How A Doctor Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is not a magic trick where you just have to eat low calorie foods and leave the rest of the work to your body. There are certain cases where consulting a weight loss nutritionist or a dietician becomes essential. Doctors for weight loss help you lose weight taking into account all the necessary details that suits your body.

Evaluating Your Weight and Health

Your doctor for weight loss will consider your health while setting up a diet plan for you to stick to. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be assessed accordingly which will resonate with your health and measurement of your body will depict the distribution of the fat in your body. The evaluation of body fat distribution is extremely important in terms of weight loss plans and examining the risks of developing certain diseases.

Diet Plan

A consultation from a doctors weight clinic will help you get an overall estimation of how much should your daily calorie consumption should be and what you ought to eat in order to lose weight effectively. Your doctor for weight loss will help you identify certain habits that is keeping you from losing weight that you can change. Consulting from your doctor for weight loss will help you in designing your diet plan which will take into account any risk of disease or your allergies.

Exercise Plan

Alongside your diet plan, your doctor for weight loss will also assist you in constructing a proper exercise plan. Not every exercise is meant for everyone. Certain factors must be considered before forming an exercise routine like age, diseases, health etc. and your doctor is likely to recommend you a schedule that best suits with your routine and need.  For you to lose weight it is essential that you are physically active. Your doctor will recommend you your fitness plan or refer you for exercise classes after assessing your physical activity throughout the day.

Tailor Your Lifestyle

It is highly recommended that you visit a doctors weight clinic where your doctor will plan out your lifestyle which includes both diet and exercise plans along with other services. Your preferences and priorities of the schedule will be taking into account before the final layout of the diet and exercise plan is set. Your doctor will keep track of your weight to assess weight loss progress and offer your frequent follow-up appointments which will establish a continuous weight loss progress.

Recommendation of Weight-Loss Services:

1. Prescription Medicines to Treat Obesity

There are certain factors like age, polycystic ovarian syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes etc. upon which the speed of weight loss depends. In cases like these it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight and therefor your doctor for weight loss has to prescribe you the necessary medications to treat the likely cause of your obesity. For some people appetite suppressants helps a lot in their weight loss journey, but it is highly recommended to consult a doctors weight clinic before takin appetite suppressant medicines as they can turn out to be potentially unsafe.

2. Weight Loss Surgery

A doctor for weight loss often recommends weight loss surgery for people whose BMI is higher than 40, or 35 if you have health related issues. When the change in lifestyle and medications for weight loss don’t work doctors offer a particular type of surgery that best suits your body and health. There are two main type of weight loss surgeries; restriction and malabsorption.  Other of weight-loss surgery that happen on a larger scale include: The following of the surgeries:

  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
  • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion

3. Help You Set a Goal

Doctors will help you set and achieve realistic goals unlike the photoshopped models on the cover magazines. Everyone is different, born with a unique physique. It is not likely for woman of 40 to lose weight as effectively as a woman of 20. There are numerous factors that are associated with losing weight and it take different amount of time for every individual. Weight loss requires patience and it does not happen overnight. It is important for you to trust your doctor and follow your timetable accordingly. Visit weight loss clinic Ashburn.

Common Gardening Questions Answered

Patio gardens are the thing that never stops being cool, just because more and more people are opting for smaller spaces and hire local patio contractors. People do not want to live in large houses when they are all open to traveling frequently.

Backyard landscaping ideas

That makes patio gardens amazing because all of the smaller dwellings have patios with help of outdoor fireplace builders. Just because you live on the tenth floor does not mean that you do not want greenery and wouldn’t like gardening.

Backyard landscaping

If you are browsing the internet about patio gardens and patio companies, let us share a couple of facts with you to ponder. Trust us; they will help you decide on your course of action.

1. Your environment decides your gardening plan

When you are planting pots and making plans for your patio garden; your choices will depend on your patio. The kind and intensity of sunlight that it receives, the kind of temperature in your patio and the air circulation all decide how you will choose your plants. The climate of your region will also be a huge factor; that is why you should consider that as well.

2. What kind of vegetables can I grow in my patio garden?

Good question! You can plant what we call the fancy stuff in your garden. Olives, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, turnips, parsnips, carrots, pumpkins, broad beans, peas, courgettis, sprouts, auberges, mushrooms, peas, radishes, chili peppers, leeks, cabbages, celery, and leeks are some of the things that can be grown. You should look up the plant that you want to develop individually if it is not in this list.

