Brick patios are one of the most popular patio options. The reason is that these patios are not only visually appealing but are also close to being maintenance-free. You only have to worry about the fee of patio builders and the cost of patio materials. However, you need to clean them and seal them for protection as well. Therefore, we are going to discuss how can you seal a brick patio, which is fairly simple and easy. Let’s begin!

Take Your Time

When it comes to sealing your brick patio, you need to take your time. Such projects include several different steps that need to be dealt with carefully and patiently. If you were to rush things, you can easily mess up the final result. In fact, most of the brick patio problems arise when homeowners tend to push things instead of taking them one by one. If you need a beautiful backyard, take regular care of it.

Believe it or not, cleaning the surface a little better or rinsing a little more could mean the difference between a successful project and a failed one. Depending on the weather and several other external conditions, it might be that the seal is requiring more time to settle. As a result, you will need to wait a few days before you can move your furniture. The point is that the result will be more satisfying, given more time.

Acids Can Be Great Cleaners

Before sealing your brick patio, you will come across a lot of stains. Even if you have maintained your patio over the years but still, you will have some spots here and there. This is mainly due to the furniture sitting on the patio for a while or the leaves that have been left to lie.

Cleaning and removing these stains is important before you seal the pavers as they can become permanent once the seal is applied. The simplest way to clean these stains is by using acids. You can use conventional muriatic acid but that will burn your skin. Therefore, opt for a safer alternative.

Once you have purchased the cleaner, pour it over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes so that it can break down. Then, using a brush and warm tap water, clean the stain.

Clean, Clean, And Clean

The prep work on pavers requires a lot of effort and time. If your brick patio has not been looked after over the years, you can expect moss, algae, and mildew in between the joints that need to be cleared up. The easiest way to remove such items is by using a pressure washer.

Use a pressure washer that is powerful enough to remove these otherwise stubborn things. Once the cleaning is done, rinse the patio and let it dry until you can add some sand between the joints.

Level Uneven Pavers

Now that the patio is clean, inspect the patio for any uneven pavers. Chances are high that there are going to be some that will need leveling. If you find some, use a stiff putty knife and a screwdriver to pry them out. Once removed, you can add a little sand, smoothen it with the blade of your putty knife and re-install the bricks. A couple of taps should make the bricks level once again.

Regrout The Joints And Seal The Patio

The final step of preparing before sealing the patio is regrouting the joints. For this, you will need to put some sand between the joints that will take a bit of time. Keep sweeping the area until the joints are completely filled. Once the joints are filled, move onto applying the sealant.

We suggest opting for water-borne sealers that require two coats normally. If the sealer tends to puddle, use a dry roller or simply a brush to get rid of the puddling. At the same time, don’t use more than two coats. More is definitely not better. And lastly, after sealing the patio, make sure that it is looked after.

Blow off any leaves, rinse the dirt and debris at least once a week. And once you observe that the patio is losing its finish and luster, simply rinse it with a garden hose and apply a light layer of the paver sealer.

Final Word

Concluding, sealing and maintaining a brick patio is simple if you were to follow the tips mentioned above. Make sure that you take your time, prepare the surface well and use the right products. If you have less time, connect with a patio contractor for sealing and maintaining your patio. Lagras