Transitioning your HVAC from cooling to heating season

Now that the heating season has started, you would want to transition your HVAC system from cooling to heating. Now, the mornings and nights both are quite cold. Before the temperatures drop even further, it is important for your HVAC system to be in top shape so that you can turn it on whenever you feel like. According to all hvac companies, this transition is very important as it helps your HVAC system in performing the best. This way, the heating remains very efficient and the system does not have to work harder than usual. Consequently, your electricity costs also end up being lower.

How to transition from a cooling season to a heating season?

Make sure that your house is ready for the heating season so that your HVAC unit performs efficiently. The tips that we have included in this article will allow you to do that.

Switch the fan to clockwise

First of all, you should know that hot hair rises above. So, as a result of this, the hot air in your house is likely to accumulate at the ceiling. So, make sure that your fans are rotating clockwise. This will push the warm air down. You do not have to rotate them at full speed though. Because that will create the opposite effect. Rather, you simply have to rotate them very slightly.

This will push all the warm air down, hence cooling the entire room. This circulation of warm air is extremely important in order to maintain efficient heating of the entire room.

Adjust the thermostat

Make sure that the thermostat is set at your preferred temperature so that neither your room becomes too hot/cold, and neither your HVAC unit has to work harder than usual. In case you make very big difference in the thermostat, your HVAC unit may run into technical issues.

While you are awake, set the thermostat to about 68 degrees. While sleeping, a good point is lesser than that. When you are not home, keep the thermostat lower in order to save power and electricity.

Change the air filter

It is quite important to constantly change and inspect the HVAC filter every month. This will allow your heater to work in an efficient manner. A clean air filter will allow you to keep your air quality inside the house good. Consequently, you will be able to avoid all the costly repairs that might come later.

Make sure that the air flow is good

Walk around the house and see that none of the registers in the house are blocked by rugs or furniture. Furthermore, also make sure that they are fully open and not closed.

In case you have a blocked register, your heating system will have to work much harder than usual. This may not only result in technical errors, but will also increase your electricity costs.

Air seal the home

By air sealing your windows and doors properly, you will be able to insulate the house. This way, heat energy will not escape and will remain inside for longer periods of time. Consequently, your HVAC unit will work less harder in order to reach up to a particular temperature.

Ending note

It is very important to make your HVAC system transition very smoothly to the heating season. Abrupt changes in the temperature can sometimes burn these units out. In order to get further advice regarding smooth transition and maintenance, reach out to your local heating service repair Long Island. Nevertheless, the tips mentioned above should be good enough to help you keep your HVAC unit in perfect shape this heating season.


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