3. What kind of herbs can I grow in my patio garden?

We can name a few, but herbs can virtually be grown in patio garden easily. You should look up the herb you want to grow but mostly; they grow well in patio gardens. Parsley, marjoram, rocket, tarragon, sage, sorrel, basil, dill, chives, thyme, mint, and chamomile; are all possibilities and many more!

4. Pest Problem?

Like any other place where plants are being grown; you will also have issues with pest infestations, Birds and butterflies will frequent your patio. Hypothetically it’s great to have those two, but birds eat seeds, throw bird turd and will also nibble at the food that you may be sitting with. Not to mention, it can be noisier than you may enjoy. It is not dangerous but not too insignificant either, using outdoor fireplace builders helps.

5. How important is planning?

Planning your patio garden is significant with your patio contractors. Learn to evaluate you your plants will look once they are fully grown. Once they grow, you will need to take some of them out if they are potted too closely, so make sure that you pot all the plants at the reasonable distance.


It’s fun to have a patio garden; you can have a wide variety of accessories for your patio. Picture and art of course, but also ironwork, potting racks, awning, shades, hanging baskets, fire pits, sundials and BBQs and even water features if you like.

6. How to clean patio garden?

Cleaning your patio is one experience to another when you have plants. When a person has plants, they need to have a more vigorous cleaning schedule for the patio. One simple tip; clean and prune your plants before you clean your patio and not afterward. Your gardening will always make your patio in need of a cleanup. All the plants need to be cleaned and pruned every week and twice a week if you are ready to put in the hours. They are watered every day; that will lead to some water spills and a quick mop of the patio. So this is your patio maintenance future!

Electricity is your friend!

You are developing this beautiful sitting space; it will be useless at night without proper lighting. Patios are usually not well lit by default. You should get some extra lighting systems that you put in place so that your patio is an excellent place to hang out for friends and family. Also think about outdoor fireplace builders long island.

Don’t try to be different

Try and make a patio with your local patio builders that blend with the neighborhood. It looks beautiful from outside!

Best of luck with patio contractors!

How To Do Roof Replacement On Budget

Roof replacement as done by roofers can cost a lot. Since you don’t replace your roof everyday so the one-time cost can be too much. However, if you’re on a budget then you should follow these tips to ensure best work in little cost:

Roof Replacement Tips

Whenever you feel your roof is slowly giving away, and If it is more than 15 years old then instead of having normal repairs, start thinking of replacing it. Replacing your roof by some proper reputable roof repair contractors have the following advantages:

  1. Live the rest of your 20 years in peace knowing your roof is intact.
  2. You’ll no longer face small annoying repairing charges.
  3. Your new roof will be equipped with the newest technology and materials so it’ll be able to withstand any type of harsh conditions.
  4. You won’t have to worry about leakages or mold or other such calamities.
  5. It will give your house a brand new look which will be pleasing to the eye.

How To Replace Your Roof within Budget

As already discussed, replacing a roof can be very costly. Then add in the labor charges and the roofers very own fee and you’ve got yourself a pretty hefty bill. Now either you can stress on it and slowly lose your marbles or you can plan beforehand and save up so that your new roof can be within your means and constructed beautifully.

1. Plan Beforehand

Planning beforehand can help you in estimating the cost and producing money for it. If you work step by step, and analyze the situation of your roof, the materials you’ll need and other small things then slowly you’ll create a plan for the money as well. All you have to do is:

  1. First inspect your roof
  2. Check and measure every shingle
  3. Look for roof repair contractors online or through references
  4. Check the estimated maximum cost of the roof replacement
  5. Create a budget for yourself adding a little extra for unexpected measures
  6. Go through all the materials carefully and see which one are applicable for your house and for your wallet

By following these proper steps, you’ll have a plan and then you can work accordingly. So later on, when you’re presented with the bill, you’ll be relaxed and calm.

2. Expect the Unexpected

Most of the problems in the roof are invisible to your eye but they are clearly visible to the eyes of all the roofers. So when you plan your expenses, make sure to expect the unexpected. Problems naturally arise when you work on stuff and in case of a roof, you should keep a few dollars aside for any of the new problems that could come your way like pipes bursting or gutter problems or possible mold and other such troubles. You’ll need to take care of it before you place a new roof because then they’ll be stuck inside and will create a bigger mess later on.

