If you are thinking of getting a bedroom remodel done and you have extra space as well, then it will be best to do home additions. Your bedroom is the comfort zone of your house, where you come to snuggle in and relax at your worst after a long and tiring hard day. You want a bedroom that is both inviting as well as relaxing. With changing trends and moods, you might want to get a bedroom remodel along with building home additions, to completely change the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Know about bedroom remodeling

There are many ways to get a bedroom remodel done in your limited space and according to your needs and requirements. Spending more on your bedroom will give more of an appeal. There are many ways of doing a bedroom remodel along with home additions.

Home addition planning tips

1. Plan It Out

Make a rough sketch and plan of your room. How you want your room to look like, what should come first when you enter the room and what you should first see. The setting of the bed, the closet, and the windows should all be according to your requirement. If you have space then you can get home additions done, by increasing the size of the room and extending the wall. You can build a walk-in closet in the extra space or you can also make a relaxing sitting area. You can also search the internet and magazines to look for different ideas for your room and mix and match things that you like and can be done easily in your room.

2. The Color

Color is the most important part of your bedroom whether you agree or not. It directly affects your mood and the way you see your room. Always choose light colors for your room as they make the room look spacious and are more inviting and calming. Dark colored walls, on the other hand, make the room look dark and gloomy and your bedroom appears smaller. If you had wallpapers, so now it’s time to tear them apart and get your walls a fresh colored paint. Peach, light blue, green and white are the best colors for your bedroom.

3. Light It Up

Good lighting is the key to a relaxing bedroom. You can get spotlights on your ceiling or add some floor lamps to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room. If you are into reading then you will prefer a small table lamp or night lamp close to your bedside. You should look for convenience when going for a bedroom remodel. Addition of extra lights makes the room look more beautiful and lit up.

4. Curtains

A bedroom remodel is incomplete without a new set of draperies. Curtains add beauty and a touch of elegance to your room. Stick to the theme and go according to the colors of your wall. You can also go for a slightly darker shade and choose flowy floral prints to add some life to the room.

5. The Floor

The floor should not be neglected as well. If you had carpeted floors previously, then you should change the carpeting. You can also change the look of your floor by building home additions. Addition of wooden flooring or addition of mosaic type tiles gives a loft to your bedroom and will change the look completely. Wooden floors are timeless, elegant and match with almost every theme whether modern or contemporary.

6. Furniture

With a complete remodel, you will need to remodel your furniture as well. You can go for a change of polish for your furniture or get it painted. If your furniture is in good condition and also matches the interior of the room, then you do not need to do anything but changing the setting of the furniture would be a great idea to change the loom of your room. Also, you can add a huge quilted headboard on your bed for a nice touch.

7. The Aesthetics

Finally, your bedroom remodel is incomplete without new paintings, frames and pictures. Adorn the walls of your room with artistic painting and frames but make sure to not overdo it.

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