Kitchen is the most important room of a house these days as cooking, eating and bonding of your family members often take place there. There are numerous methods of making your kitchen more attractive and lively followed by the modern home designers. I am going to give some important tips here following which you can take a just decision in consultation with a quartz installer or some other experts in this field based on your requirements and the properties shown by these materials.

Selecting the best kitchen countertop

Selection of suitable material for your kitchen counter top is also very important as it can provide the ambience you prefer for your kitchen. Most important materials that are commonly used for kitchen countertops are granite, quartz and marble.

Granite kitchen countertops

Its glossy appearance is what everyone prefers for kitchen countertops. They are strong and durable. The beautiful crystal patterns seen on granite slabs make rooms look more luxurious and modern.  As granite is a porous material any contact with moisture can bring discolorations. Keeping granite slabs in moist atmosphere can result in spalling or flaking. So if you are living in humid area then it is better not to go for granite.

Price: Granite was once considered as the most costly material available for using as countertops. The scenario has completely changed and these days quartz are becoming more costly than granite as it requires engineering to make quartz surface smooth and shining.

Visual appeal:  It is a natural product and very attractive which cannot be attained by any manmade products including quartz or other natural materials like marble. Granite is unique and matchless and if you consider these qualities as of prime importance then there is no doubt, granite is your material.

Basic qualities: As granite is extracted from granite ores they usually it comes as slabs. Longer countertops may require more slabs. As there can be difference in grain patterns in different lots, it may be difficult to get another slab with the same pattern, if everything is purchased altogether from one lot. Single piece of quartz can be used for bigger countertops. They are more stronger and hence more overhang can be given to the kitchen countertops than granite. This is an important aspect which has to be given due consideration before deciding on the material for your kitchen countertop.

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble is very glossy and it comes next to granite in its popularity. Its hardness is almost similar to that of granite and they both are durable also. As both these materials are porous, continued contact with water or oil can create problems. Stains may develop on them which can be cleaned only after sustained application of special procedures. Periodic application of sealants is unavoidable for maintaining the attractiveness and usefulness of marble kitchen countertops. Marble is readily available in any part of the globe and it is well suited for countries with cold climates as it is not affected by cold climate.

Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz is an engineered material used for kitchen counters. 95 % of pulverised quartz and 5 % of other materials are combined and formed quartz. It has very good properties like strength, durability, toughness, color adaptability etc.

Another advantage of quartz is that it can be used as a single piece as it is formed by pouring its molten form on moulds constructed according to the individual needs. Another important advantage of quartz is that quartz kitchen countertops fairfax va can be made in any color or shade suitable to the theme of the kitchen or house already existing or to the new one that is going to be constructed by you. Quartz is not porous and hence no stains are formed on it and hence it is considered as more hygienic. 

Granite and marble have the possibility of getting chipped or scratched when high pressure is accidently applied upon them. But quartz being an engineered material is very strong and no scratching of chipping ever takes place on it., The good qualities like durability less maintenance, superior strength, color adaptability to any decor etc are making quartz the most sought out material for kitchen countertops.