Blonde is one of most craved hair colors and people from a multitude of backgrounds are amongst the yearners looking for good hair salons specializing in hair color. If this is a color so much in demand, can’t it be slightly easy and cheap to get done? Of course, it can be.

Here are the things you need to consider before you choose to dye your hair blonde.

Do Not Go Beyond Two Levels Of Your Natural Hair

There are quite a few things you need to be considerate of while going blonde. Try to remain within two labels of your hair’s natural color otherwise chances are huge you would end up looking awful. It’s perfectly okay to lighten your locks but you can’t turn it around 360 degree.

Your Complexion And Eye Color Matters More Than You Think

The hair color your are choosing should also match your skin’s color too. It matters a lot whether you are a dark-skinned person or a fair-skinned person or none of the two. Not just your skin complexion, your dye should also go along your eye color. It’s not a prerequisite but just a recommendation with a high rate of compliance.

Keep A Look-Alike Image With You When You Go To The Salon

When you visit the hair salon, do not forget to take along an image that fills the bill for you. It should be an image you want to be a Xerox of. Some people get inspired by Hollywood stars and their hairstyles, others like vintage hairstyles — anything can be dittoed.

Do Not Miss Out On A Strand Test At The Hands Of Your Colorist

When you see your stylist in person, do not shy away from a strand test. You should be sure that you’re not adventuring into something unusual and that you’re on the safe side. Taking a strand test also saves your colorist a bad customer review, so they’d always be ready for it. Besides, it’ll help you know whether your hair is ready for it or not.

Share Your Hair History With An Open Mind

If you aren’t having your hair dyed for the first time, share the erstwhile history of your hair with the person you’ve given charge to. If you heat-treat your hair every so often, or if you’ve gone through any kind of chemical procedure, it’s an information your colorist deserves to know.

Be Watchful Of The Lightener Being Used On Your Hair

Inquire your colorist about the materials they are about to use on your hair. It’s very important to be satisfied about the quality of the lightener because it might or might not be up to scratch.  And, you cannot allow simply anything to intrude into your hair and do the damage. Therefore, visit a salon beforehand and ask as many questions as you want but do not let the colorist go before you’re 100% satisfied.

Don’t Go For Multiple Chemical Services In One Go. It’ll Not Pan Out

You need to know that in order to go light/blonde, you have to be present at the salon multiple times. It’s not a one-time thing — it’ll take a number of sessions to be as light as you expect it to be. It is extremely dangerous to get multiple chemicals services in one sitting, therefore, never force your colorist to take such a gigantic and ludicrous step no matter how urgent it is for you.

People With Curly And Thick Air Might Have To Bear With The Colorist A Little Longer

People who have got coarse and curly hair may struggle a bit more than the rest in order to achieve the level of blonde they crave. Curly hair is naturally textured in a way that it takes a little long to absorb something in. It might be tough for the colorist as well to make someone with curls go blonde.

Finally! Choose One From A Multitude Of Types Of Blonde

There are various shades of the blonde and you’ve gotta choose one for yourself:

  • Buttery blonde
  • Light Ash Blonde Hair Color
  • Beige blonde
  • Summer blonde
  • Creamy blonde
  • Medium blonde
  • Silver blonde

Lastly, getting hair color and highlights Rockville is a great experience but it needs aftercare. Take care of your locks after the treatment.