When you have a lot of appliances at home, it can be easy to forget about them and neglect their cleaning. Ice makers are not exempted from this because they get overlooked a lot in terms of regular cleaning and other tasks for maintenance. When you have to go get some ice from the machine, you might not wonder about the last time you cleaned, and you may even not realize that the quality and taste of your ice has decreased. If in case you need to get it fixed, there is a commercial ice maker repair company that you can call to get it running smoothly again. Before you result to this, here are tips on how to clean it:

All you need to know about commercial ice maker repair

You do not want to see scaly deposits coming out of your ice machine because that would be gross. Having that stuff or anything else on your ice is unappetizing that is why you have to clean it once a year or more than that if you are in an area that has hard water. Moreover, you should dump out the ice bin every several months to throw out the cubes with unwanted odors.

You need to use warm water and detergent or soap to wash the exterior enamel surfaces and gaskets, then, wipe it dry. It is recommended that you use a clean or micro fiber cloth to get it polished and dried. If you use paper towels, you might scratch or make the painted color become dull. Using a good appliance polish and cleaner is helpful for protecting the finish of the ice maker.

Type of Ice Maker it is

Some ice makers may require you to do manual cleaning, while there are those that have a built-in automated system. A unit that’s portable is different from a built-in, and this is why reading the owner’s manual that came with the ice maker is a wise thing to do. Each type of machine will call for different steps during cleaning. The manual should give you information about whether your machine comes with an automated system or not, which can make the process change. If you are in doubt, just follow what it says in the manual’s instructions in terms of cleaning recommendations.

To avoid damaging the finish of the refrigerator, do not clean it with a scouring pad, harsh cleaners, or abrasive ones. Any cleaning product that has chlorine bleach, was cloths, steel-wool pads, or particular paper towels should not be used for cleaning any stainless-steel surface.

Do no worry because you do not have to unplug the freezer for too long, and the contents will not spoil. This is crucial because it means that while you are cleaning it, the machine will not produce ice and this keeps dirt from entering places.

Gather things that you will need to clean the ice maker. In a lot of cases, all you need to have is a good ice maker cleaner and a soft rag. Regardless if the machine is built with an automated system because the manual may tell you which ice machine cleaner to use. Nickel-free cleaners work well for a lot of machines. The variety of accessories and cleaners available is big and they are helpful in getting your ice maker get back to its original condition.

If you decided to follow the manual, you will know how much solution to use for cleaning. You should see a chart that gives you the right ratio for every product line there is. Generally, the ratio would be 1 gallon is to 16 oz. of cleaner. This could depend on the buildup of mineral in the ice maker and how much needs to be cleaned.

Remember that an ice maker is also an investment. Cleaning and maintaining it will keep you from calling the commercial ice machine repair Falls Church company to fix your machine all the time. You will also save on repair costs and having to buy a new 1 so soon.