Accidents can happen, whether it’s a slip and fall or a vehicle accident. What you shouldn’t take too lightly is the fact that your back might be hurting a lot and some cases need the attention of orthopedic surgeons even. Here’s what you need to do if your back hurts a lot after an accident.

Bed Rest Is Essential

In order to prevent the situation from worsening, it’s best to lay down as soon as possible so that you don’t put any strain on your back. Backs are the most commonly injured part of the body which takes a huge hit in an accident, so it’s better to take measures right away.

As soon as you can, try to lay down on the bed in the most comfortable position you prefer and which doesn’t hurt the back even more and rest. This will make a world of a difference in your back pain.


This measure should only be taken after your doctor has examined you and given you the green light to go forward. Physical therapy is a great way to align your back and it’s going to help with the knots and pain in your back.

Try to get a physical therapist as soon as your doctor allows you to and try to do some work with your body, in order to ease the pain in your back and bring back its strength.

Physical therapy will usually go on for a couple of months until your back has regained its strength and you can start doing normal life activities without any pain or strain.

Medication Can Help

If the pain is too much to handle, especially in the first few days of your physical therapy, then you can resort to medications. These medications should also be prescribed by the doctor and you shouldn’t experiment with drugs by yourself. You don’t want something bad to happen while trying to cure your back pain.

Normal over-the-counter medication like Advil, ibuprofen, and other painkillers might help with the pain. If they’re not doing anything good, then your doctor might prescribe you steroids, to treat it

Stretching And Yoga

Having back pains doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. It’s better to keep your body moving, but be mindful of not putting too much strain on the injured back. The best thing you can do to treat your back pain and get yourself going is through yoga and stretching.

This can really ease the tension in your back and the tension and locked feeling in your back are primarily what causes pains to aggravate in the first place. If you keep your body flexible and fluid, then it might not be long before the pain starts to diminish naturally and your back will be in shape too.

Hot And Cold Treatment

This thing can do wonders on your back. If your back is injured and you don’t have medication on hand, then you can try hot and cold compresses on your affected area.

All you need is an ice pack and a hot water bottle and you can alternate the hot and cold sensations in your back. Put the ice pack on for a few seconds and then put on a hot water bottle for the next few seconds. Keep repeating this about 4 to 5 times and you can do this multiple times a day. It will help with the pain a lot.

Massage Therapy

Last but not least, you can also have a massage done on your back to alleviate the pain. Massages are an ancient healing technique used by Chinese and Egyptian healthcare practitioners and it has been proven to give you amazing relief.

You can even amplify the effects with a hot and sweaty massage, as the hot sensation on your back along with the massage will help relieve the pain, get rid of the tension in your back and spine, and make you feel better.


There you have it! These tips are great precautions to take before you can see a back pain doctor Woodbridge. These tips are going to help alleviate the pain to some degree. But for severe pain, procedure suggested by your back pain specialist must be followed.