Switching from frizzy to super straight hair is great. But ladies, keratin treatment is quite a delicate one. And you need to be extra cautious with your hair when you leave the keratin treatments salon.

The keratin after the process takes some time to set, usually 2 to 4 days. And during that time there are many things you need to be careful about, such as:

  • Do not touch your hair
  • Do not get them wet
  • And don’t tie them up

Now the question is, “does not let your hair get wet include sweat too?” Will sweat ruin a keratin treatment?

Hah! That’s a significant point of concern for me and all other sweat-prone ladies out there. Well, the simplest and the clearest answer is, “YES.” Sad, right?

I felt the same when my stylist told me so. But that doesn’t mean I had to step away from my decision of getting keratin. Here are a few tips and tricks I learned during the process to fight back the sweat.

Ask Your Stylist About The Advanced Formulas

If you have thick and coarser hair, advanced formulas are for you. These are mixed in your keratin treatment by your stylist to help set the keratin fast within 24 hours. So, if you’re prone to sweat and can’t avoid it anyways, fasten the process to help prevent yourself from getting frustrated.

Your hair must stay dry at least for the first 4 days. Or else, you’ll risk them getting frizzy again.

Note: As mentioned, advanced formulas are for coarser hair. So, if your hair is not rough, discuss it with your stylist then. And if you can’t go for the advanced formulas, you can only shorten the waiting time to 24 hours. Yes, you can’t avoid testing your nerves for at least the first 24 hours. But believe me, it is worth waiting.

Avoid Sweat For At Least The First Few Days

Just after the hair treatment has been done, you’re required to avoid touching your hair and tying it back for 24-48 hours, at the least.  Getting your scalp or skin sweaty will increase the risk of frizz.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to know that you need to keep your hair dry for the first few days only. After that, you’re a free bird. Either you exercise or run, or do any other physical activity, the sweat will not affect your silky, smooth hair. Also, your style will remain intact.

So, avoid getting sweaty, at least for the first few days. And for that, skip your gym, exercise, running, or any other physical activity that is prone to sweating. Make sure your body stays as cool as possible. If it’s summer, stay inside or, if possible, stay under the air-conditioner 24/7.

If The Sweat Occur Anyways

To the sweat-loving scalp:

  • Don’t worry if the sweat occurs
  • Just make sure you sweat the least
  • Do not tie your hair up due to sweat
  • Or you’ll get your hair kinky anyways

And, whenever you get your scalp wet with sweat, blow dry it as soon as possible. Also, use flat iron afterward for the most effect.

Avoid The Sun

That’s a fundamental thing, but let me tell you anyway. The sun fades your keratin. So, you need to avoid direct sunlight. Also, your scalp will experience sweating if you go in the sun. And if by any chance you have to go in the sun, use some soft fabric to avoid direct contact with sunlight. And try to stay in the sun the least.

Note: Don’t try to cover your hair with a hat to avoid the sun during the first few days. Or else you’ll end up with markings.

What Are The Aftercares?

After the treatment has been set, you’re free to wash and style your hair. But don’t tie them up in a bun. You spent money on your hair. Now flaunt your beautiful, straight hair.

And the first thing you should take care of is your shampoo. Use sulfate-free shampoo. Oh, I have said and heard this term so many times that I have lost count. Is it the same with you? And lastly, choose a reputable hair salon for straightening treatments. Hypno