This is the most debated question among people and most of them have found out the answer in the affirmative. It is true that education can change the way a human being thinks and the changes consequent to this thinking changes the way he lives. Improvements in the life of people are reflected in the life of the society. Let us consider this statement in the light of the changes brought by computer education in the present society.

Computer education

The computers were introduced towards the fag end of the last millennium.  For some time, people were not able to understand the importance of computers. They were not able to foresee the improvements in life that will be brought about by the computers. They considered it as an easy method for type writing and making necessary editing in thy typed matter.  But as time passed men began to realize the importance of this wonderful invention and are spell bound at the dramatic changes that are taking place in the country.  Now every  event happening on any part of the globe is reaching everybody instantly and people find it possible to book plane ticket and even buy everything sitting in the house itself. This has changed the society and the way it interacts proving once again the importance of education.

Changes brought about by computers

Till the last century people used calculators for doing complicated calculations and used type writers for preparing documents and government orders.  They understood everyday news by reading newspapers and going to Cinema Theater was the common method of entertainment. Now the entire scenario has changed.  Now after desktops and laptops, and notebooks, mobile phones have started playing the role of computers.  Every news, every entertainment every printing work, every picture edition or similar things are done by youngsters sitting in their home itself as internet has penetrated to each nook and corner of the country.

University studies

Many universities have online courses and online examinations. One need not go to a school or college for gaining knowledge and for getting it certified. Many universities have started online courses and their books are available as e-books and the classes are also taken through online. These days even attempts are in progress to make the school level teaching also based on tablets and online correspondence classes. Tuition for entrance examination and other professional examinations are also carried out online without the presence of a human teacher or human assistance.