Countertop designs are of so many types, and all look unique and beautiful in their own way. Here are some great designs of laminate countertops that will make you forget quartz countertops. Let’s start!

Metal Look

Laminate countertops are available in a variety of finishes. One of them gives off a metal like appearance, which looks almost like stainless steel. Stainless steel is quite expensive and it requires a lot of care and maintenance, but laminate sheets are available to make your countertops look like stainless steel surfaces, without breaking the bank or having to take extra care. This will elevate the style and look of your kitchen and make it look modern yet chic at the same time.

Laminate sheets are put in a 3D printer to make the top surface look like stainless steel or any other finish. This is followed by a coat of sealant and protectant to help the surface last longer and not absorb water.

Quartz-Like Appearance

Did you know that you can make your countertops look like quartz, without having to go and spend a huge amount of money on it? Well, laminate sheets are the answer. Laminate sheets are so versatile and are amazing for people who want luxurious countertops, without having to spend too much money on them. Laminate sheets can be made into looking like quartz, and honestly, no one can even tell the difference. Laminate quartz countertops will look very elegant on top of your kitchen counters and island.

Engineered Stone, Without The Extra Cost

Engineered stone is a man-made stone, which is built to last longer than conventional natural stone. It is non porous and it is very much comparable in strength and durability with ceramic and granite slabs. Well, laminate sheets can also be made to look like any color or design of engineered stone. This will save you a lot of money as well, since engineered stone is a very expensive investment, since it is man-made. So, to get the same look of engineered stone in a fraction of the actual price, laminate sheets are here to save the day.

Modern Day Wooden Countertops

Wooden countertops have never been very famous, because of a very good reason. They are not resistant to water and the surface is quite porous, like a sponge and it will absorb any liquid that is present on the surface for too long. Since people don’t go for the conventional wooden countertops, laminate sheets which look like light or dark wood can be used in place, with a higher extent of strength, durability and robustness. Light colored wooden laminate sheets are preferred since light colors go with anything in the kitchen.

Natural Stone Look

There’s no surprise here that laminate sheets can be made into looking like any stone or countertop material that is out there in the market. Natural stones are no different either. Laminate sheets can be made to look like granite, marble, ceramic and even like concrete countertops, just as perfectly and at a very reasonable price.

Laminate sheets in the form of marble or granite, paired with a protective coating on top and a varnish to make it look shiny and lustrous is all you need, and people will never even notice the difference. Try it for yourself and get ready to have your mind blown.

Steel With Laminated Countertops

This is more like a combination which goes amazing in the kitchen. The combination of steel fixtures like your sink, hob and steel cabinets, with the laminate sheets of any design will look amazing and it will give your kitchen a minimal yet industrial feel. It is great for people who want something a bit more robust but still elegant and chic at the same time. The pairing of these two designs go hand in hand and tie the entire kitchen together in perfect harmony. This design also makes the kitchen look bigger and spacious.

There you have it! These designs are sure to catch your attention and the great thing about them is that they go with everything else in your kitchen too. Go to countertop replacement companies Rockville and see the hundreds of countertop design options yourself. Happy shopping!