Hence be prepared for any sort of unwelcomed surprises!

3. Reliable Labor

Make sure you hire the most reliable roofers or contractors for your roof. Negligence on this part can cost you a lot. Explore your area of living, look for every possible company. Ask your friends or colleagues for suggestions. Refer to the internet for credibility and durability. A bad company will become a real pain in your neck when you start your work while a reliable company will help you along the way and make sure you get the best of their services. So be very vigilant and specific when choosing a company for your roof replacement.

4. Materials

This is one way you can save 1000s of bucks. See every possible material needed for the roof and choose the ones applicable to your needs and your means. If you opt for complete luxurious touch then naturally it will cost you a lot but if you try simple but sturdy ones then they could save you a great deal of money. You can ask for your contractor’s advice on this part and he can guide you as well as he’s been in the business for some time.

Final Verdict

Hence, it’s natural to assume that replacing your roof by any roof repair contractors cos cob ct will cost you lots of money. But by estimating your budget and planning for it can help you in saving some as well!

Fundamentals of financial management explained

By the word financial management we mean the process of planning and organizing of the financial activities of a company in such a way that it becomes easy to organize and control the activities and movements of the company in the profitable direction. It simply involves the application of the management principles in general for the proper utilization of the resources of the company.

Important investment decisions of a company include investing in fixed assets which is known as capital budgeting, and investing in current assets which is known as working capital decisions.

Another important field on which financial decision has to be taken by the management of a company is regarding the raising of funds from various sources. This decision should be based on the actual needs of the company and will include matters like the source of the money, the amount needed to be borrowed, and the terms of repayment which includes the interest rate and the period of repayment.

Another important aspect of financial management is to decide on the dividend to be paid to the share holders.  Usually the net profit is divided into two portions. One portion is given as dividend to the share holders at the rate decided by the company and the other portion is retained by the company as the amount needed for the future growth and diversification of the company.

Objectives of financial management

Financial management of a company is often concerned with the allocation and control of the finances of the company which was obtained as a result of the decision of the financial management. The important points in this regard are:


  • Arrange adequate funds for the company
  • Ensure adequate returns to the share holders
  • Ensure optimum utilization of the funds of the company
  • To ensure safety to the funds invested by the company
  • To ensure balance between equity and debt of the company

Functions of financial management

It is the duty of the finance manager of a company to keep an eye on the capital requirements of a company and provide whenever needed.  This is often based on the expected costs of production and income that will be generated from the products and the future programs and policies that can very well alter the financial condition of the company. The estimates so arrived at must be realistic and  capable of increasing the earning capacity of the company.

Once the amount is finalized it becomes the next duty of the financial management to decide the manner in which the required amount is going to be collected. This decision will be based on the equity capital possessed by the company plus the amount that has to be raised by other sources. The sources of funds for the capital of a company can be in the form of debentures or shares, loans from banks or financial institutions or public deposits. The selection process will be based on the merits and demerits of the source and the period of financing required

Another important aspect the financial manager has to consider is the investment of the surplus fund in profitable ventures that can ensure safety and returns as far as possible. This can be done in two ways.   A good portion of the surplus or the net profit can be disbursed among the share holders as their dividend and another portion can be utilized for the development of the company as well as for diversification of the company.

Management of cash

It is the duty of the finance manager to manage the available cash and its resources in such a manner that important matters like payment of wages, payment of bills pertaining to water, electricity etc are paid in time and the creditors are satisfied, the maintenance work is properly carried out and the purchase of raw materials etc are done in an efficient and appropriate manner.

It is the duty of the finance manager to plan how to procure and use funds at the appropriate time for the vital needs of the company. It is also his duty to enforce control over finance which can be done with the help of modern technique known as ratio analysis.   He is also the man to forecast financial needs and maintain cost and profit control.

Boiler Vs Furnace – Which One To Choose For Your Home Heating

Every year hundreds of people contact the nearest HVAC Company to get a new boiler or furnace. The question however lingers on – which one is a better choice for your home heating? With this being said, it is not wrong to say that when choosing between a boiler and furnace there are many things that you need to consider and understand between both to make a final decision.

