Choosing a rug is not an easy task especially when there are a plethora of beautiful area oriental rugs available in the market. All the rugs you see look perfect for your room but unfortunately you can go for one. So let’s make this purchase the best for you.

Why Should You Go For A Rug?

A rug is a great way to add color, design and an aesthetic appeal in your bedroom. It helps to uplift the decor and design of your room and give a sense of warmth and coziness. Other than that, rugs also help to reduce the cold feet syndrome in the morning and a great way to hide any crack or stain on your floor or carpet and also does not damage your floor from the bed foot.

However, before you proceed to choose a rug for your bedroom, you need to keep in mind the color coordination of the room, the space available for the rug, the size of the room and the style and material of the rug. Once this is finalized then you can read the bedroom rug ideas listed below.

Bedroom Rug Ideas

Go For Contrast

Do not go for an exact shade of rug matching the color of your walls or furniture. Always go for contrasting colors. Exact shade will look monotonous and will be an eyesore instead of giving an appealing look.

Light And Dark Shades

A whole dark colored room looks overbeating and hideous while a whole light-colored room looks plain. A light-colored rug in a dark colored room will add a feeling a homeliness and will surely lighten the room’s overall atmosphere. While a dark rug should be placed in a light-colored room to add depth and design.

Don’t Disregard The Decor Of The Room

This is very important and many people tend to overlook this fact. Always consider the theme of the room; if it is a modern setting, vintage, contemporary or minimalistic then go for the same approach in a rug. If the whole decor of the room is giving a modern appeal, then a vintage or antique looking rug will certainly not look good.

Color Coordination And Size

One important thing is the color of the room also plays an important role in the size of the room. If your room is small then adding a light-colored rug will give a spacious look and a dark-colored rug will make the room appear more small. Vice versa, in a huge room you can go for a dark-colored rug to make it appear in the right size. Also, a huge rug placed in a small room will hide the whole decor and furniture of the room and make it appear crammy.

If you have a small sized room then go for small area rugs on the sides or front of the bed and not under the bed as then it will cover the whole if the room and the floor will not be visible.

Splash Of Color

If your room is in one tone and looks boring and drab then add a funky colored rug to instantly liven up the room in no time. Obviously stick to the contrast such as subtle pinks, blues, greens and yellows compliment beige and white decor whereas turquoise, green, red and greys compliment wooden and dark brown rooms.

Elegance Is The Key

Your bedroom is a place where you go to relax, to spend time with your loved one, unwind and have a good sleep. An elegant rug with a slight pattern and design will help you to achieve that goal. A fluffy and soft rug adds perfect elegance to your romantic bedroom.

Explore The World Of Patterns, Stripes, And Abstracts

Explore your wild side and style a rug as per your choice. Go for a shaggy rug, or one with psychedelic patterns and spirals, stripes also help to add drastic design in a room and abstracts help to enlighten a bedroom.

Believe it or not, a rug makes your room stylish, romantic, cozy and whatever you want to be. It adds a personality in your room and adds to the fact that you no longer need to worry about putting your feet on cold floors first thing when you wake up. Look for rugs on sale Northern VA to find beautiful area rugs at a cheap price.