Flatweave rugs date back centuries ago. Probably one of the most ancient rugs in the rug-making industry and to date the most popular ones. So, if you are on the lookout for antique rugs for your new home or are undergoing a renovation then flatweave rugs are your go-to option.

What Are Flatweave Rugs?

Flat weave rugs as the name says are flat and thin rugs made without any backing. The differentiating factor of these particular rugs from the rest of the rugs is that they are woven with horizontal and vertical threads and not knotted. This is the reason why they do not have a tufted layer and are thus less plush. But this does not make them less soft. These highly versatile rugs are made in many fabrics; cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, nylon, linen, and raw silk.

Flatweave rugs have a lot of historical importance. Many may assume it to be just primitive pieces of rugs but their value is far more than one can imagine. Initially, they were used to send messages, as language symbols, as artistic pieces, for shelter, safety, as blankets, and now as wall arts and rugs.

Flatweave rugs are famous all over the world, but every country manufactures according to their heritage and culture. Due to this reason, there are so many different types of flatweave rugs available; Chain Stitch rugs, Needlepoint rugs, Aubusson Weaves, Hooked rugs, Dhurries, Soumaks, Kilims, Nepal Weave, Persian Weave, Oriental Weaves, and Braided rugs.

Why Use Flatweave Rugs?

Flatweave rugs have several benefits. Let’s discuss!

A Wide Variety Of Colors, Patterns, And Designs

You will be amazed at how much this thin and flat woven rug has to offer. Whether you are looking for a rug for your bedroom, living room, dining area, or patio, you will find a huge variety of colors, different designs, and beautiful patterns. The patterns range from tribal motifs to intricate florals, artistic abstract, and contemporary designs. Apart from it, you will find a rug in any theme you like, vintage or modern both.

Highly Durable

Do you have heavy furniture that you want to place on the rugs? Or is your home a high-traffic area? Worry not as flatweave rugs can easily take the heaviest furniture and withstand pressure and foot traffic. The best part is that there will be zero indentation from the furniture and they will not fade at any cost. Even the highest quality of rugs fade away at one point in time but with flatweaves, no chance.

Low Maintenance

Do you have kids or pets at your home? Do you like to host dinners and gathering on and off? Flatweaves is once again the winner as it is completely low maintenance. It can be easily put in your washing machine or simply washed by hand and it will be as good as new. It will be clean in no time. Another advantage is that flatweave rugs are the same on the other side, which is reversible, so if it gets a big stain on one side, then simply flip it over.

They Do Not Shed

The biggest drawback of a rug is shedding. It’s hard to remove the sheds from your floors and furniture after the rugs are vacuumed. But, flatweaves do not shed because they do not have a piled backing. The weaves are flat and stay at one place, hence one more advantage to compel you to get flatweaves. This is why you can reuse flatweave rugs for other purpose as well.

Easily Movable

Thinking of shifting to a new home or renovating your old one? Flatweaves rugs are lightweight and can be rolled and easily carried taking minimal space. Compare it to huge rugs which need to be rolled, are heavy, and can only be transferred on a truck. They are easily moveable.


Imagine all the advantages along with it being extremely pocket friendly. Moving home involves a lot of costs, the rent, moving cost, furniture, decor, and whatnot but you can easily add statement pieces of flatweaves in your home without spending a lot.


These highly versatile, durable, affordable, and trendy rugs can easily uplift your home. If you have still not purchased a flatweave from a rugs on sale Northern VA shop, then surely you will now.