A bathroom remodeling costs a lot, but it doesn’t have to be in your case. With better planning and the below tips, you can control the escalating cost of your bath remodel.

Don’t Change The Bathroom Size Or Layout

When the owner wants to expand the size of the bathroom and/or change its layout, the cost of remodeling skyrockets. You will have to move everything including the plumbing pipes. This process is costly and takes more time than remodels that don’t require a layout change.

Moving fixtures during a remodel should be avoided if you don’t want to overspend. Try to replace the fixtures and different materials like cabinets, mirrors, and countertops.

Get Advice From A Professional When Planning

If you want to save money, you may want to avoid involving people who will have to pay, but getting advice from a contractor is in your favor. This is because they have the experience to tell you if your preferences are practical or if they are inside your budget.

With the advice of a contractor, you can select the right materials which are cheap and durable and features that provide value but aren’t costly.

On top of that, many suppliers and stores provide discounts to contractors because they buy material from them frequently or refer homeowners to buy from them. So, getting recommendations from a pro can help you save money on buying materials and fixtures.

The Contract Should Have Clear Goals

After planning the remodel and selecting a contractor, you should sign a contract with clear goals to avoid extra costs. This will show which tasks are agreed upon by the contractor to be done and at which price.

Avoid Tiling The Entire Walls

Tiling is a common option for bathroom walls. The designs, patterns, and styles of tiles are a lot so even when everybody is using tiles, every bathroom looks unique and beautiful.

The cost of tiles varies with design and materials, but whatever the cost of the tiles you choose, you can save money by avoiding tiling the entire walls and going for part-tiling. You will save on labor and material.

Moreover, part-tiling will give the bathroom more depth because you’ll be choosing paint for the remaining parts of the walls. Other than that, this enabled you to change the look of your bathroom more easily by simply changing the paint color and style without changing the tiles.

Another benefit of avoiding completely tiling the entire walls is that you can hang pictures in your bathroom as well instead of placing them in racks.

Prefer A Shower Box Over A Bathtub

Experts suggest installing a shower or shower box instead of a bathtub because it costs less. Anyone who wants to cut costs and doesn’t want to overspend should go for a shower box. However, if you like long baths in the bathtub, only then install them.

Look For Discounts When Shopping For Bathroom Items

A big part of the bathroom upgrade cost is the fixtures and materials. Find clearance items because they are sold at, sometimes, half the actual price because the retailers need to remove them from the store to make space for newer items.

Moreover, some shops offer discounts on some times which can benefit from. Plus, you don’t need to buy everything from one shop if you’re not getting discounts for it.

For saving on materials, we also suggested earlier to get recommendations from your contractor as well. Other than that, if you like a tile design, look for it on classified sites to find out if anyone is selling their leftovers.

Reuse What You Can

Removing all the items from your bathroom and installing brand-new fixtures will upgrade your bathroom but it will cost you a lot. So, you should use the items that you can to cut costs. For instance, you may need to replace the drywall or wall paneling. In most cases, it may require some repairs, which will cost a fraction of what replacing them will cost.


Cutting costs of your bathroom remodel is possible if you plan well, get materials on discounts, and don’t change the layout of the bathroom. You should be getting the services of experienced bathroom remodelers for a smooth and cost-effective remodel. abbro