If you have dark hair, then you might feel like you don’t have enough options for hair dye. But you were told that Balayage looks great on darker hair too. So, should you get Balayage services by Moses hair stylist or not? Here is everything you need to know.

No Root Touch Ups

One of the greatest things about getting Balayage on darker hair is that your roots don’t show up at all. With lighter hair, it’s always a struggle to get your roots touched up, especially if it’s been a couple of months after getting Balayage. But with darker hair, you don’t need to worry about your roots. If you get a darker-colored Balayage, then that’s even better because you don’t need to color your roots at all. This is a huge plus for a lot of people, since dyeing the roots can be quite cumbersome.

Gives Dimension To The Hair

If you have darker hair, then you know how flat and dimensionless the mane can look. Balayage is a great way to add some lift and dimension to your hair. It gives a lot of character and color changes to your hair and it looks different in different lights.

It’s a great way to change up your hair without being too dramatic or drastic. It’s quite subtle and you don’t even feel like you’ve had Balayage done on your hair, but it’s there and it looks just as great as any other thing.

No Bleach Is Required

Another great thing about doing Balayage on darker hair is that you don’t need to put your hair through the process of bleaching. Bleach can scare a lot of people and for a good reason. It makes your hair dry and brittle, it damages your hair and it also makes your hair look dull.

With the right Balayage color selection, you can skip the process of bleaching your hair altogether. The color will still show on your darker hair and it will look amazing in different lights, especially the sunlight. Who doesn’t want a Balayage without bleach?

Techniques Of Balayage For Dark Hair

There are two main techniques for getting Balayage done on darker hair. They are:

  • Foil highlights: This process takes chunks of hair and dyeing them and putting them in foil to develop. This will give a beautiful highlighted look at the end and mixed with the technique of Balayage, your hair will look like a dream.
  • Balayage highlights: This is the application of hair dye without using any foil. This also gives a beautiful look to your hair and it makes the color peek out in wisps whenever light hits the locks. You can choose whatever method of Balayage you want to go for.

Color Options

There are so many color options for darker-colored hair when it comes to Balayage. You can choose from a variety of shades of brown like ash brown, chestnut brown, dark brown, etc. If you want to go for a blonde color, then ash blonde is also a good option. If you want to play around with other colors then auburn, burgundy, rose gold, and even purple are great options. These colors may seem pretty daring, but they are actually quite wearable if you have darker hair. The color will only peek out subtly and the results are great too.

Does It Take A Lot Of Time?

For darker hair, since there is no bleach involved, Balayage can be done even more quickly. For medium-length hair with no bleach, Balayage can take about 2 hours to get completed, from start to finish. For lighter hair, the process of Balayage can be a bit time-consuming, since you want the color to be toned down and it shouldn’t appear brassy which is why a lot of treatments and toners are applied to the hair. For darker hair though, there is no need for these extra steps and you will be out of the salon in no time.


There you have it! Balayage is a great hair look, which looks awesome on people with more darker hair. You will love the results of Balayage on your hair given that you go to a balayage salon at Salon M that has experienced hairstylists.