HVAC Company: Boiler Vs Furnace Overview

One heats the air whilst the other heats up the fluid. One is involved in distributing the hot air through pipes whilst the other one does the job via air ducts. The comparison between a boiler and furnace is valid and pretty obvious as well. There are many differences as well as similarities amongst both. When it comes to repair, furnace repair is multiple times easier than the average boiler repair. This was a brief overview of both boiler and furnace in comparison to one another. Let’s now take a look at the boilers and furnace individually to get an insight into both better.

Traditional Boilers

Boilers have been a preferred option of heating system for the house for decades now. Particularly the older people of the family find it hard to replace their beloved boilers with any other form of heating system.

  • Boilers are preferred systems for internal heating.
  • It works on the basic principle of heating water or fluid and circulating the fluid throughout the house.
  • The fluid is circulated in the house via radiators or pipes
  • The heating temperature is easier to control when the heating is done via boilers. It allows to target certain parts of the house or premises as per need.
  • You will manually need to fill up the tank with water or fluid whenever it empties out. Boilers do not run on an automated setup.
  • In case of damage boilers are not easy to repair. You most likely will need to replace it to fix it.

Modern Day Furnace

HVAC Company keeps it no secret that people seek more furnace repair than boiler repair and this clearly indicates the popularity of furnace amongst the consumers more.

  • Furnace are the modern day, fuel and energy efficient heating systems.
  • They run on fuel or gas and are refilled whenever need.
  • They work on the basic principle of heating the air and then passing the heated air through air ducts inside the entire house to heat it up.
  • The furnaces are not only fuel efficient but cost efficient as well. It is easier for everyone to afford a high quality furnace to keep the house warm and cozy
  • In case of damage it is easier to find a furnace repair Mclean VA You will not need to replace it right away which is only an additional cost.
  • There are simple and basic thermostat that are attached to the furnaces that make it possible to regulate the temperature and turn the furnace on/off as per need.

What is the online business model?

For some people online business is a dream as they know that they can enter into this business field without much capital and reach respected position there without much effort or strain. Unlike many other business models, online business needs flawless business plans that chalk out the manner in which you are going to enter into online business.

One thing is sure; you are going to sell services or products online whether it is stuffed toys or weight loss information. The business models you are going to implement in enticing online buyers are crucial in the success of the online trade. Some business models that are suitable for online business men are given below.

Here are different online business models for you to choose from. Choose the most suitable one for your dreams and get started making money online.

E-Commerce site

In the classic e-commerce sites there will be online catalogues and shipping carts. EBay,
Amazon etc are some of the most popular online selling platforms where you can make an entry by simply logging on to the site and giving your email id and some other details like your social security number, house address etc. By using “prefab” online store one gets the advantage of hosting, internet merchant accounts and online payment options without any botheration or without need to make any payment. Multiple payment options, colorful easy to use catalogues etc are the other advantages of online platforms for e-commerce.

Sales letter eCommerce site

These days websites play the role of pitching, like infomercials on television. Unlike infomercials in television these pitching are long on letters and short on visuals. If you are   a regular website visitor you would have often got opportunities to see how these pitching works.  Sometimes it starts asking the viewer” would you like to get buffer sale of 50 %”. The first word itself catches the attention of the viewer and he gets involved in it.

From then onwards he is persuaded to use the scroll button to view additional details one by one. As you scroll downwards special offers are unleashed. If you have any plant to start an online business, do not be hesitant or run away from using these types of  business model if it is suitable for your product or service. Tricks to success in this business model are sincerity and well designed and specially crafted pitching.

9 Effective Ways To Reduce Construction Cost

While constructing your dream house or any other building, planning is more important than anything else is. A smart plan includes cost, quality, material, labor, transportation, crane rigging and much more. Here are a few ways that will assist you in constructing wisely by reducing cost.

  1. Pick the Location Cautiously

To choose affordable location is wise but don’t do this thoughtlessly. You may be in a more advantageous position if your location is not just cheap but also has a strong possibility to experience development in the future. Don’t buy the land if the level of the plot is lower than the level of the road. The reason is that you have to disburse more money for buying materials to fill the land. This increases your construction cost. After picking the plot, make plan for crane rigging for saving your time and money.

  1. Muse Formed Technology

If you are holding a giant project of setting up 100 bungalows then you can pitch on formed slabs. Constructors use the precast slabs as walls during construction. If you are not holding a big construction project, then don’t choose this. Contact also to a reliable company who have crane for rent on low rates. This will make the task of lifting objects easier and cheaper.

