It is important to know that what you use for cleaning the kitchen sink is unlike the one for main drain. Although, are you aware that even if a tool is useful for sink cleaning, toilet and bathtub, there is a different in every case? While there are a lot of drain cleaning services that use the main tool for clogged lines because of debris and grease. They should be using a different tool for every task. If in case you are using the same tool for all jobs, take note of the tips in this article and find out why you should use the best tool for each specific job.

What you need to know about drain cleaning

Where are you going to use it?

The most significant thing to think about before choosing drain cleaning tools is what are you going to do with them. You may opt for a drain cleaner for effective clog cleaning or to prevent choked drains. A strong drain cleaner is what you need to buy if your task is to solve a clogged drain problem. For daily cleaning maintenance, go for a mild cleaner.

What kind of drain is it?

  • Bathroom drains – if you have a clogged drain, one of the biggest causes is hair. Most of the time, hair can mix with soap scum, body washes, shampoo, and other products that buildup that form a clog. Having hair clogs is common, but they are also simple to fix. There is no need to use heavy equipment of chemicals. You can get rid of hair clog with a plastic tool. You can use a drain claw or zip-it tool.
  • Kitchen drains – Most of the time, kitchen drains are because of food particles, soap residue and grease. If this is the type of clog you are trying to resolve, it is best to use a drain cleaner with chemicals. It is easy to buy any of these in local stores, in the bathroom products section. The purpose of these chemicals is to clear the pipe buildups and dissolve them, which clears the drain so that water can freely flow. If the clog is tough, you might have to use the drain cleaner a few times before getting the results you want.
  • Toilets – Toilet clogs are normally because of human waste. Before you begin to add chemicals in the toilet, find out if your toilet is linked to a city sewer system or septic system. In case it is a septic system, a toilet drain cleaner will be enough. If it is a city sewer system, using those products is not advised. Regardless of what sewer system your toilet is connected to, you can use products that have bacteria and enzymes that are intended for clearing out toilet clogs. These products are going to dissolve organic components without putting harmful chemicals into the water supply and earth.

Your budget

Drain cleaners range in prices and can either be cheap or expensive, depends on the type and brand of the drain cleaner that you purchase. You should know that the expensive one is not necessarily the best. A cheap drain cleaner does not always have ineffective chemicals in them. Your prime motive should be efficient drain cleaning. Do not choose a drain cleaner because it is inexpensive. You can purchase an expensive and powerful drain cleaner for resolving a clog. Getting a drain cleaner that can be used regularly is for every day cleaning.

Types of available drain cleaners

  • Video technology – If the drain is being cleaned, the technician may see pipes that have rust, corrosion, dirt, or breaks. When this happens, the technician will use a video equipment to find problems and tell you what needs to be fixed.
  • Electric drain snake -Even if there is a manual one in stores, an electric one goes deep into the pipe to get rid of any problems.
  • Hydrojetting- This is a service that uses power in its hoses to give a rush of water that effectively clears pipes.

The kind of clog you are dealing with requires different tools and chemicals. If you have done everything and nothing is working, contact a drain contractor manhattan ny now.