Tree removal is imperative in any garden, backyard or front lawn that has trees and plantation. Every tree has a lifespan and can live only that much longer. It is important to remember that tree removal is important when the tree is making the scenery ugly or less appealing, it has become too old or big and is unsafe to be around the residence or maybe only because it is becoming the cause of spread of infections around. Whatever the reason might be, tree removal is important and what is even more important is tree stump removal.

What Are Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps are the last block of the tree wood that are left standing on the grounds after the rest of the tree has been cut down. This means that the wooden bark over the land and its roots under the ground are left intact.

Should the Tree Stump Be Left Standing or Removed?

Now the important question at this point is whether the tree stump should be left as it is or should it be removed from the property. This is a very important decision to make. In most cases, it is ideal to work for the tree stump removal after you cut down the tree. There is no reason for the tree stump to be left when the tree is cut down but of course there are many reasons for the tree stump to be removed. In this article ahead, we explore a few reasons for tree stump removal.

Reason # 1 – It is aesthetically unappealing

The first reason to get the tree stump removed from the vicinity is because it only makes your yard (front or back) look simply very ugly and unattractive. Nobody wants a garden or yard in their house that is not pretty and groomed.

Reason # 2 – It lowers property value

This does not exactly mean the ‘cost’ of your property because a tree stump can have little impact on the price of your house but it definitely lowers the number of people who would be interested in buying the home. At first glance, a large tree stump right in the middle of the yard does not make it a house people would want to buy.

Reason # 3 – Tree stumps are unsafe for children

If you have children in the house, particularly younger ones, you would want to get the tree stump removed sooner than later. These stumps can become a big reason for unpleasant accidents because they do not make the house child-friendly.

Reason # 4 – Garden maintenance becomes harder

When you maintain a garden such as mown the grass or trip the plants, it becomes difficult to do all these garden maintenance tasks when there are large tree stumps blocking or covering the ground here and there.

Reason # 5 – It can cause spread of pests and infections

If the tree removal service bethesda you did was for a tree that was infected, it is highly likely that the tree stump will spread pests and infections in your garden nonetheless. So, in order to prevent bigger damage, you should get the tree removed along with the stump.