  1. Hang onto Simple Design

If you wish to decrease the cost of your construction, you should avoid custom designs. You can choose a small floor plan with an oblong or square design. This type of plan will consume less time, money and fewer materials. This thing forces your construction cost to reduce. If your goal is a low-cost house, think about lessening the number of rooms in the house. It will leave you with a reduced area, brings your budget down for building materials, consequently, dropping your allover construction cost.

  1. Storing of Building Supplies

The way you store your building materials is also an important thing. If you don’t give attention to where and how to store your material, you can allow your construction cost increase. During construction, cases of laxity and stealing have put homeowners in a situation where they have to spend more than required.

  1. Utilize the Same Flooring & Painting Supplies

You disburse less on construction when you purchase in bulk. This is the reason why you should use the same painting and flooring materials in the full house. This will also make you amend labor input. For instance, rather buying five diverse paint of different cost, you can choose two colors and purchase them in bulk. Choose weather-coat paints for outer parts of the house because this will minimize your maintenance cost. You should apply the same to your flooring material.

  1. Buy Building Material from Nearest Spot

You should get most of your material from the point that is closer to your site. This will end up your spending and cut your construction cost by 15%. Moreover, your building material should not be costly and branded. Just gamble on the advice of trusted expert. Don’t forget to communicate the people who have crane for rent in order to save your time.

  1. Visit the Construction Spot

During construction, you should not stay away from your construction site. If it is not possible for you to physically present there due to some reason, allot this responsibility to someone who is trustworthy. Unanticipated and steady visits to your construction site keep the construction team alert. You should also contact a good company who gives Crane for rent. It will prove a great tool for not only loading or moving material but also saves you time and money.

  1. Background Check of Professional

Before deciding about any professional while constructing your home, carry out a background check on his record of accomplishment. You should try to speak to clients he had serviced in the past. This background check will save your valuable time and money.

  1. Cool Technologies

Prefabrication technology not only save time but also promises savings. Just hire trustworthy contractor who can assist you in this regard. For achieving larger percentage of accuracy, modern construction techniques are expedient. Crane for rent dc is also a smart and cheaper way to roll, lift, slide or raise objects at construction site.

Exciting Options for Shutter Materials

When shopping for shutters, it is important to check the shutter materials. There are now a lot of great materials you might want to consider although the choice which works best for you must be chosen with care depending on what you will be working with.

Wood shutters

Wood is regarded as a staple material which can work for practically all types of shutters. This can be painted, stained, and sealed in various forms. Wood can also be cut in numerous ways. You just need to check it on a regular basis to see if the materials are not warping, fading or wearing out from the different elements.

Laminate shutter

Laminate materials offer a serious of thin slats of lumber affixed together to form a sturdy body. It usually makes use of glue to keep things together. There are instances when slim paper sheets are being painted then affixed with glue. It is best for areas with precipitation since laminate materials can do really well when it comes to handling rain.  You still need to maintain it in the similar manner as you handle wood when it comes to stains and colors being used.

Engineered Wood shutter

The engineered wood is very different as to how it makes use of a series of joints combined together. It entails a lot of wooden parts secured as one in a single simple body. This forms a sturdy look which adds a nice style. This can be painted in numerous forms although it cannot be stained since the joints will show up at this point.

Metal shutter

Metal is great as it offers a sturdy body although it can chip or dent easily. See to it that you check how metal is being coated so it will not buckle or warp.

Foam Synthetic shutter

Foam synthetic materials are ideal for use for creating a body similar to wood featuring a synthetic metal surface with foam interior. Foam is applied to absorb cold, heat, and wind alike. This can be useful in areas with strong extreme temperatures but these are also heavy and tough to use and close in some instances.

PVC shutter

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a hard vinyl surface which is heavily reinforced. This provides a serious of tiny connecting rods on the inside for keeping the shutters together. This is a famous choice for custom window shutters as this can handle the UV rays of the sun and can be recommended for areas where the sun is rather bright.

6 Warning Signs Of A Bad Dentist

It is recommended to see a cosmetic dentist, twice a year to keep your teeth in optimal shape. However, sometimes you don’t know the professional caliber of a dentist.

Cosmetic dental treatment

Imagining worst case scenarios: A dentist may ask you to perform fake tests, in order to fill his pockets with money.

Know about dentists

  1. Body Language

Body language is important in any profession. See if the person, talking to you fails to make a good eye contact, has trouble speaking and provides shallow reasons for his argument.

