requires plenty of time while the actual day of event requires proper time management.

Also, if the time of planning phase gets disturbed, it may impact the quality of your overall event as you might not be able to deliver what you initially intend to. Similarly, if you are crossing the set timeline of your conference then it might irritate your audience as they must be having other things on their to-do list.

Select an Appropriate Venue

Venue is something which can make your conference a hit in your surroundings or break the hearts of many people. A conference is basically held for your audience to network and connect with each other so there should be proper sitting area or a hallway where they can talk during breaks.

And there should be a completely separate and private space where the event itself will take place. Along with this, the venue should not be very far from your workplace or at any remote area where commutation becomes difficult for your audience. It is recommended to select a place in your workplace surroundings which makes very easy for every person to come and go without any inconvenience.

Market Your Event on Social Media

This is yet another way of promoting your company or brand where you may use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to show the happening of your conference. You should be well aware of the fact that encouraging engagement and promoting your event gets a quick and high priority on social media as soon as you put it there.

For instance, you may create an event on Facebook and invite attendees while the other information like date and location can be updated later. This way your conference will keep on popping up in notifications of your surrounding people to market it in the best way.

Budget Your Conference

Although this point does not need to be highlighted this much as everyone is already aware of the importance of budget but still some people mismanage the whole event at this point when everything else was going smoothly. So, try to budget everything in advance like tent rentals Northern VA, food expenses, activities, marketing costs and all other basic factors which are very important for any successful conference.

Transitioning your HVAC from cooling to heating season

Now that the heating season has started, you would want to transition your HVAC system from cooling to heating. Now, the mornings and nights both are quite cold. Before the temperatures drop even further, it is important for your HVAC system to be in top shape so that you can turn it on whenever you feel like. According to all hvac companies, this transition is very important as it helps your HVAC system in performing the best. This way, the heating remains very efficient and the system does not have to work harder than usual. Consequently, your electricity costs also end up being lower.

How to transition from a cooling season to a heating season?

Make sure that your house is ready for the heating season so that your HVAC unit performs efficiently. The tips that we have included in this article will allow you to do that.

Switch the fan to clockwise

First of all, you should know that hot hair rises above. So, as a result of this, the hot air in your house is likely to accumulate at the ceiling. So, make sure that your fans are rotating clockwise. This will push the warm air down. You do not have to rotate them at full speed though. Because that will create the opposite effect. Rather, you simply have to rotate them very slightly.

This will push all the warm air down, hence cooling the entire room. This circulation of warm air is extremely important in order to maintain efficient heating of the entire room.

Adjust the thermostat

Make sure that the thermostat is set at your preferred temperature so that neither your room becomes too hot/cold, and neither your HVAC unit has to work harder than usual. In case you make very big difference in the thermostat, your HVAC unit may run into technical issues.

While you are awake, set the thermostat to about 68 degrees. While sleeping, a good point is lesser than that. When you are not home, keep the thermostat lower in order to save power and electricity.

Change the air filter

It is quite important to constantly change and inspect the HVAC filter every month. This will allow your heater to work in an efficient manner. A clean air filter will allow you to keep your air quality inside the house good. Consequently, you will be able to avoid all the costly repairs that might come later.

Make sure that the air flow is good

Walk around the house and see that none of the registers in the house are blocked by rugs or furniture. Furthermore, also make sure that they are fully open and not closed.

In case you have a blocked register, your heating system will have to work much harder than usual. This may not only result in technical errors, but will also increase your electricity costs.

Air seal the home

By air sealing your windows and doors properly, you will be able to insulate the house. This way, heat energy will not escape and will remain inside for longer periods of time. Consequently, your HVAC unit will work less harder in order to reach up to a particular temperature.

Ending note

It is very important to make your HVAC system transition very smoothly to the heating season. Abrupt changes in the temperature can sometimes burn these units out. In order to get further advice regarding smooth transition and maintenance, reach out to your local heating service repair Long Island. Nevertheless, the tips mentioned above should be good enough to help you keep your HVAC unit in perfect shape this heating season.


What Is Patch Test And Why You Should Always Do It When Coloring Hair

You must have stumbled upon the term patch test when you visited your hair salon for any types of hair coloring or highlights. Every one of you or rather every woman in the world more or less know the meaning of a Patch Test, but have you realized how important a patch test is and what consequences it could bring if neglected or skipped?

How many times have you gone for a hair dye or have gotten highlights or streaking done on your hair? Most probably many times or at least once in your life if not many times. How many times have you skipped a patch test just because you will have to go twice to the hair salon, one for the patch test and one for the actual appointment if everything is well.

How many times have you purchased a DIY hair dye and done at home without doing a patch test? Multiple times right? Fortunately you were not allergic to the ingredients of any hair dye but that does not mean you will be in the future when you get your dyed. If you are allergic to any of the content of the hair dye then it could lead to serious skin burns and problems.

What Is A Patch Test?

A patch test is a process or a procedure which is done by hair coloring experts and hairdressers to see if the dye or color does not cause any chemical reaction or hazard to the skin. This test is done 24 to 48 hours prior to the actual dying, streaking and highlighting procedure to the hair. It is a straightforward way of knowing whether the color will cause any allergic reaction to the skin or not.

Why Is A Patch Test Important?

Before you get to know the answer of this question, just Google what are the consequences of an allergic reaction of hair dye on the skin and you will be horrified. Yes the consequences of an allergic reaction are really harmful, it could lead to skin burns, skin issues, complete hair fall and other drastic problems. Some salon owners provide insurance to the clients if there is any reaction, but thousands will be spent on treatments of the burns on the scalp and skin.

Usually the patch test is done when the hair dye comes in contact with the scalp. No matter how carefully the hairdresser applies the dye, it tends to come in contact with the scalp. In streaking foils are applied which can cause the dye to leak to the scalp.

It is important to get a patch test done so the hairdresser and you will know that you are not allergic to the contents and ingredients of the hair dye. Usually a small amount of dye is applied on the skin (mostly behind the ear) from a cotton ball to check whether you are allergic or not.

The importance of a patch test can be known from the fact that it has now been made a legal requirement under section 3 of the health and safety at work act for all salon owners and failure to comply has led to prosecution and heavy fines. Why the government has made it compulsory because allergic reaction to hair dyes has caused people to even lose their life.

Can Patch Test Be Done At Home?

Most people prefer easy shampoo dyes or home coloring DIY hair dye kits readily available in the stores. It is important to do a patch test yourself before the actual coloring process. But you should have the complete knowhow on how to do the patch test at home correctly. Sometimes people also prefer to do patch test at home when they have an appointment at the hairdresser. But you should know that it is important to do it at least 24 hours before the appointment and better is to do 48 hours. Also the mixing of the hair dye should be in exact proportion as the actual hair dye.

Also no two people are the same, if one person did not get any reaction from the dye, it is not necessary that you will also not. So, next time get a patch test done when you visit your hair highlights salon Olney MD.