It’s summer and you probably don’t need to fire up the chimney now, but that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining it. If your chimney doesn’t have a cap, then it can cause many problems like debris buildup, blocked chimney, leaks, etc. So, perform a chimney inspection and if it’s missing a cap, then here are the different types so you can choose the one that fits your chimney type and shape.

What Is Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is just like it sounds. It’s mounted on the topmost part of the chimney, above the roof and the main function of the chimney cap is to prevent anything from the outside coming in.

A chimney without a cap is exposed to anything and everything under the sun and in the air. Animals, water, leaves, small rocks, and even bigger objects can find their way inside the chimney chute and fall into the fireplace.

You don’t want that to happen when you’re trying to get toasty by the fire. A chimney cap is necessary for the chimney and you really can’t go without one.

So, what does a chimney cap do? Well, firstly, it provides a kind of roof for the chimney, so that the lip of the chimney chute isn’t exposed to anything. There are also meshes on the sides of the chimney cap, to prevent any animals, large bugs, birds, and other critters from crawling into the chimney.

Some chimney caps also have slopes that prevent water from forming a puddle near the chimney because that can lead to a roof or chimney leakages and you don’t want that.

The last thing you need is to clean up leaves, water, and animal droppings from the base of the fireplace, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Types Of Chimney Caps

Now that you know what a chimney cap is and what it does to protect your fireplace and the chimney itself, here are some different types of chimney caps that you can go for, depending on your needs.

Chimney Crown Cap

The simplest type of chimney cap is the standard cap that’s flush against the mouth of the chimney. It’s usually screwed on top of the chimney and there are screens on the sides to prevent animals and rocks from tumbling down into the chimney flue and eventually the fireplace.

This is also the most inexpensive chimney cap from the lot and if you want to get the chimney covered quickly, then this is your best bet because it’s simple and fast.

Integral Damper Crown Cap

This chimney cap is a combination of a cap and a damper for the chimney. A damper is just as important for the chimney as a cap, because it keeps the cool air from blowing inside the chimney and extinguishing the fire. This cap type is perfect for people who have older chimneys that don’t have a built-in damper.

There is a lever and flap assembly attached to the cap to make a damper. This cap design is very old and it’s not seen in modern chimneys since they already have a damper in them. If your chimney doesn’t, then this idea will kill two birds with one stone.

Shield Chimney Crown Cap

This chimney cap is especially for places with harsh and unforgiving weather conditions. Places where hurricanes, rains, and wind storms are the norm, shield chimney caps are extremely important. They’re made out of materials like aluminum and stainless steel that endure the weather conditions just fine.

They’re also known as weather shield crown caps because the materials used have an abundance of resistance against winds and colder temperatures, so there’s no chance of the chimney cap giving away under harsh conditions. Just set the cap, forget it and you’ll be stress-free. For better protection, hire chimney contractors Upper Marlboro to install the chimney cap.

Top Mount Chimney Crown Cap

If you have a masonry chimney or if it protrudes outside the chimney crown, then this cap is perfect. It’s available in a lot of screen heights and coverage diameters, so it works for almost all chimneys, no matter what the size is.

Copper, stainless steel, and cast iron are just some of the materials that can be used for making this cap. As the name suggests, this cap is mounted on the top of the chimney and sometimes, it’s even removable for easy cleanup. It’s really easy to build and it’s available in multiple flue options, so you’re covered from all angles.

Band-Around Chimney Cap

If you want to be extra safe and seal the chimney for good so that nothing from the outside can creep inside the chimney assembly, then the band-around chimney cap is perfect for you. In this cap type, the cap covers the entire opening of the chimney and for extra measure, the material is band around the chimney, to give it that airtight seal.

The material used in this cap is usually aluminum since it’s malleable and easy to band around the chimney. Because of the material, this cap type is extremely expensive but highly efficient.

Single Flue Cap

This is a standard chimney cap that is specifically reserved for chimneys with only one flue. Flue is the part of the chimney that you see protruding from the roof of the chimney, from where the smoke comes out. Some chimneys only have a single flue, so for that, a single flue cap is more than enough.

It’s usually made out of sturdy galvanized steel or iron and it’s mounted on top with a roof-like orientation, to prevent water from accumulating at the top of the cap. These chimney caps are typically cheaper because they’re the most common ones people go for. This chimney cap is simple and gets the job done, so it’s perfect for a quick fix.

Multiple Flue Cap

This chimney cap is for chimneys or appliances with multiple flues. If you have a larger fireplace or more than one fireplace, then this cap is perfect for you, because you have more exposed chimney chutes to cover.

This design goes over all of the openings and it provides even more protection against water, leaves, and other debris flown around by the wind. The design is a bit bulky and doesn’t look as sleek and it’s also harder to install because the contractor needs to come up with a way to efficiently cover all of the chimney flues in one go.

Custom Chimney Crown Cap

If you like to throw in a bit of creativity in your chimney cap design, then this type will be your best bet. A custom chimney cap is made based on your preference, what the material needs to be, and how many flues need to be covered. The design preference will also be yours, so you have the creative steering wheel in your hands.

These chimney caps will be a tad bit on the expensive side because you’re going to custom design it and the contractor will have to work around your preferences to get everything right, but if you have the budget then you can go ham with the features.


Caring for your chimney will ensure that your winters go by smoothly. Apart from installing a chimney cap, have your chimney swept by chimney cleaning services Bowie so any blockages and creosote buildup is cleaned and removed.