You might not have an idea about it, but there are many types of divorces, depending on the situation of the partners and what they want to justify in court. Many family lawyers argue that the best type of divorce is a no-fault divorce. Here is everything you need to know about no-fault divorce.

What Is A No-Fault Divorce?

A no-fault divorce is a more modern type of divorce that can cause the dissolution of a marriage, without having to bring forth the wrongdoings of each partner. This type of divorce is very common for people who don’t want to go through the process of seeing and justifying the wrongdoings of their partners and they just want to go their separate ways by dissolving the marriage certificate.

In a traditional divorce, both parties need to stand in front of a judge, usually a divorce judge, and they need to give valid and just reasons as to why this marriage is not working anymore for them. The reasons can be infidelity, adultery, abuse, and more. The party whose case is the strongest will be granted a divorce and the terms will be settled according to the party with the stronger case.

Pros And Cons Of A No-Fault Divorce

Here are some good and bad things about no-fault divorce.

You Don’t Need To Give Reasons

This is considered to be the main reason why people select this option for divorce. In a no-fault divorce, the spouses don’t need to give a reason for fault to end the marriage. It can be done solely by filing a complaint and having both parties sit and settle the divorce agreement. This is the easiest and least messy way of parting ways with your partner.

You don’t need to constantly look out for court hearings and dates the process is folded within a couple of days and the divorce is finalized almost immediately as well. This type of divorce is the best option for people who don’t want to state the reasons for their split and just want to go their separate ways in the least complicated way possible.

It’s A Straightforward Process

Another great thing about a no-fault divorce is that it is completely a straightforward and clean process. It takes less time than a traditional divorce because there are no court dates and hearings, no meetings with the other spouse, and other time-consuming activities.

It is based on a single complaint and the case is built from there. In the end, the divorce is settled by the parties and the paperwork is completed by the lawyers. There is no such fault mentioned and the divorce is made amicably.

It Doesn’t Involve Both Parties

This might be the easiest way to part ways from a marriage, but it has one major drawback. It only goes on to what the person filing the divorce is saying. There is no say of the defendant party in this. If they don’t want to separate from their partner or if they have certain objections, then they can’t be brought to the surface since this divorce isn’t based on fault or objection.

The person filing the divorce complaint or the willing party is the one who has the right of steering this divorce, although the financial settlement is based on the needs of both spouses.

No Spousal Support Is Provided

This is also a huge problem in a no-fault divorce. In this divorce, the spouse is not granted any type of support from the court and this can be hard, especially for stay-at-home women going through these divorces. If they are not employed or they don’t have a stable income where they can provide for themselves, then spousal support is what they need to survive. But this type of divorce doesn’t grant any type of financial or monetary support to either of the spouses and they have to fend for themselves.


Now you know what is a no-fault divorce and what are its pros and cons. This is good for knowing because you want to be aware of all the different types of divorces one can go for when there is no other option left but to dissolve the marriage. Consult uncontested divorce lawyers Fairfax VA to know more.