Sports injuries are the perfect example of life’s unpredictability i.e. you never know when you might crash and acquire a shoulder surgery because of one stupid hot-headed moment. Now doctors can help you sure, but if you’re not careful you might have to get yourself a shoulder replacement after all!

Prevention of Sports Injuries

An injury can occur anywhere, your hands, arms, feet, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, muscles etc. but the danger is that your entire sports career can affected by one simple fall hence if not more, at least try to take some precautionary measures before you run off to the field. Some of those measures are listed below:

Gear Up

Make sure you wear all your gear properly. Do not ditch your helmet or your pads or gloves and whatever else you’ve been given. Sport equipment includes your gear so before you go for the battle, make sure your armor is at the top. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a shoulder surgery!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated at all costs. It has been noticed that players who drink water before the game are said to be fresh and levelled as compared to those who don’t. Hence keep yourself hydrated no matter what.

Warm Ups

Warm ups before your match starts, is a good way of avoiding a shoulder replacement. Warm ups ease up your body and releases the tension you feel, making you more in tune with your surroundings after all. Keep in mind that some people do vigorous activities before their match starts, others start stretching. Both are wrong because stretching and other activities make you tired. Your strength loses after you’re done with them and hence during the match, you acquire a perfect a shape for an injury. Try the casual warm ups, make it enough to pump your body and that’s it.

Be Cautious

Although during a game, one can hardly himself or herself but it is essential to do so. If you lose your calm, you start losing your ability to pay attention and let’s just say a single shove is all that’s needed for you to fall down, cause harm to your legs but mostly shoulder and end up getting a shoulder surgery. Be cautious on the field, know your rights and wrongs and look out for yourself and your teammates.

Follow the Rules

Follow the rules of the game. This is the most important step because if you fail to follow the rules then that could subject to mistreat which in turn leads to fights or aggressive games which eventually ends up in injuries. So, play fair and lets others play too.

Look Out

Sometimes the game isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about teamwork, appreciation, hard work and effort. If you feel that running more or doing whatever will cost you the hospital then refrain from doing so. Similarly do the same for your teammate out there. Prevent him/her from getting a shoulder replacement. Work together and hopefully on every occasion, win together!