Every year hundreds of people contact the nearest HVAC Company to get a new boiler or furnace. The question however lingers on – which one is a better choice for your home heating? With this being said, it is not wrong to say that when choosing between a boiler and furnace there are many things that you need to consider and understand between both to make a final decision.

HVAC Company: Boiler Vs Furnace Overview

One heats the air whilst the other heats up the fluid. One is involved in distributing the hot air through pipes whilst the other one does the job via air ducts. The comparison between a boiler and furnace is valid and pretty obvious as well. There are many differences as well as similarities amongst both. When it comes to repair, furnace repair is multiple times easier than the average boiler repair. This was a brief overview of both boiler and furnace in comparison to one another. Let’s now take a look at the boilers and furnace individually to get an insight into both better.

Traditional Boilers

Boilers have been a preferred option of heating system for the house for decades now. Particularly the older people of the family find it hard to replace their beloved boilers with any other form of heating system.

  • Boilers are preferred systems for internal heating.
  • It works on the basic principle of heating water or fluid and circulating the fluid throughout the house.
  • The fluid is circulated in the house via radiators or pipes
  • The heating temperature is easier to control when the heating is done via boilers. It allows to target certain parts of the house or premises as per need.
  • You will manually need to fill up the tank with water or fluid whenever it empties out. Boilers do not run on an automated setup.
  • In case of damage boilers are not easy to repair. You most likely will need to replace it to fix it.

Modern Day Furnace

HVAC Company keeps it no secret that people seek more furnace repair than boiler repair and this clearly indicates the popularity of furnace amongst the consumers more.

  • Furnace are the modern day, fuel and energy efficient heating systems.
  • They run on fuel or gas and are refilled whenever need.
  • They work on the basic principle of heating the air and then passing the heated air through air ducts inside the entire house to heat it up.
  • The furnaces are not only fuel efficient but cost efficient as well. It is easier for everyone to afford a high quality furnace to keep the house warm and cozy
  • In case of damage it is easier to find a furnace repair Mclean VA You will not need to replace it right away which is only an additional cost.
  • There are simple and basic thermostat that are attached to the furnaces that make it possible to regulate the temperature and turn the furnace on/off as per need.