People often find that their life with the partner is not going well. Your partner has become stern and aloof last time when you spoke each other. As usual you expected everything to end and become normal after talking each other. But you will be surprised one day when you see some cloths missing in the cupboard and a divorce notice waiting for you on your dining table.  Do you think this incident could happen in your life? It is natural that couples fight and end it after some days only for restarting it at a later date. Finally everything will end up in divorce only. Divorce has become so common that there is no surprise these days when hearing about the separation of husband and wife and the connected problems. Now let us try to examine the common causes that lead couples to divorce?


Infedility is considered as the most important and common cause for most of the divorces that are taking place in the recent days. The reasons for the extra marital affairs are not as clear or as complicated as one may be thinking. Difference in sexual interests and the anger and resentment are often leading to extra marital affairs according to recent studies conducted in this regard. Illicit relations often start from seemingly innocent friendship.  It develops into an emotional affair which later turns out to be a physical affair.


 Money has the evil power to make people funny and frustrating. Financial habits of the married partners and their earning capacities can create power struggle among them which may lead to the breaking point. An expert in divorce related matters states that money touches everything and has its own impacts on people’s lives.  Money and stress together becomes the prime cause for the breakdown of marriages.

Lack of communication

Communication is paramount in marriage life and after a few years or so communication becomes a tough matter among couples.     The lack of communication leads to frustration and resentment which eventually ends in divorce. It has been found that in strong marriages there exists good communication between the husband and wife. Yelling at the partner, making nasty comments, etc are the starting points of unhealthy communication.  Improving the communication skills can be a difficult task, but practising it and changing the old habits is a worthy trial as it can reduce the possibility of divorce.

Constant arguing

Incessant arguing and bickering about daily chores can break many relationships. Repetition of the same arguments often takes place as the partner believes what he is telling is not heard by the spouse. Many married persons are unable to see or understand other person’s point of view leading to arguing which never ends.

Weight gain

It is a shameless but an awful reason these days that weigh gain of one of the partners in married life can lead to separation. Increased weight gain of one partner can become a cause of reduced attraction to the other partner.  It can also affect the self esteem of the person concerned leading to intimacy issues.

Unrealistic expectations

Most people burden their imaginations with unrealistic expectations about the spouse and the married life. When in real life these expectations are not met, a lot of strain is felt by the person. This strain slowly builds up and ends in divorce.

Lack of intimacy

After a few months or years of married life most people feel that they are not connected together and starts to move away from each other. They feel that they are living with strangers or roommates and not with spouse. This kind of   isolation and lack of intimacy can lead to separation.

Lack of equality At some point in a married life one person starts taking more responsibility in the married life and this effect the view of the other partner. It is the duty of every couple to negotiate with each other and settle the challenges and keep up the love and relationship so that they can live together as equals.  This only can lead to harmonious, respectful and joyful relationships