Hair straightening is a diligent process that has no room for teeny-weeny mistakes. A few minor mistakes can get it all wrong, hence, you should be careful beforehand or visit hair straightening salons to get your hair done by professionals.

Following are the hair straightening mistakes that you need to acknowledge and try your best to avoid:

Moving the Flat-Iron on Your Wet Hair

You are strictly forbidden to straighten your hair when they are wet. Your hair has to be consummately and meticulously dried before embarking on the process. No matter how much late you have gotten for an important meeting, no matter how quickly time is slipping through your fingers, you can never afford to move the flat-iron on your wet hair. In an otherwise scenario, you can get your hair eaten up by the flat-iron. Your hair can be burnt in no time.

Not Knowing the Temperature of Your Flat-Iron

If you are aware of the right temperature, your hair is most likely to be untroubled by anything. In case, you iron your hair at a wrong temperature, your hair can be bearing severe consequences.

When you go to the market to purchase a flat-iron, make sure, it doesn’t have only an on-off button. This way you never know what amount of heat your hair will be absorbing. Hence, be very watchful of the product you are buying for your hair.

To be concise, you better be knowing the temperature that is apt for your hair. Temperature of flat-iron is not an Einstein theory which will remain fixed for anyone and everyone; it varies from person to person; hence, you are suggested to consult your stylist or do a patch test to know the temperature at which you should be ironing.

Not Using a Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is a very important ingredient which you need to buy for yourself. This very product has the tendency to rescue your hair from getting susceptible to heat of the sun. It is apparently a very minor mistake but it can cost you huge. Hair that is accustomed to straightening has to be protected from the natural heat. Therefore, do not be careless with these seemingly small things.

Not Being Able to Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Every hair product has a variety of ingredients, and every ingredient may or may not be suitable for your hair skin and hair type. Please do not dabble into anything and be extremely vigilant while picking up something for you.

The duo of shampoo and conditioner should be compatible with each other as well. The ingredients present in both the things should not be contrary to each other. Your shampoo and conditioner should be like two peas in a pod — not very dissimilar to each other.

Some people for the sake of saving a few bucks end up getting their hair spoilt. The conditioner and shampoo you are using should be bought at a reasonable price. Do not opt for less than what your hair deserve.

Selecting the Wrong Flat Iron

When buying a flat iron, google a few things and make sure to have these materials inculcated in your flat-iron: ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. These materials are highly recommended by the biggies of this business.

Flat iron plates have to give off heat more evenly, and ceramic-made plates make it possible. Titanium tends to glide smoothly and is more durable than the rest of the materials. Tourmaline emits negative ions which give the hair a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Note to yourself: sleek and straight hair begin with the right flat iron.

Ironing It Upwards Instead of Downwards

As it is pretty much obvious that you do not move it upwards, it always works in an otherwise direction. It is a mistake very few people tend to make but we still feel like asking you to steer clear of this ridiculous mistake. Believe you us, your hair can get more frizzy and crimpy if you choose to move the flat-iron in an upward direction. Do not mess it up as it is the question of your much-loved and much-cared for hair.

Making mistakes is a human attribute but some mistakes can be a lifelong regret, therefore, be watchful of every step you take regarding a feature as important as hair. If you put a stop to these mistakes once and for all, visit a keratin treatment salon Potomac for permanent hair straightening.