You can also test up his knowledge and see how well he knows his profession. While not a 100% secure way, you can determine the serenity of his professionalism via body language.

  1. Undue Roughness

Arguably there are some dental procedures, which are rough in nature. But, if every procedure seems rough to you, chances are he’s not able enough to perform painless procedures on his clients.

If this happens once or twice, do remind him to be gentle. If the problem persists, it is time to say goodbye and find people of reliable family implant dentistry.

  1. Charging Unnecessarily

There are many “people” who give dentists a bad name. They, along with their horrid staff, may extort money in the form of costly procedures. Procedures include unnecessary tests, undue clinic visits and advance payments.

A member of a good family implant dentistry is someone who discusses fees and payment plans with his clients, in advance. If your dentist only cares about his share of earned money instead of your health, chances are he is not a good dentist.

Be open with your cosmetic dentist and ask important questions regarding payment plans. Also, consult more than one dentists to find the best option for you!

  1. Bad Bedside Manners

Being good in profession is one thing, lack of code of conduct is another. Despite everything, if your cosmetic dentist is spitting near you, poking finger in his nose, making too much noise in the clinic and your clinical staff is making silly mistakes, they are simply not important enough for you to invest your hard-earned money in their clinic.

  1. Lack of Cleanliness

Many infections are contagious. If you visit a dental clinic and witness dirty sanitary conditions, it is time to get up and leave.

If you are not careful, you might catch harmful diseases from the surroundings and dirty dentist gloves may do more harm than good. Especially check their nails, their professional conduct and especially the teeth of dentist.

  1. Lack of Associations and Certifications

Family implant dentistry recommends good dentists who have taken valuable courses regarding oral cavity and mouth specialization. He is also a part of major associations, which solidify his profession.

Some known associations include American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and National Dental Association.

While these associations may not prove anything, the associations prove the dentist is serious enough in his profession to invest in associations.

Types Of Hip Surgery Procedures And How You Should Prepare For It

Pelvic girdle is very sensitive part of human body. Lifting heavy loads, slipping in washrooms and suffering from a fall in old age are some of the most common causes of hip replacement procedure.

All you need to know about hip replacement procedure

As per advices of professional hip surgeon, here is how you should prepare yourself:

Pre-Admission Hospital Procedure

Most hospitals take some tests in order to determine whether you really need the hip replacement procedure or not.

They take X-rays of your hip, urine samples and a blood sample to check the optimum working of your kidneys. In some cases, they take ECG of patients to determine the health of heart.

If you feel any pain or have any sort of questions, now is the good time to ask with your doctor.

Going into Hospital

Once you go into hospital, know that there are two ways to undergo the hip replacement procedure. We will get into details but know that it is up to hip surgeon to either sedate your specific body part, making you unable to feel any pain while seeing the working with open eyes or they can put you to sleep (via anesthetic treatment) and then operate on you.

Before operation, they will sign a consent form and feed your joint history to database of AJRR (American joint replacement registry)

Types of Hip Surgery Procedures

There are two types of hip surgery procedures:

  1. Total Hip Replacement

It is the most common used hip replacement procedure. As the name indicates, your femur (part of thigh bone) along with femur head (hip ball) is replaced through synthetic femur and femur ball.

The part of your body where the new artificial hip will be inserted is initially roughened so that it can accept the new synthetic component.

There are two cases in total hip replacement. If your bones are strong and healthy, your hip surgeon may insert it without any substance, as bones are tough issues and they tend to repair over time.

For older people, their hip surgeon may add acrylic cement so that the new part is fixed.

There are also cases of a hybrid hip replacement surgery, in which one part is left untouched and the other has acrylic cement to hold on.

  1. Metal On Metal Hip Resurfacing

Instead of replacing the whole hip, a metal component is coated on both ball and socket place. People who undergo metal on metal hip resurfacing have a better chance of physical recovery and chances of joint dislocation are decreased.

The con side of metal on metal hip resurfacing procedure is that sometimes, metal particles start leaving the joint, getting released into the body. They may produce inflammation and have unknown effects on you.

As compared to conventional hip replacement surgery by hip surgeon  Woodbridge, VA  , metal on metal hip replacement technique has more complication as well as early repeat surgery rates. Metal on metal hip replacement technique is also not suitable for people having osteoporosis and low bone density.