Balayage is all the rage right now. It is a very beautiful hair coloring technique and it really makes your hair stand out. Here is everything you need to know about going for a balayage if you have fiery red hair.

Black And Red Balayage

There are so many colors which can complement with red and make the fiery color pop. One of them is black. Black is a beautiful dark color in itself, but when it is paired with red, it tones down the darkness and looks more bright and jolly. Black is a very common color which is used with red for balayage. It gives a beautiful dark yet fiery wave to the hair and it also tones down the red and black colors. You can give this a try if you like the pairing of black and red together.

Blonde Balayage

If black and red go together, blonde and red look like a dream come true. The blonde wisps of hair make the red color appear almost golden and the pairing is so well that a lot of women tend to go for blonde and red balayage. Blonde is a very subtle color and it almost tones down the redness, making the hair look more casual for every day. Red hair color can be a hard color to pull off on a daily basis, so mixing the red with a bit of blonde makes it look more wearable and it doesn’t scream fire engines. Rather, it looks like a beautiful orange sunset.

Brunette Balayage

Brunette is the liaison between lighter and darker colors. It is such a beautiful transition color and when it is paired with red in a balayage, everything falls into place like a work of art. Brunette is a beautiful color which will complement the red tones of your hair and it will also neutralize your hair, if it looks too red or cool to you. It is also a very wearable balayage and you can pull it off casually as well as formally.

Red And Mahogany

If you want to go for a balayage in the family of red colors, then mahogany and red are a beautiful pairing. Mahogany is the combination of maroon and purple and these colors compliment red beautifully. You can never go wrong with a mahogany balayage. Mahogany is especially great for people who are over the age of 40, but still want to do something edgy with their hair. Mahogany is a beautiful color for aging women and it will also look good in either long or short hair. You have to try it out to see for yourself just how stunning this combination is in real life.

Brown And Red Balayage

Another warm color combination for balayage is brown. Brown can vary in a lot of shades. It can be dark, soft, light or chestnut. There is a plethora of browns you can choose from, and all will complement the color red beautifully. It depends on what type of brown you want to go for. You can go for a softer brown and red balayage for an everyday wearable look, or you can also go a few shades darker and try for a darker brown with an even redder balayage. Each style will look equally as beautiful.

Purple And Red Balayage

Last but not least, if you are looking for a little bit of edge in your hair, then you can go for a slight purple and red balayage. This purple color will not be an “in your face “bright purple, but it will be more wearable and it will shine differently in different lights. Red compliments beautifully with a purple or cooler hue and it really completes the hair look. You can never go wrong with a pop of color in your bright red hair and honestly, it is very wearable and casual as well.


Red hair is beautiful as is, but with these color ideas, it will not only make your natural hair color pop, but it will also make the balayage prominent too. Who doesn’t love that? Go to a good balayage salon Potomac and try these ideas for a new and fresh look.