Car window tints are designed to provide a reasonable amount of protection from the sun as well as privacy. Some people get them installed to improve the visual appeal of their vehicle while others prefer clear windows. This could be problematic for drivers that are not used to driving with the windows tinted or it could be that the tints need replacement. So, let’s discuss how you can remove factory tint from your car windows in detail so that you can go ahead with new auto glass tinting.

Use A Hairdryer Or Heat Gun

When it comes to removing car window tints, you can try using a hairdryer or a heat gun. Both are very effective. Once you have picked up a hairdryer or heat gun, pick a corner to start from and place the tool around 2 inches away from the car window. Switch to high speed and make sure that you do not get too close as the heat could damage the window.

Apply an appropriate amount of heat as it will melt the glue at the back of the tint. Once the glue begins to melt or has melted, use a sharp object at the edge to peel the tint off. And now that you have removed the entire tint, you should use a clean microfiber cloth to remove the remnants. Plus, be gentle and remove the tint in slow strokes rather than pulling them off. This way, you will end up with relatively less amount of mess and tint paper left on the windows requiring more time and effort to remove.

Use Soap And Newspaper

Using soap and newspaper is another way of removing old car window tints and is pretty simple. To begin with, make a soapy mixture using warm water. Apply the soapy mixture to the car windows and grab a newspaper to cover the windows as the mixture will soak into the paper.

Whenever, the paper dries from the outside, apply more soapy mixture. After repeating the process for a while, use a non-metallic scraper to remove the newspaper. It will also remove the tint. If it doesn’t, you will need to repeat the process under broad daylight so that the heat from the sun can make the process easier.

Use A Razor Blade Or Knife

The razor blade or knife method is very effective but you have to be very careful since it requires using a blade. To remove the tints, use a razor blade and cut the edge of the tint. Then, spray the windows with a soapy mixture in abundance. By this time, the edges of your tint will be totally off.

Pull the tint from its edges and peel down the tint easily. If you see some remnants of the tint, perform the process again.

Steam Cleaner

When using a steam cleaner for removing tints, make sure it’s warm. Then, spray the steam on the windows and slowly try to peel the tint sheets off. Keep in mind that this process needs patience and time. If you manage to pull off the tints slowly, even the glue stuck behind will come off easily. Plus, you can also use a clothing steamer for the purpose.

Can I Get The Tints Removed From A Professional?

If you do not have the tools required to remove the tints, it is better to contact a professional as you might end up scratching or damaging the windows. Plus, if you wish to get new tints installed, the existing ones will need to be replaced and the professional will make sure the new ones are installed the right way.

Plus, if it is your first time trying your hands at removing the tints, you should not use sharp objects like a razor blade as you can easily end up hurting yourself, not to mention scratching the windows.

Final Word

Concluding, removing window tints can be relatively easy for those who have gone through the process a few times before. However, if it’s your first time, you will need to practice patience and be extra careful. And if you are still doubtful, go to a car window tinting shop Springfield for removing or installing tints.